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  1. GM Haru

    Forum Event: Summer Loading Screen Contest

    Such talented beings Keep 'em coming!
  2. GM Haru

    Bugged i think

    Hi there! Have you tried checking out the this Troubleshooting guide? I'm linking it here for you. Do tell if the problem persists.
  3. GM Haru

    Looks like im stickin around!

    Totally glad that you are! 💜
  4. GM Haru

    How to claim coins after voting?

    You can claim Copper Coins gained from voting from the Reward Guru NPC in Prontera.
  5. GM Haru

    cant login " failed to connect to server"

    Hi there! Have you tried any of our troubleshooting guides? I'm linking you to two. Let me know if this helps!
  6. GM Haru

    new guy in this server

    Hi there and welcome to Talon RO! Our community is very friendly and our forum is filled with guides that would help new players like yourself. If you have other questions, you can always ask here or on Discord - and of course, even in-game! Looking forward to seeing you around!
  7. GM Haru

    Been A VERY Long Time

    Welcome back to Ragnarok and welcome to Talon RO! We hope you enjoy our custom features
  8. GM Haru

    Can't get the game to start!

    Have you tried giving our Troubleshooting Guide a go? If you haven't, here's the link: Let me know what happens
  9. GM Haru

    ⋆✩ Cece's Creations ✩⋆ [Open]

    Beautiful art! And such steady hands for that mouse affair
  10. GM Haru


    Welcome to tRO! We hope you enjoy it here!
  11. GM Haru


    Welcome to tRO! We have a lot of players from Brazil so I hope you find them! But remember that our community hails from all over so don't be afraid to make international friends
  12. GM Haru

    Hello. Returning Player of RO

    Welcome to tRO! We hope you like playing in a low-rate pre-renewal server
  13. GM Haru

    Searchfor the GODS

  14. GM Haru

    Coming Back to RO after so many years.

    Welcome to Talon RO, @Arktonyel!! We're hoping you're liking the server thus far!