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  1. Or /breakguild "guild name" then remake.
  2. The Bunny Sister's Corner :

    Here we go! Come and play with me, see you soon!


  3. Hi Lya! Welcome to our server! We're glad to have you here, age is just a number and I also love cats and cakes! See you soon!
  4. Hi killerkiri1, Welcome back to RO and thank you for choosing our server, playing low rates do need a bit of effort but it's fun to take things slow. See you in-game!
  5. Hello Aaron! We're glad to have you here with us. I like the way you play, enjoy the game and have adventures it's not a race to the top.
  6. Welcome back to RO and thank you for choosing our server! We're happy to have you here and hope to see you around in-game.
  7. The Bunny Sister's Corner :

    Hey guys! I had fun playing with you all yesterday and for those who missed out, here's what happened :


    As promised, more events from your bunny sister on the way. Check this out!


    Creds to my floof fam GM Lance, I hope to see you guys there~.

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    2. Goyu-


      How do we sign up for the event? @GM Mikzie


    3. GM Mikzie

      GM Mikzie

      Hello @Goyu-! No need to sign up, these events are open to all and a portal will be announced when ready. 

    4. Goyu-


      I see thank you mam @GM Mikzie

  8. Congratulations everyone! Although Bobito's team did not place in the top 3 ranks they are still day 1's best-timed team. Mad credz to these rising stars! And here's a look at NovaLolly's team! This team really got us sitting on the edge of our seats and holding our breaths! Almost nabbed the top spot by just a few seconds. Congratulations! Till next time! Impossible is nothing!
  9. The Bunny Sister's Corner:

    Thank you for joining today's event, stay tuned for the next Mad Malice Mayhem!

    Don't forget to send us your reviews or renew them at RMS, feedbacks, and suggestions are also welcome through the forum or gimme a shout out here if you liked this event!



    1. *~Heartyangel~*


      We missed it gm coz we were at wave that time, anticipating the next! Thank you 💕🐰

    2. KinUrahara


      This looks dangerous /panic

      Looking forward to participating in one of these Events, one day!

  10. The Bunny Sister's Corner:

    Hello Talonians,
    It's been a while since I posted on my wall, I'm here with a bit of news about my videos of you all...
    I will no longer be able to upload recorded videos at Twitch, but will now use YouTube to archive your awesomeness! I will still be able to live stream through Twitch so I'll still see you there and watch out for more events coming soon!

    Here are @Bobito and @*~Heartyangel~*'s team our last two participating parties for this month's Valkyrie Ancient Tower!


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    2. Bobito


      Thanks for recording us xd

    3. DoubleUK



      lewl im so shy,GM record it

    4. *~Heartyangel~*


      @GM Mikzie thank you for the video we will treasure it forever, and thanks for the event we had so much fun! 🐰💖💕

  11. Welcome Gicos! facebook... Happy to have you here with us, I'll be watching when I can~
  12. Congratulations heroes for surviving Herja, here's a look at one of the first teams to test her wrath! Thank you beta testers for participating for the improvement of our events.
  13. Congratulations heroes for surviving the flames of Brynhildr! Here's a peek at one of our participants for this instance, thank you for joining and see you at the next battle!
  14. gm please whit bug in hunt piere in quest of eden anthell


    1. GM Mikzie

      GM Mikzie

      Hello pollocrozz,

      Your Quest Logger count from the chat section says you're done, have you tried submitting the quest? The Quest List may just be a bit behind on updating. If that is not the case please post the issue with full detail in the Bug Reports of the forum so that we may help you better. Thank you~

    2. pollocrozz


      good night, to start my English is bad and I can not explain very well, doing the quest to kill Piere does not increase the count of deaths of the piere, I have to kill as 30 to increase a point, I would like help in that quest.



    3. GM Mikzie

      GM Mikzie

      Oh I see, okay I've sent word to our devs and they'll get to this as soon as they can. Thank you for reporting and sorry of the inconvinience.

  15. Congratulations guys! Here's a peek at our first placers. Thank you for joining and see you at the next battle!
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