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  1. Winter Solstice, WoE: Vanilla SE guild

    Don't get me wrong but I think it's the other way around, people are so sensitive these days. More drama, more fun~
  2. Bonus bundle using Copper coins

    I think this change on making Bonus Bundle only available thru Bronze Coins is waay out of the blue. Not all players want to farm/have the time to farm tamtam maps or do the hunting board quests for bronze coins. Yeah the hunting board change was nice but 100 BCs for Bonus Bundle is way too much specially if you pair that with Rental Items. For newer players, not all the mobs in the hunting board quests is doable specially if they're solo and finding a party/guild for that just makes it more of a hassle and takes too long. Farming 100 BC on tamtam maps is not a pleasant experience either, even before the nerf you could barely get 50ish coins in an hr on a geared char in a mobby place, and nobody wants to spend half or an entire week farming tamtam maps for Bronze Coins just to get their bonus bundle or worse if they have some rental items they need to upkeep weekly. So yeah I think making Bonus Bundle available again thru Copper Coins would be great, increasing it to 75-100 CC/2 weeks would be fine too.
  3. PET Evolution!!

    Game account bound or forum account bound? Would be nice to be able to trade these pets within your game accounts.
  4. How to tank Asura in Vanilla Mode?

    Aside from Peco card, Donut in mouth, Fabre cards, Diab Rings and BG set. You'd really need high vit for that HP in PvP and hope that your HP is higher than their damage to survive, you'll just get rekt by bios tho
  5. How to tank Asura in Vanilla Mode?

    I was wrong, scratch that def part. Haven't checked on it :v
  6. How to tank Asura in Vanilla Mode?

    If it's WoE/BG, get atleast 25-28k HP with like 50ish def and 40% demi human redux. Most probably you'll survive an asura from anyone with that, my LK always does. If PvP, just hide or wish for a parry block.
  7. Need Advise On SinX Geffenia Build

    Yeah you don't need that much flee, kaahi and flywings are enough. I've been running on geff with like 210 flee since forever and have been earning the same and using the same amount of GJ as having an SK mid (the avg 400 per awakes or depending how you play). You could skip the SK mid and go with mystcase mid, the place is mobby as hell and you'll get like 1-5 gift boxes per awakes which is awesome once it starts building up. All those diamonds, dyestuffs etc which will net you millions once an event starts that needs em :3.
  8. BG - Improvement

    I'm cool with the current coin system as it prevents afk badge farming or people not even trying to win because they'll get coins anyway and that's the last thing people wanna see after a long time of recruiting for BG. If possible, it would be awesome to have a badge trading NPC like 10 or 20(etc) bravery badges to 1 valor badge. It would help increase the longevity of BG as those 10 or 20 bravery badge takes a long time to get with the current coin system.
  9. Farming Rogue tips

    Item dropping equips for mid and lower equips > everything, atleast for a farming rogue/sinx. I'm still rollin on a mystcase mid which I've been using since I was on undies set :3
  10. maybe bugs or i am very confused sir

    Try switching your dex and agi to 77 and 63 respectively like in the calc or play with the stats more til you 1 hit em. Happened to me too with geff before, calc shows 2 hit BB when IG I dealt a lot less more.
  11. maybe bugs or i am very confused sir

    Bowling bash in the calc is not that accurate iirc, about the soul strikes in OD2 you're probably on undead property(Frus skill) that's why soul strike misses on you.
  12. You couldn't trade guslis anymore wilmox, you'll just have to redo the quest. I have my main account with like 3 guslis before they made it account bound lol.
  13. Battle Ground Recruiter

    Well since the issue is about the spam, I wouldn't really call it an immense spamming as seeing from your screenshot above and how three people with the same recruit message managed to fit your chatbox (one even thrice) clearly suggest that a long interval was in those shouts and clearly not a flood spam. Something like this as BG is active atm, sure it will look like an "immense spam" if I only have !recruit on. Having an NPC for recruitment is okay tho don't get me wrong, but I doubt that'd stop the people from using !recruit. PJ's idea is great by the way, scrambling teams every round or so would be awesome
  14. Battle Ground Recruiter

    It's not even that much of a spam to be honest, it's just that it looks like a massive spam because he has his !main and !market off, if you do however have em on you can clearly see that the !recruit messages barely even fills up the whole chatbox and have long intervals between em compared to those !market spams.
  15. SoM bonuses

    You can roll with these stats if you'd like https://calc.talonro.com/?cazbLbiaeaba6bDbCabajaawzehGhGhGaalkedTaaaaaahkaawkg1euePaatpizfjgLvsaavsaaaaaaadfkkbakaaaaaachkaaphSaaaaHaaaabcmcncoaa I made it 150 dex w/o bless but only have 58 vit, if you wanna go 150 w/ bless you can pump the vit to 64 and even 72 if you have something that increases dex or int by 1(armor enchant, pet, food, etc) so you'll have enough stat points for it to reach 72 vit.