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  1. Pm your items and price to me.
  2. gendchin9292


    Tarou Card Kiel Card Turtle General Card Ring[1] Ring[0] Pm me ~ or mail me in game IGN: White Daph
  3. gendchin9292

    BUY RING [1]

    Need as many as possible. Pm me your price
  4. gendchin9292

    B> Nibel

    up ~ BUying nibel[TTT] - 190m
  5. gendchin9292

    B> Nibel

    Pm me your cards build and price.
  6. Pm me your lowest offer.
  7. Buying your -Tarou card -Picky card -Deviruchi card U may mail me in game, White Daph ty ~
  8. 1 x Belt[1] 1 x Angel Wing[0] 1 x Tarou Card 1 x Mantis Card 1 x Picky Card 1 x Deviruchi Card 1 x Hornet Card 1 x Kobold Card 10 x Ring[1] 10 x Ring[0] BUYING ALL THESE, give me your best offer. Appreciated
  9. May I know when can we get a new map for TamTam as well as dec monthly costume box?
  10. Make BJ more frequent and shorter cooldown please. We have no room for hunts monster that will drop TOT like last time, we need more BJ for this =[
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