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  1. back from hiatus i guess. farming aoce again


  2. PrideFries

    SN Link Equip

    Heya, with Iduna rolling for a month or so now, i certainly miss the times where we have no issues about the SN equip links. Now, the issues are when u go to a place with an item that u equipped using link, it will get de-equip once u arrived at that place if u dont have an ongoing soul link. Be it town, field or whatever maps. The other one is when u log in and out / changing chars. The next time u logged in to ur SN, the item will get de-equip also. My suggestion is bring back the old mechanic where we dont face these issues. I see no harm in it. Fact that there are only few SN main players out there, crippling their ability to be hybrid as this class is proud of is prolly not a good idea. A few i know ady went to hiatus coz of this and even i did also. I hope you guys will understand. Thanks.
  3. I dont know why u ended up using harsh statement(s) but i hope u have a good day ahead. I can easily report u if u continue this kind of treatment to me or to others. Yeah, you read that right. Its a warning. Creed ady stated some more about ur items effects that i forgot to mention that can make some class skill not so useful in the end. So to wrap it up to u, We cant have that item because a) the GS SQI uses its sprite. Maybe after the revamp they will change it but highly unlikely. So at this point, ur item doesnt have any looks/sprite. b) ur item's effect can make the mage class tree sense skill not that useful anymore. Since any class can use sense if that gets implemented. At this point, ur item is kinda broken, im fine with it remember, but others and a GM is not. learn to support ur suggestions properly next time. Dont get heated up quickly over something just because someone disagrees with u. Have a good one.
  4. Probably not in TRO, right? If not in TRO, then my argument is valid. iirc thats how they do things here. there are only few slotted mids that are untouched (sunglasses[0] and [1] iirc) and most are non-slotted. and if u want it to be slotted, the chances are it will lose its effect and gain the +1 str/agi/int bonus instead. No. Kaho is a different case imo. Ppl know about it. What u are introducing is an item that have the same sprite as the GS SQI. Ppl know that the GS SQI has that sprite and that SQI is not like kaho that can change looks, that SQI cant change its looks. that SQI look "claimed" ur item's looks and if that item gets implemented having the same looks, even tho not the same name, it will still cause confusion to the public. Riposte? We are just discussing. Remember, im only against ur item's sprite. Nothing else. Im fine about its effects and such.
  5. I already said slot and unslot items are a bad example. Please dont make me repeat myself. Im talking about sprites. An SQI sprite. A TRO custom item that weighs heavier (dont get me wrong here) vs the common item. If ever this mid gets implemented, why there shouldnt be a sprite change? State a good reason. And if ever this gets implemented, the unslot version is the only thing that will have monster property skill and the slotted one will just fall on the pile of +1 str/agi/int mids and lose its effect. But then again, they wont accept and implement such things just because someone suggest them without anything to support their suggestion (nothing but "lol" only) on why this item should be on the server. Specially if the said item will make things more complicated and gets questioned.
  6. But im talking about sprite. I never said anything about the name. not until the last rep. Kindly read back. Edit:: Look, im fine about the item and its effects, but i honestly think we cant have both identical looking items. Slot and unslot doesnt really fit here and is a bad example tbh. Im also fine if one of them just change sprites to avoid confusion.
  7. What do u mean "if its the same here"? I nvr made my scouter, just bought it. Sqi can be vended/traded and not account bound.
  8. This one is trickier tho since we got sqi and normal item. Its all about the sprite. And sqi takes priority on that. Just look at the other sqi sprites vs the original owner of those sprites.
  9. Yeah but we cant have identical looking items. It will cause confusion. Imagine trades.
  10. That is gunslinger sqi actually.
  11. iirc acd is 2.51 since we got magical booster combo. Ok let me check it for u later to see if it become worst or not. I heard ppl also talking about the global cooldown of skills, i dunno if it will affect or not so its really worth a checking.
  12. Im still lazy to test the build again after iduna but i havent heard any thing bad from the ppl i know that uses this build so it should still work normally.
  13. basic ones. agi bless improve con steal are pretty much the cores.
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