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  1. Add Cards for Nightmare Mobs

    I forget to mention , yes I try again with my rogue and I can manage to kill 1-2 verit at time and xp is so good. But I stopped. I farm pecopeco with my swordman. Wish me card.
  2. Add Cards for Nightmare Mobs

    I will always agree with the GM because I trust them . But since the suggestion is there , adding the normal card would close the topic I want to level my rogue , but I cant afford to farm to a map that card doesnt drop .
  3. Add Cards for Nightmare Mobs

    I believe that you do level with your novice there but my rogue level 84 cant kill one. They have over 20k hp and are aggressif. I need 2 grand cross to kill them with my crusader 98.
  4. Add Cards for Nightmare Mobs

    6 month later I just post something about that too and a GM refered me to this post . On my previous post that is on Server Discution , My suggestion is the same thing as you write but I wanted to make the cat hunting quest more interesting by giving more XP and a valuable price . Actually I am a crusader 98 and I get only 1.6% once I kill 25 verit + a potion that is good to have but so far not a motivation to farm this map . In addition of that , the card dont drop so the fact is nightmare pyramide is totaly a useless map.They have a lot of Hp and can be hard to kill . Adding the card for drop , boosting the XP for the cat quest and giving an interesting price would add a content in the game . This map would help class that are mostly use for single killing and maybe people will make party on this map !
  5. The Eden Group

    This update is really insane .
  6. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    We cant reset the quest okay why not . But Once I choose love quest with my main I try to talk to npc with another character and I am still stuck in the love quest ... not nice at all ..
  7. Farming Experience

    Okay so Talon Coin is a way for you . Thx Nattwara. Is there some player here who farm card ? Is it worth to farm it ? As I mention ,I played on those cash sink server and farming card was a waste of time because all card was on market already with the OCA rainfall. On Talon RO , do you farm card ? Or you farm misc to buy them .
  8. Farming Experience

    Hello , I am playing since couple week now and my main is crusader GC 89 and I maked a rogue 83 to farm and a merchant to over charge . I read several guide about farming . Myst Case , Vitata , Enchanted Peach Trees, Blue herb , Immortal hearth ect . I try farmed with my rogue in those place and really its okay to buy Cheap gears . I Buyed a full goibne's set on my Crusader , 2 WSS Elemental dagger to farm , friccos shoes ,Thousand of consumable , etc . ( I maked 2.2 m by selling my 2 talon RO coin too ) But now I want to improve my gear again and get for example a Bazerald 5m , Verit card 5m , Creamy card another 5m , Raydric card etc etc . I will clearly never get those gears with the begginer farm guide . So now I readed that Moscovia was a good place and Geffenia too . Is this place are really good as we read ? I mean With my Rogue can I really make millions by farming in mavka or I will just make couple 300k there and there ? I would like to hear some of your experience. For exemple about mine , I can tell you that farming on official server is totaly useless. You will never get the zenny to buy the gears you want because everything is super overprice due at the cash shop .I played on Renewal Private server too and Yes this server was requiere 2-3 hours of farming to be able to get those million and buy the common good card like Hunterfly , Scaraba etc etc . This renewal server had a 0.25 rate for card so farming them was an option but to be honest farming a porcellio card in official is totaly useless at 0,01 rate you better spend 5$ and buy it ...On another official server I was making +7 weapon that was efficient . So what you guys do ? Do you really take hours and hours to farm card ? If yes I will do it ! If its useless I will not waste my time like I ever did loll ... Is Talon Coin are That important ? If yes than Ill go get some that it . My post here is really to avoid me to waste my time . My time game is not the same like when I was 18 loll . Thanks already for those who will share me your story ! ThePaladinWithaLongName
  9. This meta mentality is what's actually killing this game

    I totally agree with your tread . I play RO since years and I am new to this server and I like it . Once I started many people told me : Make a priest and then cross trans . Some told me make a sage its better than WSS weapon , make a Wiz you can sell leach . I wanted to play Crusader loll and most people told me no its bad , * its useless* . All the video game are like that .You have the player who want rentability and those who want fun . I make a crusader grand cross , I solo play I love it . Yes I make a merchant and level it job 38 with overcharge( would be akward that all class have overcharge) Yes I make a rogue to be able to steal ( would be strange that other class can steal lol ... ) So yeah , in RO you need many character . Back then in official I was playing a 2 hand Runeknight and everyone was laughing of me... I love it so much haha . And on TalonRO I will play a Offensive Paladin ! Play what you want as you want ( Btw with my 2 handed Rune knight I dropped 4 MVP Card while other was making Sura or genetics because " RK are useless to mvp )
  10. Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day 2018

    Lol I never 'try' a quest without a guide on ragnarok online
  11. New to Pre-renewal , my RO story and some beginner question

    Your answers is all what I needed . thx a lot !
  12. New to Pre-renewal , my RO story and some beginner question

    Oh and I forgot to add . What kind of party people doing on this server ?
  13. Hi everyone , I was a big renewal player when max level was 150 , and I move to iRO to explore the lvl 175 , the new content and the huge balance class that have been done since . I quit my other server after 3000$++ and 4 years of playing .This server is sadly really retarded and late on content + is totally pay to win . I moved to iRO and I loved it . But again I got face up with pay to win stuff . I stop play when they lunch the mad bunny event . I remember to spend around 100$ for trying to get a +12 slotted one and I just fail so much xD . After that , I realise that RO was just a cash sink for me so I stopped play it . I was sad haha .. RO is my best game since for ever . I have the manga , my computer wall paper is RO etc etc ...I had no job since early january and I was playing 12h++ per day( not all but 1/2 time loll ! ) I am a busines owner , I do cycling , I want to explore Pre-renewal . Is the server have a classic system or its renewal but only pre-renewal class ? What class should is usefull to farm pure zenny ? Is a class that totally suck or a class that is totaly OP ? Is playing extedend class is viable ? ( On renewal they get abandoned for long time but there getting better now) Thank you all ! The game is now downloading , this will take 5 hours .. I am in Thailand and I play on Hotspot mobile ! Wish to see you xxxxx