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  1. Hey! I would like to know more about your services. How much do you guys charge for each seal? Is there any discount if i do them all with you guys? (Package deal =D )
  2. Of course hunters can farm. Totally disagree. Hunters/Snipers are bad to farm and get items in bulk, but for individual/rare items they are great. You can always farm in places where there's a valuable item and good xp, like stings. From lvl 85 to 99 i farmed my first char in the server (Hunter), got 4 sting cards, 3 gloves [1] and 2 elven bows. Just do the math :)
  3. Alchemist shop in Aldebaran! Botton left at the map
  4. I've had some impressive results using softwares like WTFast for another games in the past. Give it a try
  5. Angelogomo

    Map server reload

    Well, you can always call @main for help!
  6. I'm loving Blackjack and Guess the number. Kill the special poring is nice too! I see that you guys put a lot of effort on the event, and i really appreciate it. I don't know if it's just me, but the main quest (When i chose my faction) doesn't give any hints or even a quest log. It only says that i needed to kill 3 monsters in a cave and that's it. No idea what to do now with it lol
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