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  1. B> Lord Kaho horns

    Looking for Lord Kaho horns, let me know the price. Thank you
  2. B>shoes, boots with gec card

  3. B >Elven bow +7,+8 Turtle general card

    Looking for elven bow with turtle general card. +7 +8
  4. B>shoes, boots with gec card

    Looking for shoes or boots with General egnigem cenia card. Please send me your offers, thank you
  5. S/T matyr cards, dark blinker

    Zeny trade or equip for sniper, elven bow(cards, +-7, cards)
  6. S/T dark blinker(unslotted)

    Selling or trading my dark blinker to snipers equipment or zeny
  7. Selling matyr card

    Hello everyone. Im selling matyr card. Able to decrease price a little from vending price. Please send offers. Thank you
  8. Trading matyr card to sniper equip

    Hello everyone, im selling matyr card or trading for other sniper equip + zeny in case if overall price for equip is less than price of the card. Please send me your offers and thank you