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  1. Buying sherwood [TTTh] 240m RUSH
  2. Purple waving winter scarf and white one. How much u offer?
  3. Pm your items and price to me.
  4. gendchin9292


    Tarou Card Kiel Card Turtle General Card Ring[1] Ring[0] Pm me ~ or mail me in game IGN: White Daph
  5. gendchin9292

    BUY RING [1]

    Need as many as possible. Pm me your price
  6. gendchin9292

    B> Nibel

    up ~ BUying nibel[TTT] - 190m
  7. gendchin9292

    B> Nibel

    Pm me your cards build and price.
  8. Pm me your lowest offer.
  9. Buying your -Tarou card -Picky card -Deviruchi card U may mail me in game, White Daph ty ~
  10. 1 x Belt[1] 1 x Angel Wing[0] 1 x Tarou Card 1 x Mantis Card 1 x Picky Card 1 x Deviruchi Card 1 x Hornet Card 1 x Kobold Card 10 x Ring[1] 10 x Ring[0] BUYING ALL THESE, give me your best offer. Appreciated
  11. swap with sherwood[TTTh] ?
  12. gendchin9292

    B > scouter

    Buying scouter, pm me your inserted card or clean. NO OP thanks
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