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    Stalker BB PVP build

    😅 so do you think the TTTh combo works well in pvp BB/double strafe dmg. I have calculated the dmg to a def 50 knight, and the difference in dmg is just more or less a 100 TTth > TgHH. Although I feel like the increase in def would help me survive. So torn now, any suggestions? Haha
  2. MustardMan

    B> tome of ymir

    Pm with your offer please. Thank you
  3. MustardMan

    FO Build Champion

    Hi, my champ is currently focused mainly on FO for pvp, main weapon is a suiken but I'm torn in between whether I should put a thanatos in or have all dmg% cards in? My only concern with thanatos is that my def gets subtracted pretty significantly. Thanks
  4. MustardMan

    Stalker BB PVP build

    No I meant should I use other weapons and what not, I was just wondering how I can maximize the dmg of my BB.
  5. MustardMan

    Stalker BB PVP build

    What is the best end-game gear for a stalker BB build and also stats? Should I use megs or bris? I am using a TTTh Sherwood. Thanks