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  1. 29 IGN: - Sefira Changing IGN from my previous post, nvm me I'm bad
  2. 20 IGN: MrDashing Posted again just to be sure in case my previous edited post earlier (forgot to put IGN) isn't considered.
  3. Just randomly checking out this creep bar~

  4. Niiice, Gargoyles now packs a good arsenal of drops.
  5. I'm not participating but sure as hell excited for BG to post this! yeeeeeah.
  6. Hooray for the winter scarves! I'm so curious on those red envelopes about being a zeny millionaire.
  7. I like the rock version more, nothing wrong suggesting it here eh? Anyways, either of the two will be fine.
  8. You know you want some careless whisper in there, do the lonely dance!
  9. Oh yay! how do you request songs anyway? And... why... why does it have to be 1 hour before midnight in my timezone. Still coming though lol.
  10. This is awesome! Looking forward so much to this as this is also my first time to attend this event series.
  11. I'm doubting that that will make it to the Talonian. LOL.
  12. This is awesome! Great job on the transparency on where the donations went. /no1
  13. Happy New Year TRO! New 2013 New x15 exp rates :-*
  14. Finally they changed that wrong password closing thing, thank you GM's! hooray for that x10!
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