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  1. BunnyNinja83

    Good place to farm NPC sell loot with overcharge?

    Mavkas: Steal Clip + Infinite Flywing recommended. Kill a few Baba Yagas to get cake if your health gets low. OC: Witherless Rose and Crystal Mirror. Vend: Blue Herb.
  2. BunnyNinja83

    TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide

    It really is crazy. I went from spending all my zeny on Fly Wings and Grape Juice to spending it on nothing! Infinite Flywing + GEC = hunter's paradise.
  3. BunnyNinja83

    TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide

    Not a prob! Getting to Sniper hooked me, and just bought a GEC card to put in my slippers so I'm on my way to the promised land.
  4. BunnyNinja83

    TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide

    This guide is so sexy. I only got Bunny Slippers (from Easter event) and Rented Ballista so far at 85, but nice to see what I should be aiming for. Thanks Mos!
  5. BunnyNinja83

    Easter | Golden Egg Hunt

    Happy Eggs are evil, but hopefully this stuff will help my newbies wear something other than Eden gear. 1x OCA --> Kukre Card 1x Saphien's Armor of Ocean [1] 1x Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano [1] 1x Treasure Box 1x Bunny Slipper [1]
  6. BunnyNinja83

    Pre-Renewal RO best RO

    Welcome! Hope you guys enjoy this server. Been here 2 days and loving it.
  7. BunnyNinja83

    Bronze Coins

    I'm not sure, I leveled too quickly to see if they were.
  8. BunnyNinja83

    Bronze Coins

    To the right of Gramps is a bunch of mission boards in order of base level. The hunting missions give 10 bronze coins each AFAIK, and the item missions just give exp + potions. You also get 50 coins for doing the 1st job change traditionally (i.e. - swordsman go to Izlude) and 100 coins for the 2nd job change.
  9. BunnyNinja83

    Nostalgic Feels

    Wazzzaaaahhhh (yeah, I'm that old haha). Thanks man, I'll hit ya up for sure if I can't find something.
  10. BunnyNinja83

    Nostalgic Feels

    Hello, I haven't played in over a decade (iRO Chaos) but got hit hard by nostalgia when I heard the Poring sound on a commercial. I'm not sure what to expect with all these new updates, but as long as I can ride my chocopeco around it's all good.