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  1. Chiyo

    chiyo's doodles~ (temp hiatus)

    I'll be resuming these roughly end of this month or next. Life is just tooo hectic rn, sorry for the waits. >.< Be back soon!!~ me D:
  2. finally made it to high priest. shoutout to all the zombie prisoners i heal bombed today you guys are the real mvp

  3. Chiyo

    art by SweetPrank

    I LOVE your style!! Can see this as a cut scene to an anime ⊂(^(工)^)⊃
  4. Chiyo

    chiyo's doodles~ (temp hiatus)

    hey guys, progress might be a taaaad slow cause of irl stuff and a super big commission i got oxo;;; I'll accept and draw as many as I can, thanks for being patient and commissioning me!
  5. Chiyo

    chiyo's doodles~ (temp hiatus)

    oki :> pls make sure to PM me details~~
  6. if there's anything i learned from doing art commissions on this server, it's that talonians really, really love their scarves.

    1. Kisuka*


      YESSSSSS. Time to wrap a scarf on you too. :3c

    2. Chiyo


      I should get one! I've never drawn so many scarves before!!

  7. Chiyo

    chiyo's doodles~ (temp hiatus)

    Herro, there are five people on the list so far. If you guys don't mind waiting, feel free to PM me with details on what you want. ^^
  8. Chiyo

    chiyo's doodles~ (temp hiatus)

    PM me with details on what you want or post it here!!
  9. Chiyo

    chiyo's doodles~ (temp hiatus)

    Feel free to PM me, or post your details here, I'm still accepting! =) thanks for commissioning me!
  10. Chiyo

    chiyo's doodles~ (temp hiatus)

    Just let me know what you'd like either here or PM :D!
  11. Chiyo

    chiyo's doodles~ (temp hiatus)

    Thanks guys!!!
  12. where I will dump my RO arts and stuff~ if you want a commission, feel free to post here or PM me! each character doodle is gonna be like 6 mil, nothing fancy. Examples below. I may charge more for group pics tho in general if the amount of details is high. I also accept payment via cute aesthetics or gear for priest hehe ;w; please be aware i post the final product here - if you don't want me to be sure to let me know! ALSO please do not send me money until I approve!!! ign: chiyoki current (potential) commissions in no particular order: - yuren - wolpu - deliciousgreenapple - naght - vivi - kisuka - emi - clareon - cassidy - kanom More refined version, head only, 8-10 mil depending on complexity: I might do icons too, haven't decided on pricing tho.
  13. Chiyo


    Thank you! I'll make sure to post a thread.
  14. Chiyo


    Hiyo I'm new here. I haven't played RO in a very long time but decided to try again. I mostly like drawing fanart of people's cute characters though and I'm terrible at leveling!! Nice to meet everyone!!!