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  1. I was hoarding my Golden Easter Eggs to open them in one shot on Sunday, but I gave in to temptation before that. Items I got so far: Consumables: 1x 10 Reward Ticket 3x Hand Made Chocolate 4x Old Purple Box 5x Old Card Album Evil Nymph Card Fabre Card Hyegun Card Retribution Card Thief Bug Card Cards: 1x Alice Card 1x Hydra Card 1x Toad Card Costumes: 1x Egg Mini Hat Costume 1x
  2. Thanks for the clarification! Glad to know my edits today are still fine. Yay, nice! That extension allowed me to write the missing quest for my last batch of headgear series (Verantus Mane Veils), so I'm happy. Good luck to all headgear designers here!
  3. Hey Thorhall! I posted the PNG template a little while back (just scroll up or click this link); hopefully you'll make it before they close the thread! Also, nice headgear! I'm a sucker for wing-related headgears.
  4. Um, just wanted to ask; is it past the deadline already? I managed to upload the last batch of my entries (Verantus Mane Veils) before 30th Mar 12am server time, though do edits done within 24 hours after that (fixing typos involving re-uploading entries, adding back story, etc) count? I certainly hope so, because I'm suddenly seeing a lot of typos I didn't see before... Good luck to all headgear designers here!
  5. Hey, pj and Lucifel, here's a copy of the PNG template so that you could get started (sadly I don't have the PSD version). Have fun!
  6. Added 3-Piece Headgear Sets: Phantom Thief (White and Black Variants) and Sweet Hallucinations! Yep, I've been busy. I like that cap! The thing in the middle reminds me of the Monkey King's circlet (from Chinese mythology), and the cloud wind thingy reminds me of those on the game Okami (based on Japanese mythology). Haha, don't worry, you're not the only one! I'm not much of an artist myself, and I'm also an ideas person. I think as long as we're having fun designing these headgears and putting our ideas on (digital) paper, we're all good. And the Lunar Lunatic
  7. Added Standalone Headgear: Poring-like Bunny! Thanks, I'm happy you think so!
  8. Added Headgear Series: Cat Communicator Hat! Haha, I haven't had the chance to read/watch Fushigi Yuugi, but the Four Gods is a popular mythology in manga, which is one reason why I wanted a TalonRO version! Oh, uh, I don't have the *.PSD version (since I use Paint.NET instead of Photoshop), but I've uploaded the image *.PNG version so that you could at least get started on your headgear design! [A template was here]
  9. Took a while, but I'm finally ready to post my first set of headgear designs! In-Game Name: Leiferis Disclaimer: I'm not much of an artist (more of a writer), so my apologies in advance for the low quality of the designs! I'll mostly be attempting at recolouring pixel templates made with picture manipulation (my idea of creating pixel art ) to get my ideas across. Also, most of these headgear designs should have animations, but because I lack the skills to animate them myself I'll be referring to existing TalonRO / RO sprites or just describe them. I hope these will spark your imagi
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