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  1. GM Neza

    Rok On!

    Ah, the nostalgia's gotta the be real once you step in game Welcome to the server, Hellscream! Do check our wiki and forums for general or class-specific guides! See you on the hunt
  2. GM Neza


    Welcome to the server, Logi! I must say it is always a great start to know our community through the forums, wiki, and especially in-game! Hoping to enjoy your stay, best of luck!
  3. GM Neza

    Hello, I am new to TalonRO.

    Welcome to the server, Bohannon!
  4. GM Neza

    How to claim coins after voting?

    Voting points would be registered under your forum account. These voting points are convertible to copper coins on a 1:1 fixed rate. And are claimable in-game by any of your characters through the Reward Guru in Prontera.
  5. GM Neza

    Moving Game account

    Hello! Please send a support ticket.
  6. GM Neza

    yes hi hello

    Yes, I'm N Or Ne Or Nez Or Neza And, It's N Or Nice to meet you! Welcome to the server!
  7. GM Neza

    Hi :)

    Welcome to the server, Rika! Indeed, one of the wonderful aspects of the community is people buffing others when they could, and sometimes even lending a hand in parties. I think it's really become one unique culture in TalonRO. I'm very much glad to hear you're enjoying your time, see you in game!
  8. GM Neza

    regarding the previous update (month of april)

    One of our community members has taken the initiative to compile the newly-updated mvp timers. Please check this thread:
  9. GM Neza

    Been a long time.

    Welcome to the grind-- I mean-- server, kind sir! Our customs are a plenty so you might want to check out on those, through our wiki and forums! See you in-game!
  10. GM Neza

    Veteran Returning To The Days Of Old

    Welcome to the server, CatMuto! Feel free to be oriented by our prerenewal mechanics and our custom server features --- all available at arms reach in our forums and wiki! Also feel free to ask around our Discord server, or in-game through !main chat, our community's got a handful of helpful people :) It's great to have you -- See you in game!
  11. GM Neza


    It's a sort-of a NPC that you can also find in Glast Heim Prison. It's supposed to keep the entrance safe from mobdroppers.
  12. GM Neza

    Returning Player

    *baited* AHHHH that kitty's so cute! Welcome back! I highly suggest joining in a guild with a pretty active Discord server to join in some live fun! Or !main channel. Or !recruit. Or forum guild threads... whichever! GLHF!
  13. GM Neza


    Welcome to the server, Ludovic! Just feel free to engage around the community whether it be here at the forums, our Discord server, or in-game, through !main chat! You could also look for guilds in-game when you've sorted things out! A welcoming series of quests called the Eden Group -- be sure to check it out!
  14. Welcome to the server, Gydafe! Indeed, the forums and the wiki are valuable resources of all information in regards to in-game techniques and such! The !main chat channel (in-game global chat) could also serve as a live feed of knowledge (and usually banter) and also check out our Discord server! Hope you have fun, see you in game!
  15. GM Neza


    Welcome to the server, Chiyo! TalonRO has a ton of features and customs that you might want to check at the wiki! There're guides too but if you have further questions just drop them here at the forums, discord, or in game through the !main chat channel. I see that you're an artist too, eh? We'll be expecting you at art corner if you do decide to open a thread soon! It's great to have you!