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  1. latibosani

    The Eden Group

    This is more like an overhaul than a mere big update Still can't believe that implementing Eden quest to pre-renewal gameplay is even possible. As a new player even the current contents are more than enough and now this. Always feel the hunting board system is a bit lacking so this is like the best way possible to address that. Again thanks for the hardwork GM team!!
  2. latibosani

    The Eden Group

    Amazing work!! Never saw this coming
  3. latibosani

    A Week In TalonRO

    Thanks!! I feel at home already
  4. latibosani

    A Week In TalonRO

    Hello there! I've played the whole RO thing for about a month. I begun playing in my local official server while the game looks promising, the server seems badly managed and despite my best effort, it's impossible to compete with bots and players who has more interest in RMT than having fun. About last week I tried TalonRO as my last attempt to enjoy the legendary RO and while my first impression is nothing special, this server grows bigger and bigger in me, it feels like this server is ran with care and passion. It's not prefect, but the custom features are very well thought off, the balancing from the economy to monsters and skills are great, and the community is very warm. There are few moments I've been touched by the kind acts of people, few moments that makes me laugh, and even a few moments that makes me frustrated, it's all feel so lively, it's everything i hope I can find in MMORPG game. Credits to the GM team for creating and maintaining such a great server. Thanks!!