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  1. [EVο»ΏENT RAID] Project V - Brynhildr Cleared by Crimson Guild Photo by: Fifi The moment where Lyd kept bullying and trying to pull GM Lance's ears.
  2. @Lyderis dum dum, I doubt that you can find me like that . My name has a crown ehehehe. Just need to search for that cute blob DP for me or find me in recruitment channel of Talonro Discord
  3. ~Red~

    Looking for a guild

    Hi @Bloodfuser, I am from Crimson and you can look for me on Talonro Discord under #party-guild-finder to see my recruitment note. DM me on discord and we can have a chat. Crimson is from GMT +7 +8 timezone.
  4. @Nowund Hi Nowund, you can look for me on Talonro Discord under #party-guild-finder. If you scroll up you will see my recruitment note for Crimson. Give me a DM on discord and we can have a chat
  5. Crimson Guild: NON-META ENDLESS TOWER (only 3 cores, the rest are all non-meta classes) These are just highlight video, the actual video is 2.5 hours long Party List: High Priest x 2 Palladin Lord Knight Stalker Asura Champ x 2 Sinx Clown Gypsy Whitesmith Professor We finished at floor 90 Valkyrie Randris. The reason is cannot tank efficiently and the damage is not enough. The whole run there is NO WIPE.
  6. ~Red~

    looking for guild

    Hey @jENy I am Red, recruiter for Crimson Guild. You can try click on my name in Talonro Discord and we can have a quick chat about the guild joining :wink: