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  1. Genshu

    Name of Champions

    Well since tamtam champion is different every month this might be easy to do like this month monster name is rideword , arclouze , drainliar , clock , alarm so change it to dark rideword or anything that sounds cool.
  2. Genshu

    Reset skills

    Possible to make an option before reset whole skills for example i want to reset champion skills only instead acolyte skills over and over. An image for reference.
  3. Genshu

    Quality of life

    Get bonus bundle and you can store all your item.
  4. Make a room for hidden seeker i saw alot winner is range type make a room that player will naked and no skill so it would be fair to all player. Also about devil's claw map need to be clean so the random trap are easy to hit player there is a spot that rarely been hit.
  5. Genshu


    hi is it possible to change buying mercenary by bulk instead asking npc over and over?
  6. My In-Game Character Name: Uematsu The name of the Treasure Poring : Weaponring The preferred color of the Treasure Poring : Silver color with Helm [1] The drops of the Treasure Poring, worth an approximately 500,000 to 3,000,000 zeny on NPC or current market Weaponring Box contain random level 4 weapon Drop 50% ID #10536, Oridecon box Drop 100% ID#13890 Anvil Drop 100% ID#986 Oridecon Anvil Drop 100% ID#987 Golden Anvil Drop 100% ID #988 Emperium Anvil Drop 100% ID #989 Hammer of blacksmith Drop 100% ID #1005 Weapon gift set Drop 100% contain iron hammer ID #613 golden hammer ID #614 oridecon hammer ID #615 mini furnace ID #612 star crumb ID #1000 flame heart ID #994 mystic frozen ID #995 rough wind ID #996 great nature ID #997 A short backstory about Weaponring Treasure Poring : one day a war has happen in that day. many weapons have used in warfare, hunting, self-defense, law enforcement, and criminal activity for thousands of years. weaponring is very famous with his skills to make high quality firearm but their family has been murdered by war and his weapon is used to kill each other before he knows that his weapon is being used in wrong way he decided to stop supply firearm and he start to wandering from over the world and no one ever know where he is now.
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