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  1. Finding one is hard enough but how about two? On the same map.
    So lucky :D 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PrideFries


      Just pure luck i guess. After i was sent back, Goldring decided to spawn near me.
      (tho i remember killing some ppl before this happened... jk xD)

    3. DeliciousGreenApple


      You probably killed them through food poisoning by Poisoned Pide 😈

    4. PrideFries
  2. ITEMS: https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/ MONSTERS: https://panel.talonro.com/mobdb/ you can check more databases on talonro.com > control panel > databases
  3. my stalker 3ple attack setup on mavka before: weeder knife with fire endow lkh, str+1 mid [bk] poring letter dragon vest [byorgue] dragon manteau [magmaring] any shield [tatacho] any shoes [gec] i forgot about acce but its prolly brad. brooch[kukre] 2x then celebs after that
  4. Well, the thing is, you didnt really said what ur class is in the first place so our answers were for general. And what is this? Is this a solo run or with parties? Where are you in the party if so, front/back? Looks to me that ur trying to cover every possible hole on ur build, is that true? While u can do that on some MvP, on most u cant. See, these lil info here and there can already help us figure out the situation/question and offers u a more concrete and straight answer than "card descriptions". The problem is u fail to deliver that to us properly in the 1st post and then combine that with that statement u said clearly shows ur attitude towards others. We are not ur tools or google to tell u what u dont know. Even Berti's statement on TGK card is still "common knowledge" and not some secret sauce that ur saying ur looking for, yet u call it interesting. I know MWFH's Bapho Guide and even his other guides like DmG Redux but those things involve a lot of work and time and u expect the same info to just landed on ur post? I believe those infos are his contribution to the community, not something he did just because someone asked him to. But then again, i should not be surprised. Considering how u messed up on this topic that even some GMs commented on ur "words". I think you should be the one who needs to chill here and ask clearly next time what u want to know, all in a good way.
  5. ED is for anti stone/freeze and when u dont wanna drop Alice Shield. Wearing Medusa is a big mistake against MvPs with strong attacks/skills and with power up. I can understand if ur garment is all set but ur class cant wear gtb shield? What class is that? Bard/Dancer/Sniper? Uhm, those class can wear elemental armors. Why are you restricting yourself to not wear them then? Uhm, ok? What's wrong with you? LOL If ur really that rich, well experienced and all, why dont u just try it. slot every card that can be slotted on armors. go nuts about it. And if there is some "secret sauce" on every piece of card/armor that u like to know, u wont get it here. You gotta figure it out for urself. Its not something that ur zeny can just "buy". Next time, put that on top of ur post so that u can filter the ppl u wanna comment on it. But i dont think u will see even one tho. Because that is plain rude.
  6. PrideFries

    NO KS on MvP

    xD i cant remember how many times a champ kill steals my mvp. but yeah its a free-for-all. ur not the only one hunting them afterall. defend ur mvp like i always do. pnuema or SW it against bio/champ if u have those skills. if not, just kill it fast. but not all champs behave like that, if u just have a convo with them u might make new friends.
  7. Cant use Elem Armors[1] ?? oh oh.. u mean my main class? supernovice. haha. and then ppl say we are gifted with gears. ok onto the topic, when im mvping alone ill take bathory, ed, rsx. im not really putting any offensive cards on armor unless i wanna hunt Dopp, then ill put gloom on armor. so the armor card is mostly for defensive purposes like how it should really be. u dont really need marc also as by the time u get frozen the slaves/mvp hits u ady to defroze u so rsx is a better choice to make u stay where u are when SG is casted. a key point/element of use that ur prolly missing is dropping deviling card and replacing it with raydric or something else like LoD when facing mvps that spam elemental magic/attacks since no element(fire,water,wind,earth) on armor to protect u and deviling card can prolly kill u. another one that u might have forgotten is gtb shield. TGK card, i dont really see the need for it on solo or even party play but yeah im not closing the option for this one. all these cards were tested and proven useful on my solo play and party hunts with my guildies where i was mostly the tank.
  8. is this the mouse with lots of buttons on the side? i sometimes used /q1 cmd for stuffs like fwing or aspd pots and just scroll the wheel of mouse up and down. i forgot which keys are active on that (prolly f7~8) but i ended up not using it anymore xD
  9. put "Leader/Master" after the name or like the names of some strong versions of mob in renewal like "Swift" or "Solid". but the Leader/Master tag should be good enough and simple to understand that whats in front of u is not a regular mob along with the aura thingy.
  10. depends on the kind of WoE. There is Unrestricted (ppl calling it Unress) where yes, all MVP cards can be used there. Also any God items too are allowed there. And then there is Vanilla WoE. The opposite of Unress. No MVP cards, God Items and yeah no LKH too. The traditional WoE we all know.
  11. PrideFries

    wing costume!

    we got this one https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/20659/ and this one ady https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/20847/
  12. wait, can we now have stat/skill/build saver? i think i nvr saw it mentioned anywhere. it will be such a great addition in QoL.
  13. Yes! Project Iduna! (rathena) PS: i dunno what happened to the link.
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