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  1. I would like to address the lack of good physical AoE skill for Super Novice. While Magnum Break is doing alright, it is only limited to mobs that is weak to fire. Baphomet Card generally fills this empty space, but having one is usually just for auto-attacking. And with that card, it means your attacks are generally weaker because splashes wont benefit from %dmg modifier cards/items. After some research on all physical AoE skills that a Super Novice can possibly use in the future, 3 skills came into mind. But I chose the least "OP/broken" skill when used by this class. I like the class to have the Cart Revolution skill from the Merchant Platinum Skill. Reasons: Rarely used skill by the owners themselves (aside from probably leveling) SuNo got Cart, so aside from vending, our cart have now other use. Its good enough AoE considering all the active/passive buffs a SuNo can have Other skills that I thought of were Bowling Bash and Raid but decided to go with this. Reasons being that BB is soooo meta skill right now that a third user of it will probably be not good and while raid is also rarely used, the condition to use it can be quite tedious especially when you are mobbing and bit more than you can chew. How to get/apply this skill for Super Novice? Either thru: SQI Bonus A new card (exclusive for SN only) Thanks for your time.
  2. Backstab being useless? Lmao I used to run with that kind of build with no preserve on the previous bg last yr and i love it when i one/two shot squishy characters. I picked my targets. Fought the ones i can kill and flee from the rest. I bet its still viable up to now. Cant really test it again as i sold all my vanilla stalk gears but i think i was using a black wing before. The thing is, from what i see, u want ur char to be on another level above others. Someone ady said thats just how countering works and common sense to shut down one character. If u still dont get that, then we got nothing more to say. Like i said before, dont be a one trick pony. Specially on a stalker which has many skills to choose from.
  3. Nothing that im aware of. I dont play stalker that much in pvp and most stalkers ive played with just talked about getting their preserved skill removed/changed after the match but thats about it. Most of them are either BB or FSK. Few go for SG or ninja skills. So maybe its about magic? Come to think of it, i only saw few magic stalks. Few matches and they are out. Since they are pretty much useless when their plag skills are overwritten. Perma preserve sounds op in a way and u just rendered one class' skill useless against u permanently, and thats pretty much unbalanced in any angle. I know the game itself is not that balanced but adding what u wish will just make it more unbalanced.
  4. in ur 1st sentence, u talking about getting warped in the battle from the safe room? iirc u got invulnerability the moment u go out so just stand still if there are enemies then just preserve at right time? i mean, its common thing to anyone to shut down one character so that they can focus on others and its the risk u take to use copied skills in battle, not that im against it, im just saying. and matches are always like that, its not anyones fault that they ended up with such a team. there are ways to still play the game when u got dispelled are ur plag skill is removed/changed. like get a switch sword to cast spells, use any spell that overwritten ur plag skill. theres backstab, double strafe. i know they require other stat distribution but what im saying is dont be one trick pony so that u dont get pissed when u lose the only thing ur capable of doing.
  5. Lutie pancake (str food) just RO food item mostly known as "pide" by some i mean, some call me pide haha anyways thats my entry
  6. You dont lose it when steel body triggers. Tried and tested already. After steel body wears off and u finally die, ofc u will lose it. Whereas before, when SB triggers u automatically lose it. This saves u now from constant relinking because when it triggers, u just relog then continue farming like nothing happened.
  7. If this is about scouter or any linked weap, then yeah it sucks. But i bet u read about how to link properly here now anyways. I wont exchange it, if ever that is an option, to not losing bonus stats. There are many places now where this matters more than just linking.
  8. PrideFries

    BG Coin Cap

    I would like to suggest to make it cap on each coin only and not the total of two (valor and glory). This will keep the BG alive because even tho you capped at one coin, theres still another thats worth ur time to play. Consider also the win-lose rate of ppl playing. One coin will surely pile up fast, making u reach the cap fast also if its the grand total of two coins. I dont know how to word it properly atm but i hope you did get what im trying to say. thanks : D
  9. Hello. This will be my first time discussing builds revolving around the SQI of Super Novice. But even if it is, the builds here exists already years ago or atleast have similarities and are the go-to builds of normal SN players with BoA. So really, Im just documenting them here so that they are easy to find. This will be walls of text so bear with me. This guide utilizes Baphomet + Sniper Card for vamping, hence the name. This guide assumes That you are willing to spend much to achieve its goals. That you at least know the SN class, its secrets and how to play it. That you know how to play physical mobbing classes like LK, Stalk, WS. Im gonna share the traditional Geffenia Farming Build. It has 2 branches, suprisingly enough. One that uses Double Attack and one that uses Critical. Here is the Double Attack Build: ver1:>>Here<< ver2:>>Here<< As you can see, this one wields a BoA[DBSn] and its the traditional carding of most BoA. Most people pick this carding set for their BoA. The Double Attack Build needs Provoke/Signum/or can be both to pierce the DEF of Succubus/Incubus. The 100Vit version is for people who don't want certain negative statuses affect them and it is generally weaker in dps compared to ver1. Few people use these builds for Geffenia. Here is the Critical Build: ver1:>>Here<< ver2:>>Here<< ver3:>>Here<< ver4:>>Here<< ver5:>>Here<< Critical build uses one of the SN secrets: Critical Explosion (+50 crit). Many SN players use one of these builds for Geffenia or atleast not far from these setups, specially ver5 build. Critical build is much straightforward compared to DA build because you dont need to push another button (Provoke/Signum) before killing. Only Steal button then kill. Main point of Critical build is to atleast reach the crit requirement needed to always have crit attacks against mobs. Most settle on 100 base crit, and few go for 118 base crit which is always crit attacks against succu/incu. But ofcourse, Critical build is for rich people only. And no, you dont want Gloom card on armor because %dmg modifiers wont work on splashes of baphomet card. ********************* Enough about Geffenia, I will share another build but its for general purpose. This one utilizes BoA[BSnSn]. Yes, because we all know that 1 Sniper Card is not really enough for vamping. And when vamping, we dont want to limit ourselves on few mobs only. This is more of a defense-oriented build, meaning: it have high resistance, great life steal but average dps. >>HERE<< I am more familiar with this build and it is tried and tested on many maps a vampsmith or LK can go. Juperos, Magma, Byalan6, Krakatoa (Leak map), Thanatos flr4, Odin2, Abyss Lake, Niff, and basically any mobby maps or even low tier MvPing. I just default GEC here because a good mobber does not really need Eddga/Endure all the time. Eddga card, specifically, just makes one lazy. SN got endure skill to use, and its only needed when kiting mobs, not when killing them. Have 100 base crit, good for general mobs. I dont personally use god acce on this one because from what I experienced, it doesnt really change anything that much on the build. Doesnt boost your dmg high enough, and just generally boost ur defense rate a little bit. So, these are the builds for BoA with Bapho + Sniper cards. From what I read on other guides, DBSn/BSnSn are the meta cards for BoA. My own thoughts on this... Vamp Suno has its merits. It can go toe-to-toe against vampsmiths on magma once upon a time. Pre-iduna, it can go anywhere without slaves at all but now you need a linker before staying on ur farm spot. Builds revolving it are easily beaten by the real vampire which is the WS and compared to WS, Vamp Suno needs so much zeny to set it up properly. But then just dishes out average dps in the end. IT IS still viable, and nothing changed much on how to use it on different farm spots. It is still fun to use, just dont expect to deal huge dps because you dont have %dmg modifier cards like TG. Aight, done. Those were just few ways to card your BoA. Thats how its done years ago, hence meta. This is probably like part 1 of my BoA guide and I hope I did cover everything here for Vamp Suno. I'll share more in the future that doesnt revolve around vamping. I hope SQI Revamp will be good for the Super Novice class so we can try more different builds.
  10. Gonna update this one later. UPDATED THE GUIDE
  11. Hi sir. I tried searching on that thread but didnt find it. If anyone or you sir can give the link, ill appreciate it thanks. Yes, these are just random talks of peeps wishing for new stuff on their sqi. You said to keep em coming and its a good read anyways. Thanks.
  12. I might write something for BoA later. EDIT: Possible changes that I want to see: changes the un-used/not popular bonuses with these if possible only (even if only one gets implemented, im ok with that): a) allows use of weap perf. (any lvl) - removes the autospell bonus b) allows use of impositio manus (max lvl) - removes the 50 matk bonus c) allows use of KE (max lvl) - removes the 1000sp bonus possible combinations now if these are implemented: atk build bonuses - aura blade, weap perf, 100atk, impositio manus def build bonuses - 30%HP, 20% Resist, KE, any 4th bonuses this is the current combination of bonuses for those who dont know: aura blade, aspersio, 100atk, and (30%HP or 20% Resist) im not putting per refine bonus as that is hard to calculate and i dont see it really being encouraged. only overupped weap i see is artemis and sometimes sherwood. d) this is also another long shot but i want it to be: shadow element or make a shadow endow bonus because i just feel it suits it. the description and some ingredients are not all "holy" enough to default holy element the weapon itself. thats it, tnx.
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