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  1. GM Haru

    Can't Open TalonRO Client

    Hi there! Is your connection issue in general or just with Talon RO? If you're connecting from an Indonesian ISP, you may wanna try what's stated here: If not, get back to us and let us know. Since the time you played, we've released a new patcher. Try following what's detailed here and let me know if it solves the problem:
  2. GM Haru

    2018 Winter Login & Loading Contest

    Technicalities of words aside, yes, we are counting cakes as pastries.
  3. GM Haru


    Welcome to Talon RO! You can also utilise The Eden Group Guide to help you out in leveling and don't forget to use the !recruit feature in-game to look for parties. See you in-game!
  4. Welcome @naggerman! I hope you enjoy the game again coupled with our custom features
  5. GM Haru

    I AM NEW.

    Welcome to Talon RO! Indeed, Ragnarok is a very social game, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find a team soon. To speed things up, you can join a guild through the Guild Directory or through the Guild Subforum.
  6. Welcome to Talon RO! You can try finding a guild to give you advice on what to do and what to get when starting out. You can also utilise The Eden Group Guide to help you out in leveling. See you in-game!
  7. GM Haru

    Hell yeah

    Welcome to Talon RO! I hope you love our community and our custom features.
  8. GM Haru

    Client Won't Start

    Have you tried this fix?
  9. GM Haru


    Welcome back! You can retrieve your old account by sending in a Support Ticket explaining your situation. Make sure you give sufficient proof that the account is indeed yours!
  10. GM Haru

    Greetings from a player from 2003

    Welcome to Talon RO! I hope you rediscover the charm you thought was forever lost here
  11. GM Haru

    Hai Everybody !

    Welcome to Talon RO! Indeed, Ragnarok is very social and there are a lot of people from Indonesia so I'm sure you'll find your crowd easily
  12. GM Haru

    Hey everyone

    Welcome to TalonRO, @Calintz! I hope you're liking all the custom features we have to offer You can check out guilds in the Guild Directory or in the Guild subforum to see which one you would like to join - let's hope you find your circle soon! If not, maybe you can start your own
  13. GM Haru

    Cant log in

    Your internet may seem to work fine but if the routing from your place to the server is out of this world, then it can cause problems running the game. By running a traceroute to the IP Address I gave you before, you can check if that is indeed the case.
  14. GM Haru

    Hi! Almost a total noob

    Welcome to Talon RO! Since you're new to the server, I hope you take time to look around the forum to see the custom features our server has to offer. You can also take advantage of the Eden Group Quests to level your characters. And for class help, you can check out the Class Discussion subforum. See you in-game!
  15. GM Haru

    Cant log in

    That might have something to do with your connection. Could you run a Traceroute to