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  1. PrideFries

    Guild Dungeon Map question

    last time i checked, theres no such npc. paying a certain guild leader have a risk factor. and i dont think anyone will just accept a stranger whos willing to pay x amount of zeny just to have access on their dungeon. you really have to be a member and prove ur worth first. loots inside are rare. talking about 50,80 or even 100m worth of single loot.
  2. PrideFries

    B>SN Equips

    bump updated still buying
  3. PrideFries

    Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    i dont even know exactly. some say in !main that its broken. i played it a few times before too. i think i didnt really "finish" it coz the groups i have most of the times are Afk ones. Edit: hey i think ur perfect for this one. judging from what i saw on holloween event, this might be easy for u but super hard on others. i hope u will solve this one.
  4. Advance Merry Xmas~
    with pet Leo-kun


  5. PrideFries

    Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    im doing this too on the side. clues the GM said is that "if only all the players played the mini games" so im guessing hints are spread everywhere on mini games. like the haunted house which requires cooperation.
  6. PrideFries

    Test Run with my super novice in Geffenia! :P

    draw!! i got necromancer card! i will put it on ATK position~ wonder how much u (or others using SN thats willing to reply) can make per hour using that? maybe we can compare our earnings? i went there for like a week now using Provoke+DA build.
  7. PrideFries

    B>SN Equips

    still buying
  8. PrideFries

    Increase visual range

    i think its the same suggestion as this one. it just gets declined.
  9. is this pedo? i hope not.


  10. PrideFries

    B>SN Equips

    yeah. up.
  11. Things are going crazy on Oregairu LN right now lolol
  12. PrideFries

    Ignore Player in Main

    such kind words and concerns. but reporting wont help as GMs will not accept silly reasons as simple as "i dont wanna see him talking on main coz i dont like him and he spouts nonsense". ppl want block feature. thats all. its up to them to deal with these what-if situations after that. let it roll first, its already "Pending" anyways. i feel like ppl who are kinda disagreeing with this dont want themselves to be "deleted" from the community.
  13. PrideFries

    Ignore Player in Main

    .........i just hope we have a block feature here. totally deleting the existence of that particular char on the char u used to block him/her. no communication whatsoever unless u unblock that person ofc.
  14. PrideFries

    Community has become very stale and lazy.

    i was talking as the (insert any negative) person on my last comment. ofc thats not the "me" u or others might know of. its the "dark" part of the community who dont wanna speak up. noticed that all the ppl that commented on this topic shared their exp and thoughts, offered ways or solutions. its all about the "plus" side and nothing more. while we dont hear the side of ppl who dont wanna be part of this. in finding ways to better ourselves, not hearing any negative will cause us to fail. its just like the OP, @Lumeya, justs wants to keep this going by commenting something to talk about again. We dont gain anything from here. It was already explained over and over that "its an inherent problem", "the names she brought up are repectable but not the actual solution", and "its up to the newbie to decide". We cant just please everyone.