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    Games of course.
    Like Ragnarok Online, Elder Scrolls games, Monster Hunter games to name some.
    Manga and Anime, too.
    One Piece mostly.

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Community Answers

  1. Conglats Pride. Finally, u got the personal prize for the forest.


    Share the ToT results to us.



  2. Entry#1: The Horror of the Wilds Every day, people get lost in the wilds. In the wilds, your screams can't be heard.
  3. Hey. Tier 3 crate pls. thanks. IGN: [SN]Pride Discord: SN-Pride#1459
  4. Suno vs Baphomet


  5. 2 years old now here /ok

    1. RagnarONE


      One of a kind TalonRO Super Novice

  6. What Inotia said on ragna race. Before, ppl even with slow connection can still win by just patiently avoiding traps and making good turns on corners. Now with horong booster, its like 90% chance whoever got it will win. Another thing on the chest swap function, make it so that if ever ur in lead (1st 2nd 3rd) it will just pick another random effect like slow or snares not swap u from the lead to the worst place at the back. Make it a good chest swap.
  7. Talonro DG Super Novice


  8. back from hiatus i guess. farming aoce again


  9. Finding one is hard enough but how about two? On the same map.
    So lucky :D 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PrideFries


      Just pure luck i guess. After i was sent back, Goldring decided to spawn near me.
      (tho i remember killing some ppl before this happened... jk xD)

    3. DeliciousGreenApple


      You probably killed them through food poisoning by Poisoned Pide 😈

    4. PrideFries
  10. 1 y/o here now
    still dirt poor
    Image result for squidward dab

    1. AG.


      I sent you your BoA SQI /lv

      Congrats on a year of still playing this game~

    2. PrideFries


      - ____ - glad i dont believe on humans anymore

    3. DeliciousGreenApple


      Lmfao humans

      Just stick with pide 

  11. hahahahhaha 1/1/1 palette + rental blank costumes
    reminds me of sunohara from clannad


  12. i wanna build a mammo type SN but im too poor to do it /ene 

  13. AOCE Acquired

    Difficulty: Hard
    Strategy: Pneuma and Pray

    Solo Farm || Need Endow/Converter

    I even got her card before the arrow dropped. The map is quite big and its hard to move around at first but got used to it in a few hours. You can see that I prolly have a bad RNG 'cause of the number of handcuffs (90% drop) I have before I got what I want and I dont know how to do my ritual for rare drop here yet.

    Highly possible for a Super Novice to farm AOCE but it will be hard. Not advisable for non-hardcore SuNo players to even try doing it. Other classes can still to better.

    /lv SuNo Love +1 /lv

    Bio3 done and in the books~ /no1

    ...ok, time to target another mob.


    AOCE edit 2.jpg

    1. DeliciousGreenApple


      I think those arrows are bugged. I had one once in my inventory and I gradually lost HP and SP until I put it in storage. 

    2. PrideFries


      maybe before? i dont remember anything like that happening to me.

    3. -snoopy


      woa !!! Congrats senpai, you really did it !!! :)


  14. Earlier at a certain farm spot, found it funny when people decides to kill you instead of killing the mobs. They lure then tele away /heh/heh/heh 

    1. DeliciousGreenApple


      They're just trying to help you level your lazy ass 🤪

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