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  1. Dear, GM Lance, Could I get a slot for 5/30 2:30am server time? Best,
  2. Hi, Can we get a slot for 5/3/2020 2:30am server time?
  3. IGN: Yiyi Song Ragnarok online theme with my pink High Priest costume combo + the pink Mavka from the reward. Also added the element from the anime Violet Evergarden. Only GM Lance challenge was done, which is to show Jawaii's respect to @GM Lances effort to host runs for us GM Challenges: 🌸GM Lance Challenge - Land of the Rising Sun ()🌸
  4. can we get 5/11 2:30 am server time?
  5. 12/20 2:30am server time please. Thank you GM Lance in advance. Really appreciate your flexibility for my group.
  6. wew bad time for me.....
  7. Yiyi

    PvM | Warfare

    High Priest (Yiyi Song), Sniper (*~ Yi~ona ~*)
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