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  1. IGN: Treelore / Level 99 / High Wizard ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ‘My plans are finally coming to fruition’, thought Treelore as he packed his grimoires and spell ingredients into his dimensional pocket which was sewn onto his cloak. The plans he thought of involved conjuring his beloved patron, the demon Nimrah’zu the Destroyer. Treelore formed a pact with the demon when he first enrolled in Geffen University. Upon graduating top of his class and awarded the rank of High Wizard, Treelore felt he did not really learn anything useful. You see Warlocks did not exist in this server world. All mages were taught, according to Treelore what he deemed to be cookie-cutter magic. A fixed set of socially acceptable spells approved by the Council of Magic. None of which included the dark arts. So, after 3 years of being forced to learn and master useless spells such as Ganbantein and Gravitation Field, Treelore decided enough was enough. With his newfound title of High Wizard, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a Warlock through the mysterious and dangerous art of ‘Remote Learning’. The bloodpact he formed with Nimrah’zu allowed him to speak to the demon through the spell only known as ‘Zo’om’. However due to being separated by a multitude of dimensions which caused latency issues with ‘Zo’om’, Treelore felt like he just was not learning enough at a pace he desired. Hence, Treelore wanted to conjure his master to this realm to learn all he could directly from the great demon himself. He spent months researching how to conjure a high-ranking demon. All literature pointed out that Nimrah’zu was an arrogant demon who could only be conjured with the offering of a fresh corpse of a High Priest. The cadaver can be used once and only once to summon the demon too! This presented a huge hurdle to Treelore as High Priests in this realm never seemed to die. Armed with their smorgasbord of buffs and heals they seemed immortal. Even when they do die, they are often resurrected almost immediately by their kin. When Treelore’s familiar, Sniffles, came to him with news of the death of a High Priest, he was overjoyed. He quickly packed up and set off for the sleepy haunted town of Niflheim, which he admitted was a strange place for a priest to be buried in. With the aid of Sniffles perched upon his bubblegum pink hair, he soon found the fresh grave of the High Priest. Using one of the few useful spells he learned in university, Earth Spike, he exhumed the coffin containing the High Priest. He then spoke the magic words from memory. The coffin rumbled and shook. The air around him became still, only a distant Dullahan could be heard. ‘He’s late!’, exclaimed Treelore looking at his watch. Suddenly there was a buzzing in the air. Snap! Crackle! Pop! A smooth and cool voice was heard. It said calmly ‘You have reached the voicemail of N̵̪̎͑i̵͇̚ͅm̴̲͍͆r̵̡̓a̸̞͊ḩ̶̖͐’̸̥̖̾z̵͇̚͝u̸̙̘͌ ̷̗́ṭ̴̙͋ḩ̷̖̈́ȩ̴̫͑ ̶̘̬͌͠D̶̠̾̓e̶̳̥̊s̴̪̀̕t̷̛̪͌r̵̘̐o̷̜͗̃ȳ̸̨͉ḙ̸͌̽r̶͔͎̽̉, please leave a message after the beep. *Beep*’. ‘Noooooooooooo!’, screamed Treelore. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Original screenshot:
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