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  1. For anyone else who had no luck with wineskin or crossover games. Iduna patch seems to be working fine on PlayOnMac free version. Only thing is that you have to configure wine or PlayOnMac to show "Windows 10" version to get through the installation. (Tested on macOs High Sierra)
  2. what @howrah has said and learn skill Pierce (level 10 gives +50 HIT).
  3. @GOLDEN CROSS I think that you need to be more open-minded. I am new here and I have been playing only since December 2017. There is no need to stick to meta I have a Lord Knight and I ET with my newbie friends(champion, high priest, high wizard and dual client a blacksmith) and only one of us has a Lord Kaho Horn which we share as needed. I use cheap gear like elemental claymores, elemental armors, deviling hood, 2 yoyo clips lol to tank. Sure at first we were only able to go to level 35, then as we got better gear and higher level we are now able to go to level 45. It's not much and it takes us more than 1 hour but all of that doesn't matter because it is fun and it's an adventure that I am sharing with my friends. It's just a game and I think that actually you are the one stopping yourself from having fun, not the "meta".
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