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  1. Back to RO, Also

    Wow that would be a real trip man, I don't think I got far with any of my characters, but it'd be really cool to see my old guys again.
  2. Back to RO, Also

    Hey Everyone, I was thinking about trying to get back into RO, it's been a long time since I played steadily, but I have fond memories of hanging out in Payon dungeon shooting the s**t with other Alchemists while our humonculous's tore up some skeletons. Back on AnimaRO. I tried out the official ReStart server but it's a little spammy for me, and also it's like dead silence even in Prontera. I decided on TalonRO because it was number one on some private RO rank list. And I vaguely remember it being the server that sort of took over for AnimaRO after it went under. (I might be butchering a few terms here and there.) Anyway I'm looking forward to starting up a fresh Alchemist and grinding away.