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  1. percent modifier of bakonawa doesnt add up on the "attack modifier" tab on the extended info tab located on the upper right part of calc but still dishes out the same final dmg when i looked at the combat results tab. i was using a queen scaraba card on calc as a pseudo bakonawa before.
  2. pro box creates flowers when u walk. ._.
  3. Wow. just wow. Thanks for even thinking about it! I was losing hope on this one, tbh but now, YEY!
  4. dropannounce is also needed for tamtam maps. those ticket sprites are kinda small and easy to miss.
  5. Heya, ive recieved msgs from ppl some time earlier. They have pics of main chat convos regarding SN spirit link and were confused about it. So im just gonna clear everything up right here. Pls read the 1st post. Sure, Iduna might have screwed over SN but not that much. We recieved some good and bad stuff alright. We just gotta adapt....
  6. Nope. The thing is, as long as you arrived with an ongoing link at the place where u farm and stay there after the link wears off, the item will not get de equip.
  7. [1] Intro [2] Gears and Explanations [3] Skill Build [4] Strat [5] Gear Progressions [6] Words ================================================================================================ [1] Intro First off, this guide is long overdue and I really want to post it but dont have much time(and considering its a non-meta build, something that people don't wanna explore and give their time and money, is one of the reasons that this got delayed). But I just wanna get it out of the way before I make more other guides in the future. What I am about to share with you guys is a non-meta SN build for Mavka Farming. This build can beat the magic SN build of mine in terms of killing speed. It can be an expensive or cheap build depending on the time when you buy the gears for it. This is the Super Novice 3-Hit Bash Build Major Points: Utilizes the skill "Bash" Focuses on Motion Delay Have Freedom on Steal Skill High Flee Can be hard to play and master Not for lazy people Possible income per hour is 3m+ on regular. Can go higher once mastered. [2] Gears and Explanations Here is the build I made through experimentations. >> CALC LINK << List Version: --BASIC-- GEARS: Weapon: +4 Naght Red Blade [3x Scorp] Upper: +4 LKH Mid: STR+1 [BK] Lower: Poring Letter Armor: Novice Breastplate [Porcellio] Shield: Novice Shield [Tatacho] Garment: Novice Manteau [Magmaring] Shoes: Aegir Shoes [GEC] Acce: Novice Armlet [Mantis] 2x STATS: STR: 96 + 54 AGI: 73 + 37 DEX: 63 + 67 Possible Questions.. a) You can equip Naght Red Blade? How? -You can equip lots of stuff that are not meant for you using Super Novice Spirit Link. b) Why not Caesar's Sword then? -Because you will need to endow it with fire while Naght Red is already a fire-property weapon. -Because even though the damage will be higher, it cant lessen the amount of hits to kill a Mavka. It will still be 3-hit Bash. So, in that sense, Naght Red wins. Although Caesar's Sword will be cheaper in the long run. I chose Naght Red because I hate endowing everytime. Up to you which sword you will pick up. c) Why use Bash? -Because its the main skill of this guide, lol. On a serious note, auto-attack builds are overrated so I decided to experiment on the available skills of Super Novice. d) What is this Motion Delay that you are talking about? -First off, you will see this on the Monster Tab in the Calc. On my understanding, this is the amount of time that a skill will undergo before it can be used again and this can be reduced by your aspd. The shorter the amount of time, the better. On the bottom of the calc stated there that TRO have 0.33s minimum delay between active skills (or 3 active skills per second). I heard your connection speed will affect this so much and people also said that you need to have a suitable amount of aspd to cast fast. If you want to learn more about delays, check this out! e) Can you achieve 2 hit or even 1 hit Bash? That requires a lot of high end gears and it might not be worth all the effort to build that in the end. I tend to stick to something that is working properly for a long time and not overkilling my setup when it does not need to. f) How fast is this compared to magic SN? -Magic SN battle duration is always 2.5sec. While this one's basic set is at around 1.5sec. Thats 1 sec less, it might not be that noticable at first but trust me, it will add up over time. And compared to magic SN, this build can be further improved. Lowering the motion delay making it have even shorter battle duration. [3] Skill Build Here is the Skill Build. List Version: --Main Skills-- Lv.10 Bash Lv. ?? Steal Lv. 10 Sword Mastery Lv. 10 Improve Dodge Lv. 10 Blessing Lv. 10 Increase Agi Lv. 10 Owl's Eye Lv. 10 Attention Concentrate --Pre-reqs & Others-- Lv. 1 Vulture's Eye Lv. 5 Divine Protection Lv. 3 Heal Lv. 1 Ruwach Lv. 1 Hiding Lv. 2 Teleport Lv. 5 Enlarge Weight Limit Bash is your main skill so its better to max it out. Deals 400% damage. Level of Steal entirely depends on you. You're free to set it at any level if you lack skill points on other skills that you want but not listed here. Sword Mastery might not be worth it at first glance but you need every additional damage you can get to reach the 3-Hit Bash mark. Improve dodge is needed to further increase you FLEE and reach the 95% dodge mark. The others are then self-explanatory. [4] Strat How to play? Think of this guy as a mini version of a BB Stalker. While BB requires 2 or even 1 hit to kill, this one needs 3. But once the Ignore Def effect of Naght Red triggers, you can also experience 2-hit kill with this guy for 5 seconds. Savor it. You just get there, steal first always since no problem because you have high DEX then start using Bash 3 times. Rinse and repeat. Master it and you will find out that this is really faster than magic build. [5] Gear Progressions You saw that "Basic" under List Version of gears earlier? Coz, guess what? Yes, you can further improve this build. Like for example, replacing those Novice armlets with Celebration Rings. With celebs, you can reach 150DEX while still maintaining 150 STR and high FLEE. Not only that, this can further lower down the motion delay, making you swing Bash faster than before. Here, I calced it for you. >> CALC LINK << You can also add SQI stuff now there if you are really getting hook into this. What SQI will you add will be entirely up to you. Experiment, dont be afraid of trial and error. Here is a video of my SN that achieved the 0.33 skill per sec, the final version of this build. How did I arrived at this conclusion? You gotta find out yourself Enjoy ~ [6] Words Aaaannnd with that out of the way, expect more guides to come soon. Questions, suggestions, and opinions are gladly appreciated. Keep them coming. Next on my list are SN Geffenia Farming, In-depth SN Class Guide and prolly MVPing? Rare drop farming? I dont know too, we will find out. Stay tuned.
  8. Well its the truth. I say a good percentage of my time on mavka map have bad ppl roaming around. And ive been farming there for a loooong time until i graduated there. So what these ppl are saying on that map definitely holds true and not just baseless statements. Unless there was a change we didnt know happened there, since we are not farming there anymore. And mavka is never a passive plant. It chases players. So what phanneh said still holds true. and i can tell u also that u dont need half a billion worth of gears to farm in geffenia. U just gotta search, not just here in the forums but also outside. Sure u are not as efficient as those half a billion worth of gears farmer, but the fact the u can farm there and survive too is more than enough to build ur income and can already beat the income in mavka map.
  9. back from hiatus i guess. farming aoce again


  10. PrideFries

    SN Link Equip

    Heya, with Iduna rolling for a month or so now, i certainly miss the times where we have no issues about the SN equip links. Now, the issues are when u go to a place with an item that u equipped using link, it will get de-equip once u arrived at that place if u dont have an ongoing soul link. Be it town, field or whatever maps. The other one is when u log in and out / changing chars. The next time u logged in to ur SN, the item will get de-equip also. My suggestion is bring back the old mechanic where we dont face these issues. I see no harm in it. Fact that there are only few SN main players out there, crippling their ability to be hybrid as this class is proud of is prolly not a good idea. A few i know ady went to hiatus coz of this and even i did also. I hope you guys will understand. Thanks.
  11. I dont know why u ended up using harsh statement(s) but i hope u have a good day ahead. I can easily report u if u continue this kind of treatment to me or to others. Yeah, you read that right. Its a warning. Creed ady stated some more about ur items effects that i forgot to mention that can make some class skill not so useful in the end. So to wrap it up to u, We cant have that item because a) the GS SQI uses its sprite. Maybe after the revamp they will change it but highly unlikely. So at this point, ur item doesnt have any looks/sprite. b) ur item's effect can make the mage class tree sense skill not that useful anymore. Since any class can use sense if that gets implemented. At this point, ur item is kinda broken, im fine with it remember, but others and a GM is not. learn to support ur suggestions properly next time. Dont get heated up quickly over something just because someone disagrees with u. Have a good one.
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