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  1. Yusha Riou

    Reset NPC

    reset npc in every town possible?
  2. if this possible make it chance to break the armor
  3. Yusha Riou

    BG Costumes

    Lets say i want a costume that need 5000 P so to make it fair and able to claim at lutie's machine make it 5000x12 = 60,000 p. So BG will still have alot of ppl to join if they want a costume that can be claim, i dont know just a thought.
  4. Yusha Riou

    valk bazaar

    possible to add account bound costumes on valk bazaar and can be claim to lutie machine the points is double, lets say a non bound costume is 100p but for account bound costume it will be 200p.
  5. Yusha Riou

    Weapon lvl 3/4

    B>veteran S[1] 12m / invoker of D[2] 8m / naght seiger R/B[3] 3.5m/1m / Ele book[0] 800k bulk / Infiltrator 500k bulk / mes 250k bulk / ori 5.5k bulk. You can offer here what kind of weapon lvl 3/4 u got in bulk.
  6. hiya i want to claim a tier 3 crate thanks. IGN: Uematsu Discord: Uematsu#3718
  7. About x8 GM boxes - x1 monthly box does it mean i can claim past monthly box?
  8. the only reason i do like mavka than geffenia is not about farming per hour, mavka 1 of the easy monster i like to farm because they making noise when ever they near you, from that u dont have to freaking teleport to find it just max your sound to hear them. its easy to farm and chill at there.
  9. okey this is more like save your homun sp but i already tested. also it wont use any skill but still do normal attack and after the sp is max it will do any skills
  10. you need to change this
  11. Yusha Riou

    Mercenary loyalty

    yeah this is what i mean xD
  12. Yusha Riou

    Mercenary loyalty

    possible to increase loyalty points to 4 each time contract end or kill 50 mobs ofc mercenary dies lose 2 point , also make loyalty points cover swordman, spear, archer so we actually can enjoy playing 3 different type means we have to pay the price higher than usual.
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