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  1. PrideFries

    SN geffenia which build?

    buy a seal service. look for Khrei
  2. PrideFries

    SN geffenia which build?

    theres a build here for jupe. check it out.
  3. PrideFries

    SN geffenia which build?

    yep. scouter is luxury item. it can replace doppel on some builds.
  4. PrideFries

    Trade: my VH[Gryph] to ur VH[SK]

    as written on title. pm me here on in game IGN: [SN]Pride
  5. PrideFries

    Nifleheim is too creepy...

    good story.
  6. PrideFries

    SN geffenia which build?

    goodluck. its a long, hard road.
  7. PrideFries

    SN geffenia which build?

    3.4 sec is too long even for a mobber type. you will get killed before u know it. try getting gloom armor and gtb shield or just switch gloom to bathory when u see mini demons casting. aim for atleast 1.5 to 1.2 sec kill time. on shoes, any u have atm is fine. just focus on armor first. and u might want a pcb(def+5) on lower in the future. after atleast u get a gloom, try testing it out there. no use over theorizing and calculating if u havent get the feel about the place. EDIT: oh yeah, gloom and bapho dont stack. gloom only works for single targeting and not splashes. i remember now, thats why i hate splashes. thats why i dont use bapho. well, u can still use it to up ur dmg if there is only 1 mob to kill but meh. just get ur battle duration shorter like 2sec to 1.5sec and u will be fine.
  8. PrideFries

    SN geffenia which build?

    interesting. where else are u taking that lil guy? haha. hope to see u later on geffenia. i might go there again till i farm enuf zeny for supplies.
  9. PrideFries

    SN geffenia which build?

    uhm dood. this is a SuNo sub forum. not sinx.
  10. PrideFries

    SN geffenia which build?

    so i visited the place just yesterday coz i miss being there lol. i dont use bapho lolol. btw pazo, seal quest done? remember u cant have bonuses if u dont unlock seals. as for double attack or crit, with ur current set, i advise u to go double attack for now. why? coz ur crit sucks atm. u will not crit that much with that. double attack's basic and noticable pros (if wearing lkh) against crit is high dmg and high steal chance. for crit's pros against double attack (if wearing valk helm) is high flee, pd, aspd boost and not needing another input before killing (ex.provoking first). but they are not bestfriends so choose one only. and lastly, when ur all set, get a feel about the place. experience can answer most if not all ur questions. dont be afraid of trail and error, theres no "best" build there specially for suno who is fudging hybrid...
  11. AOCE Acquired

    Difficulty: Hard
    Strategy: Pneuma and Pray

    Solo Farm || Need Endow/Converter

    I even got her card before the arrow dropped. The map is quite big and its hard to move around at first but got used to it in a few hours. You can see that I prolly have a bad RNG 'cause of the number of handcuffs (90% drop) I have before I got what I want and I dont know how to do my ritual for rare drop here yet.

    Highly possible for a Super Novice to farm AOCE but it will be hard. Not advisable for non-hardcore SuNo players to even try doing it. Other classes can still to better.

    /lv SuNo Love +1 /lv

    Bio3 done and in the books~ /no1

    ...ok, time to target another mob.


    AOCE edit 2.jpg

    1. DeliciousGreenApple


      I think those arrows are bugged. I had one once in my inventory and I gradually lost HP and SP until I put it in storage. 

    2. PrideFries


      maybe before? i dont remember anything like that happening to me.

    3. -Faceless 💀

      -Faceless 💀

      woa !!! Congrats senpai, you really did it !!! :)


  12. PrideFries

    SN geffenia which build?

    play with calc, pazo. muehehehe theres a guide here too thats recent but works for baby sn. try tweaking that a lil bit to suit ur build.
  13. PrideFries

    Project Iduna - What is coming?!

    well, there are new peeps everyday who will ask about that. plus, update sounds huge that u cant help but think that way at some point.