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  1. Should Irate Stalker make a come back?
  2. Ire

    Pictures Of Players

    what about me babe?
  3. Ire

    Pictures Of Players

    you are less cooler than Irate Stalker
  4. are you the person who lend me 80 mil?
  5. nope, not you. I very well know the guy I robbed
  6. are you sure? I think it was a different guy
  7. I borrowed 80 mil from someone and then the person forgot about it altogether. I am still enjoying the equips I bought from that $$$
  8. This idea struck in my brain with an IQ of 141, why don't we have a topic where people can post interesting IGNs. So here are we. You can post any interesting IGN/Guild names you come across in this section and tell us the meaning of the same (if its in some non-English language). Let me start: I once saw a guild named "Less Qq More Pew Pew"
  9. Ire

    Pictures Of Players

    hi, I am Irate Stalker from !main chat. Please befriend me.
  10. Are you going to complaint about me? #nohomo
  11. A lot more are my secret fans, but they don't wanna speak on forums cause I asked them humbly to not make me more popular Irate Stalker is the best player ever on TolanRO
  12. This is a proof that I have fans
  13. I can understand plz, I got 141 IQ remember?
  14. I dont do "plain" stuff sure PS: sure = new ok
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