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  1. PrideFries

    Client Freezing

    usually when i open another client. it happens from time to time. still good on char select screen then once on loading screen at 100% it freezes. not even task manager can close it and its eats up CPU usage. so my last resort is to always restart the laptop. any ideas on why this is happening and what solution other than restarting?
  2. PrideFries

    Character costumes and Testing mode

    so u really are just forcing this one now? Thats not a right move. 3rd jobs sprites are never implemented for a good, simple reason. try to come up with a good reason why u want them next time for GMs to reconsider, not just the plain "it looks cool" thing. testing room, i believe, with many ppl wanting it, will show up eventually but its not needed now. these suggestions are already declined. try again next time i guess.
  3. PrideFries

    Character costumes and Testing mode

    just below pront, lower right. theyre useless rn, u cant interact with them. this was supposed to be directed to GM Boreas. this area, i mean. to rework it or something. but i remember theyre doing something on eden so, that might be the testing mode? and btw, they already said that we are pre renewal, so no 3rd job sprites. its confusing for newcomers and this server live long enough without them anyways. if u want them, i think theres a tool/grf or something to change the way u look, idk if its illegal or not. better ask GMs too. also, sounds like ur not suggesting anymore and just forcing all of these to the GMs. remember, theyre still GMs. we already have eden testing area, calc and actual gameplay.
  4. PrideFries

    Character costumes and Testing mode

    i believe the reason about adding 3rd job sprites is the confusion. as for testing mode, we have eden practice balls.... or do something on this place? they have dummies.
  5. PrideFries

    Super Novice [Magic] : Mavka Farming Guide

    we still need 150dex to hit IC. try altering the calc and remove 1dex, and you wont achieve IC. we only want the dmg boost on imp cards.
  6. PrideFries

    Sleepers / Selling question...

    downgrading and selling the green lives still yields more profit. ok, lets match whats currently on pic so that u can see the picture. say u have 750pcs of GN and sell it to players for 3303 .. thats around 2.4m but if u break the GN urself to become Green Lives and sell them to NPC with overcharge(620z i think) assuming every 15 GN u break = 97 GL ... then theres ur 3m that u indicated. 15GN sell to players = 49,545z 97GL sell to NPC = 60,140z u see now that downgrading yields more zeny. but the process will be tiring in the long run. if u can farm a suitable amnt of GN in 1hr and ur a fast breaker then thats fine. but if ur better at farming than breaking then u just stock up ur GN and sell them to players. Coz the amount of time u use when breaking (if ur a slow breaker) can just be used to farm GN.
  7. PrideFries

    Sleepers / Selling question...

    (S) - Sell (B) - Buy You wanna downgrade the GN to make Green Lives. Thats the one you sell to NPCs. You can make more profit on downgrading it. But its tiring at some point. https://wiki.talonro.com/Ore_Downgrading
  8. howrah bro, u saying to him to quit this game is like admitting defeat on this guy. lets just let him be. when theres no one else around to talk to him, he will eventually stop.
  9. PrideFries

    Event | Design Your Own Treasure Poring

    Entry#1 Name of Treasure Poring: Bioring Color: White, with Flu Mask Drops: Two Handed Sword[2] #1158 Cowardice Blade[2] #13004 Buster[2] #1358 Sword Mace[1] #1517 Gakkung Bow[2] #1716 Staff[3] #1608 200 Condensed White Potion Box #20233 FoodBox Vol 1 or 2 or 3 #13811/2/3 Back Story: Bioring was once a regular poring traveling together with a group of adventurers. He always carries the group's supplies and weapons when they go adventuring. One day, they decided to venture around the fields of Lighthalzen and there, the poring met a new type of poring, metalling. Both become good friends almost instantly. Metalling showed them around the fields and inside the town. After some chatting, Metalling asks Poring for help. Saying that his poring friends are trap in a Laboratory. Knowing this, Poring asks his group to help and they all agreed to it. Metalling led them around some sewers in town. The gang entered, and saw nothing inside. Then some group of people appeared along with a squad of metallings and weird guys wearing gasmask. All of the metallings' eyes,including their new friend, glows red and attacked the group. Then an object hit the poring and he went unconscious. After a while, he woke up inside a huge tube. And there are people in front of him. Things like metals are fusing into him. Realizing this, he quickly bounce around the tube until they all fall off and the tube breaks. Grabbing his backpack and runs around looking for his friends while avoiding being captured again. He finally got out of the lab but failed to see his friends again. He went to a nearby river to drink. That was when he saw his self, all white. He coughed. The water was dirty. He gazed on the water and promised to himself that one day he will go back on that lab to save his friends. He then wore a mask and slowly bounce away. Some say he still can be seen around the fields or near the lab. Challenging other adventurers. Looking for someone strong enough either to defeat him or help him in his quest. But the result of unfinished experiment done to him slowly ate him up and now he wanders the fields mindlessly. ps: sry if it was a long back story haha! I just felt like writing. Entry#2 (or more like combo Entry 2,3,4) Name of Treasure Poring(s): Powring, Wizring, Sneakring Color: Powring - Red & wears a Helmet, Wizring - Blue & wears a Mage Hat, Sneakring - Green & wears a Dark Bandana Drops: Powring: 2 Kinds of Lv3 Swords with high NPC sell Value (ex. Broad Sword[1] #1160 & Two Handed Sword[1] #1157) Str+5 Food #12045 Vit+5 Food #12055 Old Purple Box #617 Old Card Album #616 2 pc 5 Reward Ticket #8807 Wizring: 2 Kinds of Lv3 Staves with high NPC sell Value (ex. Survivor's Rod[0] [Int and Dex] #1617/9) Int+5 Food #12050 Dex+5 Food #12065 Old Purple Box #617 Old Card Album #616 2 pc 5 Reward Ticket #8807 Sneakring: 2 Kinds of Lv3 Daggers with high NPC sell Value (ex. Cowardice Blade[1] #13003 & Damascus[1] #1222) Agi+5 Food #12060 Luk+5 Food #12070 Old Purple Box #617 Old Card Album #616 2 pc 5 Reward Ticket #8807 (About the Food Drop, it can be a +10 also, any amount or in a box[1 Box=10pcs] if possible) Back Story: The Ultimate Trio! Not the Monster Trio~ The Strength, Intelligence and Agility! The very core attributes in any game now molded into porings! After their training in the sacred lands of Porings, these high-spirited, cuddly porings venture into the world of Rune Midgards to search for adventurers who are worthy of their treasures. ps: if one of these Trio is accepted and, by slim chance, wins, I hope that the other two will be implemented as well because they are Trio Porings for a reason but dont worry as they will be roaming the lands separately xD. IGN: [SN]Pride
  10. PrideFries

    B>SN Equips

    bump yeah
  11. PrideFries

    Questions about SN in General

    @bluesclues1 wow thats really end game material. i want to farm also on jupe core but im still practicing around 1 and 2. but i have an entirely diff approach/setup haha. its good on paper(calc) but i havent tried it there yet. tnx for sharing, this is a huge help for me.
  12. PrideFries

    B>SN Equips

  13. PrideFries

    The Old Party Leveling NPCs

    yeah sry. poorly chose the word there. ah i get that. peelings, frills, skins and such. since u can farm these items better on a geared char. u can just hoard lots of it then feed them all to ur other char that needs lvling thus, killing partying also. while i dont find any prob on hoarding these coz it still takes time (farming) or zeny (buying) to have enough. it wont really make ur char lvl to 99. iirc, antelope horns from goats TI npc will stop accepting them when ur at lv85. idk if theres another TI npc after that. its usually hardcore partying that is next. so if thats the prob, either make the exp given by TI items on those NPC by half or boost the Killcount party share exp instead. making partying alive at early and mid gaming.
  14. PrideFries

    The Old Party Leveling NPCs

    @howrah - yeah, the npcs i mentioned are still there too. im right about exp given being too low then. as for the killcount, idk if its working. have a vague memory about it. prolly coz that guy who suggested ghp showed up. i might tried the kill count later and give feedback here. - i dont think GMs can give up easily the Eden Quest now just to revive this. but i do hope they do something about it. make those maps lively again. - yeah i gave up the idea of helping newbies sometime ago. coz its really hard. and regarding that helping guild, not every newbie will take it seriously for sure. since they want to explore first. i usually go to early lvling spots like spores and wolf and kindly ask if that newbie wants help in general.
  15. PrideFries

    The Old Party Leveling NPCs

    i still remember these NPCs as a big part of leveling. They promote partying at early to mid stages before ppl go to odin/abbey/thor to max their characters. But right now, i think no one bothered to quest again with these NPCs since we have Eden Quest. Eden quests can be soloed at early to mid stages also but provides more help in terms of gears, points and such so maybe thats the reason these NPCs are left out. Im talking about TI NPCs + Kill Count NPCs that can be found on early stages like on Peco field, mid stages like Alligators and Pungus and probably late stage at Goats. So I was wondering around Goats with my other char. For shts and giggles and prolly nostalgia, I farmed horns then gave them to this NPC but I recieved so little exp in return. Are they nerfed also? I remembered that if you are still within the level range requirement, a few horns gives atleast decent amount of exp that they are worth farming for, otherwise, you cant give them to the NPC. If they are nerfed, then thats prolly another reason no one's trying them. Those were the days where you see a mob train of pecos and little merchants and swordies killing them. Days where a bored Sniper decided to help people on Alligators for kill counting purposes just because he wants the card. A HW SG-ing everything on pungus while other PT members lure. A place where rogue/sin are needed. Luring tons of Goats using Throw Stone but accidentally also lured a Harpy. Any ways to give them a strong comeback? Or they are just there for the sake of being there..that someone might stumble upon them? Eden Quest is the way? I mean, all I can see in !recruit is about Gramps or other high level required Eden Quests. So no party for low level? Tried to help newbies before, showing them around. Showed them these NPCs. They liked them. Then a "pro" arrived. Saying "just go create a mage and leech your other char on ghp" and everyone left. Early to mid partying died.