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  1. GM Haru

    Hi! Almost a total noob

    Welcome to Talon RO! Since you're new to the server, I hope you take time to look around the forum to see the custom features our server has to offer. You can also take advantage of the Eden Group Quests to level your characters. And for class help, you can check out the Class Discussion subforum. See you in-game!
  2. GM Haru

    Cant log in

    That might have something to do with your connection. Could you run a Traceroute to
  3. GM Haru

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to Talon RO! We hope you enjoy it here! As for leveling recommendations, I highly suggest doing the Eden Group Quests. For class help, you can check out the Acolyte Subforum.
  4. GM Haru

    Kafra Storage

    You can reset this by going to your Account Panel and clicking on the Recover Password option.
  5. GM Haru

    Hi there from Barcelona, Spain

    Welcome to Talon RO! I hope you enjoy our server especially our custom features!
  6. GM Haru

    Never too old to start playing again!

    Welcome to Talon RO! It's great to hear that you're enjoying it so far. I hope it continues for a long time!
  7. GM Haru

    cant make items

    Firstly, I moved this to Merchant Class Discussion as it belongs to this subforum. Now with regard to your question, let's make sure that you really do have all the materials needed: Medicine Bowl Glass Tube Morning Dew of Yggdrasil Seed of Life Embryo Creation Guide Let me know if this solves the issue.
  8. Congratulations on getting married and transcending into a translucent being!
  9. GM Haru

    euRo Oldschool player

    Welcome to Talon RO, @Rumo! Here's a comprehensive guide to The Eden Group to aid you in your leveling. And for your guild and party needs, you can use the !recruit function in-game to look for one. Or better yet, browse through the Guild Directory and apply directly to any guild of your choosing.
  10. GM Haru

    "Mandatory" introductions?

    Such an adorable introduction! Welcome to the server and we hope you do stay for a long long time
  11. GM Haru

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to Talon RO, @Tchort! We hope you enjoy the new environment! And don't forget to try out the Eden Group to help you out in leveling
  12. GM Haru

    Mix it up! [OPEN]

    Your art looks too cute! Very tempting...
  13. GM Haru

    The game doesn't start

    Hi there, let me redirect you to a possible fix. Let me know if it works for you.
  14. GM Haru

    Can't patch 2018-08-03data.thor

    You get this error when your routing to our patchserver is unstable. You can try using a VPN for patching.
  15. GM Haru


    Welcome to Talon RO, @MistSteaK!! We love puns here so I'm sure you'll make friends easily