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  1. Nice to meet you, too!
  2. Could you try this fix? Let us know if it still won't start.
  3. Encontraste un problema?
  4. Welcome to the tRO, @d3frag! Looking forward to watching your streams one of these days
  5. Welcome to tRO, @Qwertyuiop16! Don't be shy and talk in #main to make new friends!
  6. Welcome, @notawinner! Check out the Guilds section as well to win yourself a guild
  7. Welcome to tRO, @QuiLa! I hope to see you in-game
  8. Welcome back! I'm glad you find tRO so @Irresistible
  9. GM Haru


    Welcome, @aelisreturns! I hope you enjoy the game!
  10. Welcome, Cat! I hope you find a job suited to your liking! And never let Apple eat you...
  11. Great! See you in-game!
  12. Welcome, @GreatestGuppy! I hope your blood lust in-game doesn't stop with porings And why does Apple want to eat everything You should eat yourself!
  13. Hi, could you give this a try?
  14. You should see them on the Panel, under Manage Account. If you have also forgotten the password to that in-game account, you can reset it there.
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