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  1. Loving this art by @Pneuma /awsm
    I am your no.1 fan~/lv

  2. Congratulations heroes for surviving Herja, here's a look at one of the first teams to test her wrath! Thank you beta testers for participating for the improvement of our events.
  3. Congratulations heroes for surviving the flames of Brynhildr! Here's a peek at one of our participants for this instance, thank you for joining and see you at the next battle!
  4. gm please whit bug in hunt piere in quest of eden anthell


    1. GM Mikzie

      GM Mikzie

      Hello pollocrozz,

      Your Quest Logger count from the chat section says you're done, have you tried submitting the quest? The Quest List may just be a bit behind on updating. If that is not the case please post the issue with full detail in the Bug Reports of the forum so that we may help you better. Thank you~

    2. pollocrozz


      good night, to start my English is bad and I can not explain very well, doing the quest to kill Piere does not increase the count of deaths of the piere, I have to kill as 30 to increase a point, I would like help in that quest.



    3. GM Mikzie

      GM Mikzie

      Oh I see, okay I've sent word to our devs and they'll get to this as soon as they can. Thank you for reporting and sorry of the inconvinience.

  5. Congratulations guys! Here's a peek at our first placers. Thank you for joining and see you at the next battle!
  6. Congratulations heroes for surviving the Scourge! The King of the Rift has been defeated yet his successors remain to continue his reign, a mistake has been made and its too late for regrets... Are you ready for The Crown? "Bow to your new Queens..."
  7. Heya, Mikzie, theres a Reboot or something? I cant log in, open client, says "updating..." I push Start, and does not open, can you help me out?

    Thanks :D

    1. GM Mikzie

      GM Mikzie

      Hello dear,
      Are you still experiencing this problem? If you are able to log in before and now it does that, perhaps something in your computer has updated and is interfering with the client. Please drop us a subforum post at Technical Support with full details, screenshot and of your RagnarokSetup if needed.

  8. Congratulations heroes and thank you for joining this rift! Here is Yuren's Team "Calibre", first party to succeed the task and survive with best time! See you again soon! Who will survive the Scourge!?
  9. Congratulations to Yuren's team for surviving the Tower of Entropy's challenges! Only one team survived the wrath of the space princesses this time.. how many more lives will the rift claim? Thank you everyone for participating! Stay tuned and see you again soon heroes!
  10. The flames of the Firebrand were hot but our heroes were even hotter!! The Road to Triumph was truly glorious but the rift isn't over, for now we have won peace but the shadows creep closer and become darker.. Brace yourselves as we prepare to enter the Tower of Entropy! Congratulations to all our heroes! here is a look at KriszkeHU's Team, the first group to choose a hard path and survive! Stay tuned as Nightmare Rift comes back with more challenges! Who will be our next heroes?
  11. Thank you heroes for joining Nightmare's Rift: Sword of Tomorrow! This rift has been conquered victoriously and the maiden has been saved but the darkness grows stronger as another rift opens to challenge our heroes once more! Are you up for the challenge? See you Talonians on the next rift - Road to Triumph (09/06/2018) Here's a peek at SoT of our first successful team to make it out alive~! Team Raysss' SpankySpanky party! Congratulations to the rest of our winners!
  12. Right! On that note, since we have our final trib...- I mean participants! Thank you very much everybody, for your comments and attention to the previous event. As mentioned above, we'd appreciate it very much if further suggestions and feedbacks be posted in the proper sub forums and tag a gm if needed. Good luck everybody, happy adventuring!
  13. *back reads more* .... Lol, what? @GM Haru Aye! I already am! (forcefully pressing my friendship love) , anyone not down for this awesomeness on a Saturday is not cool! (I'm kidding, I love you all)
  14. Darling, the point of most of our events are to get people together.. though our server allows dual/multi (for many other reasons and convenience) we do not really like to encourage people to play alone or a least not alone for long (why would anyone want that for their players, really?). This is an organized event, there is a schedule, if you cant find people to play with then you really shouldn't stress yourselves there will be other chances but of course we really want to have as much parties as we can to participate. The solution to the problem is within your reason, make friends. Also GMC is automated and has its own process of checking for duals...
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