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  1. At Geffen. Hehehhe  /ho



  2. I might not play tRO till next month 'cause 100gb net cap reached by our greedy net provider. If you like fast connection don't come to the Philippines can't trust technology here. Hahhhahha

    1. KreoSinclaire


      @GM Venus low na nga settings ng tRO lag pa rin. Hahahhhahhah!!

  3. Yule Ball 2k18

    Heartfelt thanks to @Riiko for coming to the ball with me it was fun and also to @GM Sonderand @GM Mikzie for the screenie. I feel like throwing up, maybe it's a good thing that I could still feel things after rounds and rounds of drinks, any suggestions as a good hangover cure will be entertained If I wake up. Hahhahah!!


    (due to excitement and too much jack frost cola and can't remember the names of drinks forgot to zoom in so the pics looks like cctv footage of the Ice palace will do better next event, can't wait.)






    1. GM Venus

      GM Venus

      Be careful not to tumble on your way home! /heh

    2. Riiko


      Thanks to you for coming with me =) !!

    3. KreoSinclaire


      @GM Venus ur worried bout me tumbling, Im worried If I'm in the right house after waking up. Hehehheh

      @Riiko ur more than welcome thanks to you again. Until next event. See you in game laters.

  4. Glad to go with you!!!!!!!! My IGN is the same name I use here in the forum. I'll pm you later just need to take a shower. Thanks for accepting my invitation. Cheers from manila!!!! Heehehe
  5. Anyone? Let's go to the ball together. Please.. *coldsweat* hahhaahhah!!
  6. Got no date for the ball later. <_<

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