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  1. The Epic Journey of brave Sei Zer In a simple and peaceful Town of Izlude there was a two brave warrior named Sei Zer and Cybz this two young man were best friends since the day when they are still a novice. They were a bit different from each other. Sei Zer is a Stalker and Cybz is a Lord Knight but their differences were never being the cause of a fight between them. In fact, they barely fought with each other. A lot of people who leave there envied them for the kind of friendship they had. The sun came up the next morning, the same as it always did. Rows of tiny square houses and buildings were drenched in the pale yellow glow of the new morning, voices shouting greeting with one another as merchants and shopkeepers began their day. As a warrior the two young men just do extreme trainings for themselves all day. Until one day Sei Zer got bored of their daily routines and asks Cybz for a journey outside the Town just to travel to learn more and gain more experience. When the two young men have decided they start their journey. Cybz decided to travel alone and tell Sei Zer about it. The two brave warriors have agreed and they went in separate ways. Many days after Sei Zer already pass through the hot weather of Sograt Desert somewhere in Morroc feeling lost alone and feels really exhausted and tired. In the far distance the sun was setting, like every night, the horizon was on fire. Then finally!! He reach the end of the desert. The blazing sunset was just beginning to fade into a purple haze. The young man sat under a tree to take a rest and fall asleep, then suddenly out of nowhere a girl fell from the tree and land to the same spot where he is resting his body. Well of course Sei Zer got surprised get his dagger and almost hit the girl. After he realized that it was a young beautiful lady who fell from the tree. Sei Zer was amused of what is in front of him a lady with angelic face her beautiful eyes, beautiful lips, it’s like an angel in disguise that fell in the sky. “Where are you came from? You startled me, I’m afraid that I almost hurt you” the surprised young man said, but the lady just keep in calm and silent, doesn’t say any just staring at him as they face each other getting closer in a slow motion and they suddenly kissed. A minute after Sei Zer got awoke by the falling branch of the tree he clarify the image in front of him and got surprised by a raccoon licking his face. Yes! Sei Zer is just having a dream kissing someone but in reality it’s only Tam Tam that just got spawned on that area hiding on a tree for some reason and just got fell. In his shock Sei Zer grab Tam Tam’s neck and throws it away in full force! The poor Tam Tam was on mid-air don’t know what to do just preparing to land and fled. The young man was so angry because he almost suctioned the tongue of an animal and keeps on spiting like there is no tomorrow and throw up. After that terrible moment of Sei Zer he continue his journey. The man found his way through the Town of Payon in no time. While in town he looks for a place where he can stay and rest for a while for a short period of time. As he goes by he saw a lovely looking blonde hair lady, very beautiful and pleasing to look at from a distance. Sei Zer approach the lovely lady but it doesn’t notice him approaching, because the lady was too busy painting a mythical animal with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead in a wall, it is not just a simple drawing because it is a human size unicorn. Sei Zer was totally amaze by the talent he witness. And for the second time he tries to catch up the attention of the lovely lady. “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t notice you, what can I do for you young man?” the lady said. As he looks toward the lady’s eye, the stalker appears mesmerized and astonished by the beauty of the lady. The lady waves her hand towards Sei Zer face and ask the same question again. That’s the time Sei Zer went back on his own sense and said “can I follow you home? Cause my parents always told me to follow my dreams. “The lady replied “what?” Sei Zer said “oh, it’s nothing!! It’s just that it is very hard to find a beautiful woman, but easier to find a pretty one, I just got luck! And I think God was showing off when he created you”. The lady got blush rose immediately because of Sei Zer’s cheesy pickup line. “Oh!! Sorry for my misbehavior I forgot to introduce myself I’m Sei Zer of Izlude I just want to explore and my journey leads me here”. The lady was astonished of what she heard from Sei Zer. “Really? What a brave warrior you are. Anyway my name is Arra and I used to leave here since I was born. I am a dancer it is my passion and I love painting too.” The lady replied. “that’s why your painting was a breathtaking!! Just seeing your drawing I can say that you have a talent, gifted, and has more potential.” Sei Zer said. And the lovely lady Arra got blushed again. After the small talk and introduced to each other Sei Zer ask Arra if she can help him to look for a place to take a rest. Arra immediately offer their house to Sei Zer. “Please come with me I was about to finish my piece” Arra said. Sei Zer got shock because he is not expecting Arra to offer their house to him he was electrified and excited. After Arra finished her painting they immediately went to Arra’s place. As the day passed by Sei Zer was easily get along and have a harmonious relationship with the people in Payon specially the family of Arra. But there is something that bothers Sei Zer because for a short period of time staying on that place he got fall in love with Arra and he doesn’t know how to tell Arra how he feels. He thinks that if he tells Arra he will just got rejected and he is really shy with saying his feelings. when the night falls Sei Zer can’t sleep he is over thinking of what he is going to do until the day comes Sei Zer can’t hindered he’s feeling any more it’s now or never. He take courage to confess his feelings, he went to Arra hold her hands and start talking about it. During the conversation Arra told Sei Zer that she was flattered that someone like him has a feelings to her, it’s just that she is already in love with somebody ever since he was a kid it is the guy from the next door named Alex. Sei Zer got astound for the revelation and brought to silence. Arra felt sorry for Sei Zer she remove his arms and hugged him and heart skipped a beat. After that day Sei Zer saw Arra and Alex on the same place where he first meets Arra. They were happy together their laugh reached too far, the young man felt that there was no spirit of hope and decided to quit his feelings to Arra and just let her to be happy and moved on. One day Sei Zer talk to Arra that he decided to left the Town and just going to continue his journey. While on his way not that far from Payon Town he accidentally saw Alex surrounded with gay friends and he have learned that Alex is a gay!!OMG!!...He immediately return to Payon and look for Arra and accompanied her to the place where he saw Alex. The lady got surprised for the revelation and run away back to town crying. Sei Zer express sympathy to the young lady, pampered her. “Arra I liked you a lot, please come with me.” Sei Zer said. He dropped everything and place both of his hands on her wrapping them more tightly around her waist. Arra threw her head back and hit the young man’s head. “Oh!! Is that a yes? Sei Zer asked. Arra chuckled and removed her arms from around him. She faced him, eyes smiling and lips curling into a wicked grin. “What do you think?” She asked as she lifted his chin and covered his lips with hers. At last, they’ve been a couple for almost three years. Sei Zer declare his love for Arra every single day. Sei Zer is really sweet faithful and very attentive when it comes to their relationship. And a year later his best friend Cybz got arrived and guess what? He bring with him a cute lovely pet raccoon. 😃 -The End…- In Game Name: Sei Zer and Cybz GM Challenges: GM Spica - Include a twist in your story! + 3 TC GM Lance - Include a love rival to spice up your narrative! + 3 TC GM Amor - Include a unicorn in your story. + 3 TC GM Haru - Include a cheesy pickup line in the dialogue. + 3 TC Word Count: 1536 (According to my MS Word Office/ including the title only)
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