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  1. ah, was pretty obvious you won't react positively to that. But take a look back at your posts and take the time to think bout it. To be honest i'm not diggin old post or somethin, i don't even know who is yamasomethin, i'm just a new guy here and seein your posts makin me both sad and bored. that's all Have fun and keep cool, cuz it seems that you don't enjoy bein here
  2. That will definitely help. Havin the guides stickied. an tbh i don't have the point to always answer "look at the forum lol u dunno how to search"? Instead of helpin peeps? Like NattWara did. Simple, he/she put a link. helped. You didnt ^^ So if its borin you like that, whats the point of 1/answering 2/ bein on a forum ?