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  1. How can we make the drinks from the galapago event?
  2. Hey! I would like to know more about your services. How much do you guys charge for each seal? Is there any discount if i do them all with you guys? (Package deal =D )
  3. Of course hunters can farm. Totally disagree. Hunters/Snipers are bad to farm and get items in bulk, but for individual/rare items they are great. You can always farm in places where there's a valuable item and good xp, like stings. From lvl 85 to 99 i farmed my first char in the server (Hunter), got 4 sting cards, 3 gloves [1] and 2 elven bows. Just do the math :)
  4. Alchemist shop in Aldebaran! Botton left at the map
  5. I've had some impressive results using softwares like WTFast for another games in the past. Give it a try
  6. When this happens to me I just delete everything, run installation/patcher in admin mode and it's good to go!
  7. Sometimes this happens to me as well. Usually i fix it by closing the shop screen and then using the skill again!
  8. Gotta love FFT :) I think you're gonna like it, welcome!
  9. Hi! I'm interested in your service! Can you send me more information?
  10. Angelogomo

    Map server reload

    Well, you can always call @main for help!
  11. If you consider fun factor; Hell yeah! If you consider profit/h factor: Hell no
  12. Gotta hate beggars :/
  13. In my humble opinion, this server is doing great. Of course, everything in this world has its flaws. RO will always be RO. GMs can't do miracles. There are a lot of things that can't be modified, and the ones who can be, needs to be in balance. Heck, the economy on the server is pretty much stable in 10 years (From what i've read here). Looking on the bright side... We have active GMs who care about improving the server and its players; WE DON'T HAVE BOTS/CHEATS (Extra plus on this one); You can do whatever you want, the equipment and systems allows you to do so. Do you want to be social? Go ahead, there's plenty of people wandering around in towns. You want to farm? There's not only the main farming spots. SQI ingredients made possible a lot of unprofitable loot being profitable. You want to hunt MVPs? VIP bundle will help you to have a life and don't camp MVPs 24/7. You want to have top equipments? You can craft them. You can buy them almost directly through Talon coins. (As a full-time adult, i have little time to play, so why not donating and helping the server? A lot of people forget how expensive servers and handwork can be). What i see that it's lacking is players that want everything very easy and very fast. Why do you need to be trans in 2 days? Why do you need to be full equipped in one month? Each one needs to know why they are playing RO and why they chose this server (One of a few that's still strong in this faded RO world). I read the forums a lot, and specially Howrah always helps someone and then says: find you own way and style. Don't follow a rule. Just have some fun. There's no point in farming/playing like crazy. If you think it's normal to farm 4h+ regularly, then i have very different conceptions of life compared to you. Problems are made to be solved, so if the majority of players feels like something is wrong, why not talk with the staff? Anyway... There's a lot of great people playing here and great people working for us. If you don't believe me, try to play some other servers (Official or not), then you're gonna know what we have here. This text is too long already. Cheers
  14. I'm loving Blackjack and Guess the number. Kill the special poring is nice too! I see that you guys put a lot of effort on the event, and i really appreciate it. I don't know if it's just me, but the main quest (When i chose my faction) doesn't give any hints or even a quest log. It only says that i needed to kill 3 monsters in a cave and that's it. No idea what to do now with it lol
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