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  1. THAT ADORABLE GALAPAGO uwaaaaaaaaaaaa >.< super kawaiiii!!!!
  2. Hello everyone! Here are my first two entries for this event. Shout out to my models: Kiera and Bone Voyage ~ IGN: Rinoa Heartilly~*
  3. Looking for Sellers of: Cat Ears Hat Costume Thin Blinking Eyes Costume Lovely Fox Ears Costume
  4. K i s m e t

    Art Dump

    i havent posted any since i only have in instagram... ill keep checking out your arts as well πŸ˜† ! (we can art swap if you like )
  5. K i s m e t

    Art Dump

    I love how fairy tale like your art is! ive also just started drawing digitally and its so fun! please show us more of your art work next time ❀️
  6. I was hoping the crest's could be kafrable too >.<
  7. ^^^^^^ One of the most fun round in Bjack imo. AHHAHAHAH good time ❀️
  8. I agree to the 24/7 black jack XD that was so fun!!! Ive been noticing theres alot of crashing in the academy for the dungeon quest. T_T but overall the minigames are so fun!!! (im also kinda sad that ive had like more than 3+++ crashes during black jack..which resets my win when I Dc hence ive lost like 9 TICKETS as it crashes after i win. It really hurts) I even dont get tix's when i win GTN...so sometimes it is frustrating especially I CRASH alot.
  9. Chesire Cat Ears Costume Large Ribbon Scarf Costume*** (most wanted) Lovely Fox Ears Costume
  10. The Real Grind begins >.<


  11. Leave prices here
  12. Disguise Event and First ET after a long stop







    1. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      Hope you had a blast!Β /ok

    2. K i s m e t

      K i s m e t

      thank you GM and i did !Β ~

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