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  1. If your mains are HW & HP, you would certainly benefit with Bris Sting+Celebs, given the additional DEX that this combo gives. You're also expected to not die often on these classes, too, so choosing bris osiris over bris sting might actually narrow you down to a ress-hungry hw/hp to benefit from osiris's full potential If you're using champ, for asura-drac death tactic, then just modify your build with a DRing Osi. You'd be more flexible with this choice imo But all still rests on your playstyle, hf!
  2. GM Neza

    Hello :)

    Hey Cash, great to see you here! Welcome to the server
  3. I know you've tried troubleshooting guides but let's see: > Have you tried these ones specifically? > If you're running on high resolution: > Try configuring your setup.exe as well. Try all from the graphics drop down list, toggling full screen, etc > Check this out also, https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8328, uninstall then install (If you haven't: If you have Discord, you might want to check our server as well https://talonro.com/discord under #technical-support. We have a helpful bunch there who can lend a hand in real time.)
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    *throws u a holler Welcome to the server, Asta (?)! Welcome aboard the nostalgia ship!
  5. Heya. Welcome to the server, Alchemist!
  6. Just a gentle reminder that screenshots are a-OK as long as they supplement content you've created i.e. using them as background As long as your piece speaks original, let the creativity flow!
  7. Heya. While we certainly appreciate the effort of putting all these artworks from different sources together, this entry shall be disqualified. Again, quoting: Thanks for the entries everyone, keep 'em coming!
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