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  1. TBF looking back I could see why I should reconsider my post! It's the use of the poring/pecopeco innertube as a design thematic. I have no problem pulling the piece out! It was an oversight on my part. However I'd argue there is nothing wrong with Crayna's piece 😊
  2. A couple more for fun! I'd have loved to do some more based on more of my favorite cities. Would have loved to do Morroc as well but probably won't have time. 😭 IGN: Nichoman
  3. Hi everyone! Started playing RO again after a whole year away... but now the only thing I want to do after work is play and draw RO 😭 Drew a couple after work today but I might submit more hehe! Some of my favs, AlonAlon and Bestemp, my wizard 😊 Happy summer everyone!
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