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  1. GM Haru


    Welcome to Talon RO, @Hiragi! I hope to see you in the Art Corner soon
  2. Welcome, @Faenwulf! I hope you enjoy the custom features we have along with the exp boost event! See you in-game!
  3. GM Haru


    Welcome back, @Trifighter! You can try recovering your password through this link.
  4. Welcome to TalonRO, @harihara! I hope to see you in-game!
  5. Hi, @Kinmei! Our server does not support @go or @warp commands. As such, always carry Butterfly Wings with you! Or better yet, join the Eden Group and get yourself an Eden Badge so you can have free warps back to the Eden Group every 15 minutes. Other options were beautifully detailed by Mawanmeabeab2 over there as well
  6. Welcome, @Potteroulis! Glad to know you're liking the server! And you can actually open as many clients as your computer can handle.
  7. Welcome to the server, @gavindi! I hope your installation goes through perfectly. See you in-game!
  8. Welcome to the server, @Liepef! I hope you enjoy your first day here. To add on what AlysSariel said, the Eden Group is a great place to begin your journey. Gears, quests, and more useful stuff are there for you.
  9. Try this fix and let us know if it persists:
  10. Welcome to our server, @PopescuIoan! If you have any queries, don't be afraid to ask here on the Forum or over at our Discord
  11. Welcome, @Lankhs! I hope you enjoy it here
  12. Hi, @SereneClown! Welcome to tRO! I suggest taking a look at the Eden Group. It gives you quests to help you level, gears for starting out, and some other useful goodies.
  13. Another RO veteran finds tRO We hope you enjoy the server with its custom features! Remember that the Forum and the Database is your friend for any question you may have. See you around!
  14. GM Haru


    Welcome to tRO, @Yhali! Don't hesitate to socialise with us here, on Discord, or in-game
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