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  1. Welcome to tRO, @Qwertyuiop16! Don't be shy and talk in #main to make new friends!
  2. Welcome, @notawinner! Check out the Guilds section as well to win yourself a guild
  3. Welcome to tRO, @QuiLa! I hope to see you in-game
  4. Welcome back! I'm glad you find tRO so @Irresistible
  5. GM Haru


    Welcome, @aelisreturns! I hope you enjoy the game!
  6. Welcome, Cat! I hope you find a job suited to your liking! And never let Apple eat you...
  7. Great! See you in-game!
  8. Welcome, @GreatestGuppy! I hope your blood lust in-game doesn't stop with porings And why does Apple want to eat everything You should eat yourself!
  9. Hi, could you give this a try?
  10. You should see them on the Panel, under Manage Account. If you have also forgotten the password to that in-game account, you can reset it there.
  11. Welcome back to tRO! You can lurk around the Guild subforum to see which guilds you can join or use the !recruit function in-game.
  12. No wipes here so expect only pleasant things
  13. Welcome, @Korgrimm! Do check out the Eden Group to boost your leveling experience.
  14. Welcome back to TalonRO! I know potatoes are strong enough to run tRO so see you in-game! If you, however, forget your login details, don't hesitate to reset it via panel. Let's just hope you remember your email address. If not, send in a Support Ticket. All the best!
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