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  1. Hello!! I need equipment and id love some costumes !! ================== Chibi heads ================== Hey! I'm dying poor in game so I'll be selling these quick cheebs ! They are perfect for icons or to keep them in your forum firm or page, etc. ------> Price: 10m per character<------ ------------ OPEN SLOTS ------------ 1. Open 2. Open 3. Open 4. Open 5. Open ------------ Wait List ------------ 1. Open 2. Open 3. Open 4. Open 5. Open Requirements to PM me: Some sort of reference (a screenshot of your character at least) A list of visible accessories (hats, ears, face, etc) Class of the character(s) and desired eye color Reference for hairstyle if any outside of ROs styles (to match correct personality) Preferred pose and/or expression if any Payment in advance I send the one without watermark via PM! Chibi head examples: (not from RO tho) ================== Bribe Only ================== I can do other type of arts but they are usually more elaborated and require a lot more time. I'm willing to do it for the right price (or costume!)... PM your offers. If a specific one is requested a lot I might bump it up to regular commission !! Others Gallery: (finished comms)
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