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  1. GM Neza

    Hi friends.

    Wotdahel-lo, Wotda! Welcome to the server~ Mhm! We're a friendly bunch here (except for the occassional trolls but we can throw them a punch!). Hope to see you in-game too, have fun!
  2. GM Neza

    Back after 10 years! Hoping to play with a guild...

    Welcome to the server, AnimaDisciple! That is such a wonderful story (I also was forced to play the game in my younger years lol and loved it eventually) Feel free to get the feel around the community, I'm proud to say we're filled with a helpful bunch! Also do check the guilds in our forum section, or the guild directory available in our panel! Nice to meet you too, see you in-game~
  3. GM Neza

    Any oldschool players?

    I feel you! My earliest memory of RO was it having no trans classes and the main mode of transport were Kafras, and paid memo'd maps (and getting scammed by priests /sob), haha! I've found a warm home here at TalonRO though, and I hope you do too! Welcome to the server, see you in game!
  4. GM Neza


    Glad to have you back, Raph! See you in game