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  1. GM Mikzie

    Well hello you ;).

    Hi Moordziek! Welcome! Its good to have you with us and I hope you enjoy your stay~ See you in-game, happy adventuring!!
  2. GM Mikzie


    Welcome PrestigeXronize!! My siblings and relatives also got me started with RO along with other video games~! I do hope you have an awesome time with us here! Happy Adventuring!
  3. GM Mikzie

    cant create game account

    Control Panel > Account > Create Account.. if this is not working for you please send a Support Ticket. You can have 10 game accounts for your forum/master account and you are only allowed to have 1 forum/master account, it is illegal to create more than 1 forum/master account.
  4. GM Mikzie

    The Vampire Knight returns after 5 years

    Welcome back! Dont mind the silly fruit, I bet he is excited for you as well as we are~ and welcome to your friends too! I hope you all enjoy your stay with us, happy adventuring!!
  5. GM Mikzie

    Nightmare's Rift: Road to Triumph

    The flames of the Firebrand were hot but our heroes were even hotter!! The Road to Triumph was truly glorious but the rift isn't over, for now we have won peace but the shadows creep closer and become darker.. Brace yourselves as we prepare to enter the Tower of Entropy! Congratulations to all our heroes! here is a look at KriszkeHU's Team, the first group to choose a hard path and survive! Stay tuned as Nightmare Rift comes back with more challenges! Who will be our next heroes?
  6. GM Mikzie


    According to my superior it appreared before. When will it come back? Noooot sure, but stay tuned as Mikzie does a double cartwheel and backflip... and blah blah blah... and I bet theres something better for your style, Happy adventuring!
  7. GM Mikzie


    It exists~ Looks grand on a WS i guess.
  8. The bunny sister's corner:
    Are you our next hero? 


    The darkness grows stronger, another rift has opened and the challenge is greater than before!
    Join us as we march on for the Road to Triumph!

    Special thanks to Lyderis' Team for joining SoT, featured in "Are you our next hero?" vid.

    Your bunny sister,

  9. GM Mikzie

    Nightmare's Rift: Sword of Tomorrow

    Thank you heroes for joining Nightmare's Rift: Sword of Tomorrow! This rift has been conquered victoriously and the maiden has been saved but the darkness grows stronger as another rift opens to challenge our heroes once more! Are you up for the challenge? See you Talonians on the next rift - Road to Triumph (09/06/2018) Here's a peek at SoT of our first successful team to make it out alive~! Team Raysss' SpankySpanky party! Congratulations to the rest of our winners!
  10. The Bunny Sister's Corner: Nostalgia! (Part2)

    Once upon a time when RO was new and aside from my forever acolyte my second character was a thief...
    Back then kitty bands were the thing for fashion and I wanted one so bad that I was able to change job to an assassin killing only smokies... no agi, with int, indecisive bout dex and luk, yep.. don't know any better~! Now, here in our sever we have so many cute costumes to choose from~ but back then costumes don't exist.. Fashion is always a thing for games, imagine yourself without style.. So I don't wonder why our market is filled with cute expensive costumes.. and no, assassins are not my forte Lol!

    What's your favorite look?

    Your bunny sister,

    1. Naminé :3

      Naminé :3

      Speaking of costumes and being a bunny sister, I still got that Easter bunny costume popping in my head given during  an event ( i can't recall the exact date, but it's kinda funny how I've been gone  for  years and it stayed there /heh/fsh )


      All the jokes aside, is this a bug? xD my soul linker still wears them too without costume itself ( i'm so reluctant to put on another headgear costume, it may vanish forever /sob ) 

    2. GM Neza

      GM Neza

      I've always fashioned an Ulle's cap+Elven Ears+Romantic flower! 

      But customized Kahos, and costumes came. Period.

  11. GM Mikzie

    talonRO crashes with more than 2 clients

    This works fine for me: Windowed (the T&L HAL crashes me), try changing resolutions as well.
  12. GM Mikzie

    Email Change

    Please send a Support Ticket. <3
  13. GM Mikzie

    Secret orc helm poring?

  14. Report these, these are considered vend spot holding when they are autotrading with insufficient funds. Make sure to take screenshots of the whole vending window including the bottom part that shows the funds. (do not alter/crop your screenshots and must bare official time stamp and logo when submitting a report please!!) Intentional or not, it is holding a spot (which are limited) and should be removed, people have to be cautious and be prepared before even using the vending officer. When you are doing business should you be rash and careless? Doing so will not just affect you it affects others too. Live vendors are also punishable if they cannot be asked to fix their vends to keep people from wasting their time jumping to their shop.
  15. GM Mikzie

    Hello TalonRO, ViatorLipsia is here :)

    Welcome ViatorLipsia! I'm glad you found us! I hope you'll enjoy your stay with us! We have an international forum section and checking out some guilds could help you find new friends faster~ happy adventuring!