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  1. banantree

    B>Rudra bow, Ballista bow

    Please let me know the price) thanks
  2. banantree

    B>Artemis bow clear

    Please send your price for clrar Artemis bow, thanks
  3. banantree

    Seals Service From Aldebaran Est.2016 [OPEN]

    Hello, how much it cost for service all 4seals. Im sniper lvl99
  4. banantree

    S> Kaho, SJ+10(DDTT), CELEB Ring RUSH

    Did you sold celeb ring?
  5. banantree

    S> Kaho, SJ+10(DDTT), CELEB Ring RUSH

    Lol why lowball, giving a noemal price. Well 38m is good price for it. Just tried to get cheaper if possible
  6. banantree

    S> Kaho, SJ+10(DDTT), CELEB Ring RUSH

    Hello lobzter, 37.5 for celebration ring, what would you say?
  7. banantree

    B> Dragon manteau, dragon vest with cards

    Im looking for dragon manteau + dragontail card 6.5m Dragon vest + bathory card 4m Dragon vest + evil druid card 7m
  8. banantree

    Carotene Shop

    Chewing bubblegum available?
  9. banantree

    B>Chewing bubblegum

    Want to get chewing bubblegum. Price pm. Thank you. In game nickname BornTok1LL also can send me in fame mail with price
  10. banantree

    B> Lord Kaho horns

    Looking for Lord Kaho horns, let me know the price. Thank you
  11. banantree

    B>shoes, boots with gec card

  12. banantree

    B >Elven bow +7,+8 Turtle general card

    Looking for elven bow with turtle general card. +7 +8
  13. banantree

    B>shoes, boots with gec card

    Looking for shoes or boots with General egnigem cenia card. Please send me your offers, thank you
  14. banantree

    S/T matyr cards, dark blinker

    Zeny trade or equip for sniper, elven bow(cards, +-7, cards)
  15. banantree

    S/T dark blinker(unslotted)

    Selling or trading my dark blinker to snipers equipment or zeny