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  1. It seems that a lot of people buying leeching services have been getting scammed recently. Unfortunately, these people were too trusting and did not take screenshots of their trade. There is very little to no help we can offer if there are no proof - so always take screenshots.

    "What do I need to screenshot?"

    • You need to take a screenshot of your trade discussion - the duration of the leeching service, the price, etc.
    • You also need to take a screenshot of the trade itself. When trading someone, make sure you tick that small box on the bottom left of the trade window.

    Another thing, make sure that your screenshots contain the Talon RO logo and are unedited. Lastly, don't forget to read the Report Guidelines before submitting your report. 


    With a bunny,

    Haru /no1

    1. howrah


      scammed people, dont be shy and rate your leecher

      it may help others...

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