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  1. Wiki Hater

    S>Mjolnir [DBKiel]

    pm me
  2. Wiki Hater

    Trade my Mjol DBKiel to Mjol DBSn

    Straight swap. No add
  3. Wiki Hater

    lvl 8 cook book for only 12m each !

    50% off guys. Already vended
  4. Wiki Hater

    Baby vamp smith got some questions

    The sqi bonus maximum overthrust cost less is so OP lol. And i want to say thank you sir @Jailbroken i watch all your youtube videos, and make them as guide on how to utilize and show the true potential of a whitesmith. Right now im farming thanatos 4th floor and so happy smashing owl baron's and elders with my mjolnir lol.
  5. Wiki Hater

    buying SQI ingredients

  6. Wiki Hater

    buying SQI ingredients

    870 horrendous mouth 800 stone hearth 780 orcs fang 800 tentacle 1000 wolf claw 800 scale shell. pm me thanks !
  7. Wiki Hater

    Solo farming thanatos

    exactly ! that's my reference. I'm currently farming now in thanatos and Im switching shield when I'm using buffs. using ws buffs with gtb almost drains my sp.
  8. Wiki Hater

    Solo farming thanatos

    Sorry for necro-ing a post but what is ED ? Im planning to solo farm in thanatos also and i see this when i use the search bar thanks !
  9. Wiki Hater

    Selling Mjol DBKiel

    Pm price. Not offer. Just price
  10. Wiki Hater

    Stalker 1hitKO BB vs mavka Build Request

    Woahhhhh. And here i am still lazy to get one
  11. Wiki Hater

    Baby vamp smith got some questions

    and finally ! my dream weapon is on my grasp. Yeyyyyy !
  12. Wiki Hater

    Buying CLEAN artemis

    Just pm me your price. I need clean and if possible not so overprice. Thanks !
  13. Wiki Hater

    Just some SQI questions

    Does making mjolnir is better than buying one in terms of zenny and time ? And ( for example im a whitesmith ) can i make a artemis or suiken ? Thanks
  14. Wiki Hater

    Baby vamp smith got some questions

    But but, no one wants to buy my manteau But if ever someone buys it. I will get wool scarf. Thanks !
  15. Wiki Hater

    Baby vamp smith got some questions

    Im planning to build a champion next. When i saw a video of champion asura-ing boss, mini boss and angel in DG ( i dont know if its an angel or not ) i think that its a good alternative for a long grind in magma 2. My dream for my WS is to see him holding a Mjolnr but i know its a long journey so im not rushing it. So my item to buy next is a celeb, then kaho.