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  1. Thank you! The sketches are quite messy but it's nothing that the pen tool can't handle, haha.
  2. Why thank you! Yes I would accept these means of payment as well. I saw your thread as well and I look forward to your doll creations!
  3. Hello fellow artists and art lovers. Nice to meet you! Info about me: ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ So I've been bouncing around from server to server since early 2000's; Low rates, high rates and official servers. After quitting IRO for a few years, I went searching for another place to call home and stumbled upon TalonRO. I was a bit skeptical at first because of the customization but I decided to download it anyways and give it a try. I must say upon entering Prontera I was first impressed with the level of friendliness. Second being the decent economy and third the fun quests. I hope as time passes I can get to know more people and make some new friends! Art Info: ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ For the time being I'll only do chibi-esque drawings. I do own a tablet but as of now I don't know where the draw pen is. *cough*my 2 yr old misplaced it*cough* Now you're probably wondering: "How the hell is she going to do art without her tablet pen?". Fear not customers for I'm pretty decent in sketching and inking with a mouse. Yes, that's right, a mouse. I use the brush tool for sketching and the pen tool to ink my drawings. With that said, if after reading this you still want to commission me, read below. Examples: Pricing: ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ ✧ 1 character: 20m (300 DPI, fully colored, detailed, simple background or no background) ✧ 2 characters (Max): 30m (300 DPI, fully colored, detailed, simple background or no background) ✧ Pets: 5m (Humanoid pets are 10m) ✧ Mounts: 10m What I need from you: ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ ✧IGN: ✧Class: ✧Eye Colour: ✧Hair Colour: ✧Headgear / Accessories: ✧Personality / Description: ✧Screenshots of your Character (all angles): ✧Optional; Art from other people ✧✧Commissions will take roughly 7+ days based on a number of factors ✧✧ Finished Art Commissions will be sent through PM and uploaded here upon Payment. IGN Chaste Kiss and Vanilla Crystal Slots: ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ ✧ ✧ Waiting List: ▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ ✧ ✧ ✧ Thanks for stopping by! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ** = Will update when on Break or Busy
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