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  1. ~ ChibiCraft ~ Neloren's Shop [Closed]

    Hello! I'm sorry for the delay, life gets in the way--- and being the perfectionist I am I just can't rush art loool Here's what I mean~ No btw im never making background again plz dont request <3
  2. ~ ChibiCraft ~ Neloren's Shop [Closed]

    Bids are closed! Thanks for participating!!
  3. ~ ChibiCraft ~ Neloren's Shop [Closed]

    Added~ Outbid! You got an hour to reply
  4. ~ ChibiCraft ~ Neloren's Shop [Closed]

    Yes, but the auction will extend for an hour! So last bidder has a chance to bid or pass (no last minute snipes). Outbid!
  5. ~ ChibiCraft ~ Neloren's Shop [Closed]

    Outbid! Added! Thank you for the interest
  6. ~ ChibiCraft ~ Neloren's Shop [Closed]

    Outbid! Added! Thank you
  7. ~ ChibiCraft ~ Neloren's Shop [Closed]

    Outbid! Added! Thanks for your interest
  8. ~ ChibiCraft ~ Neloren's Shop [Closed]

    Hello! Today is last day for the auction! Do have in mind I added a couple of rules. Especifically that I won't allow any last second steals to outbid the highest without notice, I'll have an hour safe keep, meaning the bid won't end until it has been an hour since the last bidder's post. Of course if the day ends and the last bidder commented many hours ago the bid will end normally. I am accepting Talon Coins too (10m=10TC) but not gear or cards. My chibis won't be available for regular purchase in any way. I'll put one for auction every month or two.
  9. █ CLOSED █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

  10. Pneuma ArtShop [Closed]

    Holy Snap such beautiful work
  11. █ CLOSED █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    Your art is sO PRETTY IM CRY
  12. ~ ChibiCraft ~ Neloren's Shop [Closed]

    yes sure! please pm me the info added as well~ please pm
  13. ~ ChibiCraft ~ Neloren's Shop [Closed]

    Oh my! Thank you thank you all~ Here goes another commission ~
  14. ~ ChibiCraft ~ Neloren's Shop [Closed]

    Why hello there, here goes Amissapanda's commision. Hope you like it!
  15. ~ ChibiCraft ~ Neloren's Shop [Closed]

    Why hello I just added sketches please do help me I dont wanna die poor and i rlly need some gear to lvl up to 99 </3