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  1. RagnarONE

    BG Peeps

    Can you add Battlegrounds Headgear?
  2. RagnarONE

    Community has become very stale and lazy.

    Hey join my woe guild
  3. RagnarONE

    Ignore Player in Main

    Nice idea keeping the talonro community clean remove the toxic stuff
  4. RagnarONE

    Super Novice SB/MS

    wow Super Novice so cool
  5. RagnarONE

    Unrestricted Battle Grounds

    @harryp6281 yeono the champion
  6. RagnarONE

    PvP Lounge area.

    We can chill if you want mate
  7. RagnarONE

    Mark of the Elite - Unres WoE - 8 Sep 2018

    Nice video and song
  8. RagnarONE

    "Every Job" option for advanced item search

    Nice idea
  9. RagnarONE

    MotE WoE Video 9/1/18

    Nice Intro and video song
  10. RagnarONE

    Mark of the Elite: Open Recruitment!

    Can i join High Wizard ganbe type FS
  11. RagnarONE

    MotE WoE Video 8/19/18

    So tanky so strong Nice song
  12. RagnarONE

    Desert Dojo ~ [Social & PvM]

    Dojo back guess who's back Dojo back tell your friends
  13. RagnarONE

    Unrestricted Champion Tournament

    any updates/news sir