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  1. Just like every pet-lovers' dream c; IGN: ommi GM Challenges: ⛄ GM Alisa Challenge: 12 Days of Christmas! - Include twelve (12) Christmas gift boxes. ⛄ GM Haru Challenge: Include a hot drink in your artwork. ⛄ GM Haziel Challenge: Include either Baby Hatii, Hatii or Stormy Knight in your artwork. ⛄ GM Lance Challenge: Include TamTam in your artwork. ⛄ GM Spica Challenge: Add a Christmas cake somewhere in your artwork. ⛄ GM Xing Challenge: Include cats with Christmas outfits.
  2. Cool! whats your IGN? That's my secret capt., I'm never bored of this game this server is awesome! Thanks!!
  3. Hi! I've played RO since 2009 if I remember it correctly, Started TalonRO when I was in highschool. I really don't remember it correct but If i'm not mistaken, I've started playing TalonRO back then 2012 or 2013.. I've returned again but this time, I make sure I have time for Ragnarok now XD I'm already a college student so I invest my time in RO I've made my characters for my girlfriend this year but she didn't like playing RO so I played it instead and left my old account IGNS are: iinari (rogue) arthemysx (sniper) akarru (super novice) (They're all from Japanese Goddesses, also based from what their Job is) Supporting account IGNS are: ummi, umme (priest and sage) Since I've introduced myself, If I may ask about what to do; I'm totally newb and still can't understand RO I've been playing for a week now.. I've been searching the class guides so I should get ideas what to do next.. I main sniper idk how to farm with it, it's cuz back when I was playing iRO my sniper was pretty neat so I made rogue, but rogue was the first character I made when I made the account XD I was planning to get my girlfriend farm lmao Here's my rogue as of now, the first 15 TC I made, I bought sniping suit, then people told me its a waste so I sold it for 2m. I bought VVS Fire damascus and Grinded for Ice Pick which leads to my GEC now. Creamy card dropped when I was leveling. I've been farming for two days now, per Endow/Berserk potion, I make roughly 200GNS I currently have 15000GNS now, I believe is enough for LKH Sand clumps which sells ~500zeny from OP merchant XD I have like 20000 of them I'm looking forward to buy LKH, would you recommend it to me? Also, I've been multitasking farm.. I went to odin from GHP cuz I didn't know sleepers, I got my rogue to sleepers from 80-84 then returned to Odin then returned back to sleepers lv96 My priest is now lv 79 and is currently looking for Odin pt Then the sniper, and super novice.. I made roughly 1.5m from Uniforms too XD Then I'm thinking hard if I should get a super novice because people say SN's farm much efficient than Stalkers in other places (I've been thinking to level up my farming place) Here's my SN as of now Should I buy it card or no? And planning ME type Priest for maximum GHP income, you know 150 dex I really don't know where to post this because it includes like 4 classes, and IDK about the Guide section because this ain't guide at all XD Anyways, let me know If I should switch my Rogue to SinX or make LK (whatever or make Wizard)?? I really don't know what to do now ;c Looking for some suggestions :)) (Pls suggest where to farm, I think i'm doing pretty bad at sleepers) Also what to do, tell me what to do pls My endgame goal is to gear my sniper XD I'm looking to get it some gloom, valk helm, and artemis lmao.. I know it's really expensive for a new player like me but time will tell, aint it gonna? Also planning to donate but my card is still broken and waiting for 3 months for it to be fixed ;c ( cause its 1tc=1usd ) (copy pasting this so I could move it if it's illegal to post this here) See you in game! Also, i'm looking for some friends More power to Possible things
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