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  1. it's not about the amount of experience, but about how quickly different types of homunculi are gaining it, let's take as a comparison the most fast and strong bridge in terms of killing and the slowest and consider the example of skimming Verit (Nightmare) even with the worst stats Vanilmirth will kill him in 10-20 seconds (this is not the exact value) and now consider the same monster but Amistr will beat him with the best stats at level 75 he will have more than 2 minutes to go the other two gom will also kill the monster much faster if compared to Amistr and to balance even relatively, I suggest that at least Amistr not bring to repeated loyalty that he could use the last skill, this is just one of the options how to balance the flow rate at least a little A number of other ideas come to mind, starting from the fact that the rented rings would also extend to the homunculus to the enthusiasm of experience, but according to your answer, the question is already closed
  2. Correction in pumping homunculi, due to the fact that different types of homunculi have very strong differences and possibilities in pumping, I would like to suggest that homunculi develop at different speeds depending on the complexity and time spent on it. For example, Vanilmirth has a very big damage and not much different in terms of the amount of life it is left as it is, Amistr is practically useless before being transferred to a higher form, and even there it’s still necessary to get rid of it and become loyal again, and only then it becomes suitable: speed up pumping somewhat, with Filir also there is no particular difficulty fast pumping reasonable damage, leave as it is and Lif It also does not have high damage, but all are higher than Amistr’s not much to speed up in the possibility of pumping
  3. miralin

    search NPC

    I would like to ask to add a command when using it will display the name of the NPC and the city that sells the item you need (I will give an example of db that Yam can be bought, but where it is and who doesn’t say it) because I consider this an important command
  4. I know that it’s impossible to do so when exchanging loot for chemistry or any other items (depending on the NPC), put down the amount of loot you want to exchange (which of course reduces the number of dialogs and saves time) but I would like to ask you to reduce the number of dialog boxes Exchange Fur for Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee at the NPC in the city of midgard samp at the NPC Hue to exchange just once you need to go through 10 different dialog boxes, I would like to ask you to reduce the number of dialogs by combining them or completely remove them
  5. change in the work of the tools, I would like to suggest changes in the work of the pickaxe tool, namely, I would like it to work from the inventory (on the trailer as a shovel in a recent event or at least measures it and make it one-handed) to think of everyone will agree with me that they should take a pickaxe before each bump and therefore they will again have a weapon, and some of them must also wear a shield, it causes fatigue plus it will free up one or even 2 slots on the panel and one and two hot keys
  6. Experimental experiment showed that there are no bonuses for cutting gems I took 2 sets of 30 raw stones 15 red 15 green first 30 I grind only with Jewel Furnace the second set already with Emperium Jewel Cutter even without a Jewel Cutter came out even 2 more than with it
  7. miralin

    Mvp and their teleports

    a) Reclusio Perpetua he is not applicable b) and even if it was not the role of the monster teleported far from the player and the player does not know where to go c) the question is not in the experience of lute
  8. I would like to propose to increase xp MVP of those that permanently damage the body at least two, three times. The reason is simple those who are not able to play normal classes play monk and when someone already almost killed the monster and MVP teleports from it the monk makes one asura thus stealing MVP (it's just not right) ++ it's just a little bit balancing classes as any other class takes time to do at least half of the damage that monks do in one asura
  9. есть но для этого нужно для начало выполнить 75 квестов эдема что разумеется очень долго, после выполнение 75 ку ты сможешь сдавать разный хлам за очки и менять на фрукты и еще пару вещей сылка на сам эдем а там сам смотри у старушки
  10. back to the problem of stalker with plagiarism while passing the insta. often stalkers forget to update preserve or after death from the monster, he often replaces the stalker's skill on that cat killed him and as a consequence the stalker loses his damage and becomes almost useless as he loses the skill on which his build is based thereby losing the cd which lasts for several days. and since the change in the work of the skill is not acceptable I propose to add a scroll that works only in the insta for use on itself (to limit the functionality it was possible to take only the skill that you currently have) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ and although this is not for this section, it's just food for thought the question concerns the card Lady Tanee Card game does not correctly calculate the damage for a mile of class having 56 vit is 7% ATK not how can it not result in 150-170 damage with its bow damage of 680 from skill BB
  11. miralin

    lock command

    Kind time of the day, I would like to ask to introduce a new command say / lock after using which fixed the icons of spells and skills on the panel and they could not be moved The reason is simple if someone accidentally jumps the mouse it happens that you move the icons or replace one another
  12. miralin

    Player Command

    I would like to propose a new Command when using which the character will stop in place and not move on until you use it again, but the character will not lose the ability to conjure, shoot or beat one of the reasons for entering this command is simple when you frequently click on a bridge with a spell or use a skill, you can accidentally miss and run into a crowd of monsters. that I saw to the death of a character and if it is possible to consider 2 proposals on the same topic, I would like that would be in the tower when using the team /where showed on which floor
  13. miralin

    no one button needed

    as everyone knows in the game there are not a few NPCs who are engaged in exchanging loot for the things you need (example exchange Peaked Hat for Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich) I would like to make a suggestion that it would not be necessary to press again on the NPC and in the initial exchange NPC asked how much you want to exchange and you already put the number too, and stating the staging of the character after the reset, the procedure simply put the number of places 300-400 clicks
  14. не совсем верно, если так поставить галочку он станет цельным окном и станет просто крайне не удобно табаться а потому уберите от туда галочку и зайдите в раздел ROext с верхней а уже там поставьте на ЗАКРЕПИТЬ ПОЛОЖЕНИЕ ЭКРАНА и выставьте разрешение в разделе графика как у вас на мониторе
  15. miralin

    stalker and possible

    1) I wanted to make at once 2 proposals in one topic if possible. I would like to improve the work of the stalker's skill Preserve . The reason for this improvement is very simple in the cases when the stalker is either dead or in the heat of the battle, he does not notice that his skill is over and he loses the main skill and often the only combat skill for example Bowling Bash and he was in the dungeon, automatically loses the ability to pass it since he does not already have to leave the dungeon to notice that his suggestion is that it would be on by pressing the skill and turned on again to disable 2) Since almost all the skills of the stalker are aimed at close combat, you still decided to give him a bow, but even if it is well-dressed and he will follow the path of your bow, he would not be compared to a damage hunter, I would like to make an offer on addition or substitution of stats for rdd stats with a skill (or that would be given depending on the chosen path of the bow or half tank
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