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    PET atk!

    Monster Mercenaries might be cool though.
  2. ArcadeVex

    Homunculus Kills counting towards hunting quest goals.

    Thanks for your words of support, I can see what you mean too. Perhaps I should rephrase what I said, but it is true that Homunculus dependent alches are sort of the majority. I could just be inexperience on my part, but I've actually never considered running an Alch as anything other than a Homunculus user. It is sort of the defining aspect of the class to me.
  3. Hi All, I posted about this in the Server Discussion section of the forum. I'll include a link to that particular thread as well as a quote of my original suggestion/question. GM Boreas mentioned that I should post this suggestion here, and that in the past this had been implemented in some form but had ended up with user abusing the mechanic somehow? What I would be suggesting is that Humonculus kills count only towards hunting quest goals, Otherwise it makes it nearly impossible to complete basic hunting quests with an Alchemist, and/or very costly to complete hunting quests with Creators. Perhaps to avoid potential abuses to this an Afk detector could be attached, similar to how gaining exp from Humonculus kills works? But even still I doubt personally that Afk questing on more difficult quests would be much of a problem, as I doubt even maxed Humonculus's could solo some of the mobs. Others have noted current ways that players have developed to coping with this, including scoring the last hit on the mob to have it count. The issue with that is unless you have the ability to see how much HP the mob has remaining, or somehow memorized how many hits it takes to kill them, this is very difficult and irritating. I've also heard suggestions to just dual client and party up with an Alt and have them do the hunting quests. I don't really consider this a solution, what I would like to see is Alchemists /actively/ doing quests. And if you are just Afk while on another character doing the quest, I don't see that as any different than just going Afk and letting your Humonculus rack up quest kills. As it stands Alchemists are just plain not fun to play in regards to Eden hunting quests. Which I think isn't really fair to people who main Alchemists like myself. The fact is I don't want to make another character for the express purpose of doing Eden quests, or hunting quests in general. And I'm sure I'm not the only one here who feels this way. I've spoken to other members of my guild who feel exactly as I do. It isn't as though Alchemists are incapable of taking on these enemies by themselves, the Humonculus is an extension of the class, similar to a hunter's falcon (albeit a lot more complicated.) Anyway, thank you for reading this. I hope that I've been clear in what I'm suggesting, and that it wouldn't be too much to have this adjusted. And Thanks again to GM Boreas for pointing me in this direction.
  4. So with the Eden hunting quests I've noticed that my Homunculus's kills don't count towards the quest goal. Even when I'm assisting the Homunculus with hunting either by swinging an axe at the monster, or having my Plants take shots at it. I'm not sure whether this is a bug or a feature but it makes soloing even the most basic hunting quests hard to impossible without spamming acid demo. I think taking an Alchemist/Creator's Homunculus out of the equation when it comes to hunting quests is a little unfair towards Alches, as in most cases our Homunculus's are our first and sometimes only means of dealing and taking damage. The obvious work around for this would be to just party up to do quests and sit back like a Priest or something playing a support role but I would rather doing hunting quests AS an Alchemist, with my Homunculus. I've read through the Forums and also read numerous guides to Homunculus's and I've never come across anything explaining this, either reasoning for or against this. Personally I would just like to have Homunculus kills count towards my kill count, same as if I was in a party and the tank I'm supporting made a kill.
  5. ArcadeVex

    Back to RO, Also

    Wow that would be a real trip man, I don't think I got far with any of my characters, but it'd be really cool to see my old guys again.
  6. ArcadeVex

    Back to RO, Also

    Hey Everyone, I was thinking about trying to get back into RO, it's been a long time since I played steadily, but I have fond memories of hanging out in Payon dungeon shooting the s**t with other Alchemists while our humonculous's tore up some skeletons. Back on AnimaRO. I tried out the official ReStart server but it's a little spammy for me, and also it's like dead silence even in Prontera. I decided on TalonRO because it was number one on some private RO rank list. And I vaguely remember it being the server that sort of took over for AnimaRO after it went under. (I might be butchering a few terms here and there.) Anyway I'm looking forward to starting up a fresh Alchemist and grinding away.