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  1. Can I please sign up for 10th June 4 pm server time ??
  2. Hi Lance, can I get a slot on 1st of June Monday at 4 pm Server Time please?
  3. Hi Lance, can I sign up for Monday 11th 4:00 PM server time please
  4. Can I please sign up 3.30 pm server time 2th April Thursday please
  5. April 12th 3 pm plz
  6. Hi Lance can we sign for March 2nd 3 pm Server Time thanks
  7. Red-

    PvM | Mutiny

    Can I sign up for Monday 9th March 3 pm Server Time please GM Lance
  8. Red-

    PvM | Mutiny

    Feb 28th 3 PM please
  9. Can I get 21st 3 pm server time instead
  10. Hi GM Lance, can I get 3 pm Server Time 6th February thanks
  11. can I get 12th January 3 pm Server Time plz thanks
  12. Can I sign up for 18th December 3 pm Server Time please? Thanks Lance.
  13. Hi @GM Lance can I sign up for 25th November 3 pm server time please thanks.
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