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    Gunslinger specific gear

    I've been searching on this forum for some solid suggestions for gunslingers but noticed a lot of the suggestions are either quite vague or quite OP. In my opinion the class is extremely versatile but gets limited because of either a lack of card slots which almost always translates to low damage weapons. (except for desperado) I've seen in the comments that the server is open to new items for GS but nothing is official yet so I decided to make (yet another) GS gun suggestion topic, I haven't found the below options in the suggestions yet. The Western Outlaw for example isn't that bad but people tend to focus on ASPD while they are clearly designed to get close and personal for using desperado, upping revolvers too much might make desperado overpowered. I do think it could use a little extra because of the downside: gunslingers don't have a lot of hp... So suggestion one is quite simple: Western Outlaw with 3 slots would be nice. Suggestion two is related to gatling guns, basically gatling guns are designed to be slightly more powerful but not that much slower than pistols. The bonus you get with using the skills like gatling fever and last stand (although the casting time on that one is a real dealbreaker) is quite allright in terms of damage and speed but because revolvers have chain action the difference is hardly noticeable, the lack of movement and penalties make using gatlings quite useless, luckily you can cancel most attacks so it can be used in some situations. To really make them viable we either need slightly more damage or chain attack on those guns. Skill changes are not allowed on this server so here's a few suggestions below. Add a butcher with 3 or 4 slots, there are a few cool possibilities to increase the attack speed and damage output, the only way to use a gatling is by using basic attacks for short burst of high damage (and losing movement I might add) it could be paired with a sidewinder card that has a 5% chance of double attack which could be a nice addition (I'd have to try it out though.) but the 4 slots are helpful to increase it's damage. Add a new gatling gun that has 0 or a max of 1 slot and an attack of 90 with an added bonus of triggering chain action (level X, I'd have to test it out too see the damage output) To say the least: I'm not very experienced with other classes, so I have no idea if this will "close the gab" but at least it opens up a few new possibilities. Obviously the gunslinger class was created with gunswitching in mind, except for pairing revolvers with shotguns, the gatling gun is quite a "forgotten" item and it's sad because it's kind of cool having bursts of high damage using the two available buffs that have a big trade-off. Right now the trade-off is too high and the damage output is underwhelming. If needed I can use the calculator to find out how it stacks against other classes.
  2. Aardappelboom

    slightly improving gunslinger gatling

    Thanks for clarifying, I did not read those I will in the future, sorry! Bullet 2 isn't a skill change though, do I just consider that one declined or do I make a new post for that? On a side-note: can I safely assume bullet 3 won't ever happen?
  3. Aardappelboom

    slightly improving gunslinger gatling

    I'm trying a gunslinger at the moment and it's a very fun and versatile class. Now when I think about improving the class, since it's not exactly the best class around, I'm thinking small optimizations to skills and weapons, just to make things a bit more interesting. Chain action currently only works with revolvers, this makes ASPD builds valid for revolvers only. I think at least for the gatling gun it should be enabled. (if at all possible) - if not, up the atk power on the butcher or create a new weapon. Adding the butcher with 2 or even 3 card slots isn't a bad idea, there is tons of gear for other characters that allow these amounts of slots. It allows upgrades to the atk. Make desperado a ranged attack, this is already the case on the official servers. skeleton archer has no effect on this skill right now and it should, it's still partially ranged. The reason why I'm citing these for gunslingers is that desperado is actually a pretty good skill. By improving gatlings instead of revolvers (which is part of the revolver skill tree btw) you allow a gunslinger to effectively wield two types of guns. This opens up a ton of different stat point allocation we couldn't do before (like not maxing agi but still getting the 188 ASPD by using gatling skills for a short period). Since gatling already has some cool skills that have big disadvantages (Gatling fever + Last stand) it's not overpowered at all and they need to switch gear effectively.
  4. I was wondering if the 10% extra ranged damage applies to desperado on this server. When searching the interwebz I found out that the official servers issued a fix for desperado, effectively making it a ranged attack. However, I can't find info about this issue on this server. Can anyone confirm it applies? Thanks in advance guys!