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  1. AsianLad

    Buying Odin's Blessing Dex+3

    Hi! I'm Buying Odin's Blessing Dex+3 Clean = 16m Agav carded = 18m IGN: "Asian Ninja" or "Asian Novice"
  2. AsianLad

    B> Orlean's Uniform INT+3

    I just sold a clean one some hours ago. I'll let you know if I get one after this enchantment spree.
  3. AsianLad

    Carotene Shop

    Dibs on the +4 muffler[stem worm] for 9m. Thank you. IGN is "Asian Novice" or "Asian Rice" Thank you.
  4. AsianLad

    CAR BOOT SALE! S> SN gears and others

    10m for the Novice Tirfing Shield.