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  1. This happened to me twice already now, 2 out of hundreds vanils I've raised that got more than 104 magic attack at lvl20 turned abysmal at lvl40+ T__T
  2. So I was checking these: Tried it if it might fix my problem which it did not, I was gonna post the link of this thread if they know how to change the depth of my resolution to 32bit then viola, I saw your reply. My problem is solved, Thank you very much!
  3. I love Knights, I can't believe they can be great starting farmers because of your guide.
  4. When I zoomed out my screen is filled with mist on some maps. I already tried a different resolutions, adjusting Texture and Sprite Quality, changing Graphic Card Devices, Disabling/Enabling Trilinear Filtering, Fog and Lightmap. mosk_dun03 Ant Hell Prontera No problem in Pront Mall and Clock Tower Or Is it because my depth resolution is just 16bit, How can i change it to 32bit? I saw someone with 32bit resolution here: ZoneSoldier doesn't seem to have any problem zooming out and his graphic seems so vivid.
  5. Wow, yan pala ang God Poring, sayang naman! Nakapatay na ko ng Rainbowring kaso hindi nag labas ng portal. Kaya pala ganyan nangyayari sa ibang SS, naka FS.
  6. There are only few (10) orc babies accompanied by an Orc Lady and Orc Warrior in that map ( you just have to kill the baby) just like finding condor where the dog is so you just have to search thoroughly and prepared to spam some fly wings. You cannot remove/cancel Eden Group quest.
  7. I I tried to kill the Spirit of Kaho by myself and failed miserably, twice (I didn't even last 5 sec). So, I asked players to join me. After 3 players volunteers, someone pm me and told me that He wants to beat it solo and he did. Thank you so much, man! I didn't even did a thing, I almost even die just watching aside! To: the 3 peeps who first volunteered (Kyu PewPew, Maruchka, RagnaONE) but I still choose to trust GreatBluePriestX to do it by himself coz He said he already finished the quest, solo. Thank you for you time, Its mean a lot! XD
  8. I still can't get me the perfect int vanil
  9. not bad, all pet missions seems so alike. to make it fair, we can only revert it once. getting rep points takes too much precious farming time. (yeah even though killing 50 savages)
  10. I could have if i wanted to, posting it in this section is the only the reason, this is like just a spam area. If this is in a relevant and serious discussion, I would certainly do.
  11. I don't mind you knowing about one of my ign but my skill arrangement and stats sucks thats why.
  12. Thanks for Red Juice Info Nein and especially For the 3 Juice Jan Babtist, I succeed on the 3rd try!
  13. http://ratemyserver.net/worldmap.php?selected_map=prt_fild09&re_mob=0
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