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  1. I didn't expect this build to work. Thanks for sharing 😍
  2. Do you mind posting your current build and equipment please? I'm curious about what the final product is. Especially since it involves Sniper and Kiel which I didn't think was possible with Shield Chain. 😅
  3. justinianlaw

    Halloween Main House Quest Guide

    Thank you so much for the guide. I hope they fix the ant NPC soon. Had the bug happen to me twice.
  4. justinianlaw

    newbee need help

    The Minigame Girl in each town will inform you of the selected region. It's under the TamTam's Gift option. This month is Geffen Fields and Dungeon.
  5. justinianlaw

    Sleepers / Selling question...

    @kolela @Avar My Dex is sufficiently high so I'll try changing the way I move around the map next. Thanks for all your help. 😊
  6. justinianlaw

    Sleepers / Selling question...

    I make only about 365 GN per hour on average even with a one-shot Knight. I tried mobbing and conversely tried only killing those on screen. They both yielded similar results. What could I be doing wrong?
  7. justinianlaw

    The Eden Group

    You can find the Talking Dog NPC at prt_fild09 at 309, 190
  8. justinianlaw

    Brewing Guide

    I hate to ask but are you Soul Linked?
  9. justinianlaw

    Fun and unorthodox builds

    For Fun Build Stalker/SinX and Sniper Autocast Build Off the top of my head for unique builds I've seen posted here. Credit to @Reclusio Perpetua for making and testing the above builds.
  10. justinianlaw

    Super Novice [Magic] : Mavka Farming Guide

    A great and detailed guide. Thanks for making this. Going to make a SuNo to try this out.