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  1. 😘❤️

    1. GM Mikzie
    2. GM Alura

      GM Alura



  2. Almost a year ago...


    No one : I bet they prepared for hours!




    1. Hell0_Viki


      That bgm in the second video seems very familiar. It's like something from my childhood, but I can no longer remember where I heard it

  3. Definition of sus...



    1. justinianlaw



      Community reputation not found. /heh

  4. Ahmagawd never saw your photo gallery until today and my nose is still bleeding uwu

  5. i havent been able to login into the game, i have internet connection (tested browsing and youtube are fine) whats wrong? i check the forum and the server status is online 

    1. GM Mikzie

      GM Mikzie

      We are undergoing extended maintenance at the moment. Please consider joining our discord server for live updates and announcements.

    2. corvo22110


      thanks a lot for the reply ^,^

  6. Frost Tournament


  7. Patate.png.ecc88361943c173c8e71eed6df592ecd.png

    Inviting you all to watch Mr. Patate and the Docs of Midgard on a quest to heal the world and spread the word about our annual charity event!

    Click [here] to check out the recruitment thread.

    And click [here] to follow Mr. Patate's twitch page.

    We hope to see you guys on the 12th of December 15:00:00 Server Time!

  8. PvP 3v3 Tournament Vanilla Edition.

    See you on the next one!

    1. Satomi Yamamoto

      Satomi Yamamoto


  9. September, soon™ ...

  10. All slots have been filled for the 2nd weekend of The Descent, thank you, everyone, for signing up and I shall see you all soon. For those who were unable to register at this time, thank you for your interest and please stay tuned for the next set of dates.
  11. It is 1 AM ST, unfortunately I cannot book between those times written for that date.
  12. Round 2😐 Defenders...


  13. Greetings shuya, We plan on catering to people's schedules and content such as these will always be available to new and old players alike. I recommend starting off with the newly automated instance, Ancient Tower, it is open to all and whenever you can find time with your friends, it will be good for practice to prepare you for custom instances like these. Thank you for your interest, and I do hope to see you in one of our hosted events.
  14. All slots have now been filled for the 1st weekend, thank you everyone for signing up and I shall see you all soon. For those who were not able to register at this time, thank you for your interest and please stay tuned for the next set of dates.
  15. Hi Xyn, rest assured we will be posting new schedules in the month of August. I will try my best to accommodate every group, but please note that we can't always cater to specific dates/times due to schedule conflicts and unavailability from my end.
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