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  1. Thanks. I would have been clearer. I'm doing an ME priest mostly for now, but I am not bound by not 100%. I still need to do Abbey quest for instance this priest has not been my main but I am thinking of making it. My other main is Wizard. I guess Eddga would be a good buy, or do you think I should save up for a sleipnir and then possibly get some other card for it?
  2. Eddga removes 25% HP though. That's a lot for someone as squishy as me. Wouldn't just saving for Sleipnir be better?
  3. I have a priest, not yet HP, and close to level 99. I have LKH and Mistress card. I have 150 in dex thanks to various cards. But those are my two main MVP items. What else do I need? I have about 30 million budget.
  4. Given that the USD has increased hugely in value over the past few years, the de facto price of buying a TC has gone up massively for many non-US residents. Shouldn't this be adjusted for in the donation prices, at least for non-US residents? It would be fairer and possibly also increase the total amount of donations given that the increased volume would make up for a lot of revenue lost.
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