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  1. PrideFries

    B>SN Equips

    Im buying the following items. +7/8/9 Novice Breastplate [1] +7/8/9 Angelic Protection [1] +7/8/9 Novice Shield [1] +7/8/9 Novice Manteau [1] Msg me here, tnx.
  2. PrideFries

    Mavka Stalkers

    well, 2m is achievable but i cant get that 4m using my BB stalker. guess in order to have this is when theres no ppl on the map except u and some lucky roses i guess. 3m+ is kinda regular on my SN tho.
  3. PrideFries

    BG Accessory for Novice/Super Novice

    nah, not yet. i pm-ed a GM about stuff like that in BG.. there are also other items like rods that we can equip in calc but cant really in-game. so i think that also applies on the acce. lets wait for further update.
  4. PrideFries

    BG Accessory for Novice/Super Novice

    just noticed on calc that we can equip Glorious Ring now....
  5. PrideFries

    Where to from here?

    You just need to know what is ur "main" character. Thats the safest answer we can give u. Even if u have all the items since u can share it to other chars, geared another character up, but if ur not happy playing it, u wont get anywhere. Seems like thats just ur problem now, not farming. Get to know which one u like playing the most and having fun with it. Then PvM, MVP and such will just be easy for ya.
  6. over staying in one place is one of the keys in lvling quickly no matter what character you make. then go to the next target when ur atleast 10lvls high than the lvl required or monster lvl of that place. thats how i do things, who knows, it might work for u. about ur job lvl, ur prolly killing mobs that gives lower job lvls or quests that u completed that gives big base lvls. i noticed this not just here, but on every server i know of. after having enuf base lvl, i just grind for job lvls after. i usually go for mobs that gives more job lvls then. mobs that give equal base and job lvls are quite rare enough. also, dont go for the mobs that gives big exp but are hard to kill for ur class. it might be easy for a mage but hard for u. look on ur skillset, like, do u have aoe? a dmg skill, ur weapon? need element? the hit and flee of the mob? ur hit and flee? i always go for easier mobs that gives low to decent exp but are plenty enough in one place and easy to kill.
  7. PrideFries

    Summer 2018 Tam Tam's Tiki Bar Prize List

    Day 12: Lv5 Assumptio Scroll (4 pcs) Account Bound
  8. PrideFries

    Accessoires for SN

    Anyways, if u want more help, info or anything, just pm me in-game. [SN]Pride
  9. PrideFries

    Eden Practice Balls

    hi is it possible to add "Race" Balls in Eden?
  10. PrideFries

    Accessoires for SN

    the only thing cheap for us is the armlet. celebs are nice and universal in use but theyre pricey for u right now
  11. PrideFries

    TalonRO Rants

    when you help someone in-game by pointing out which way to go, by lvling, giving out some tips or just completely give a brief walkthrough of the game, then they just leave u without a word. not even a thank you. its not like im asking for it but cmon man! i just save ur life and u left me hanging after u gain some info. i arrived at the conclusion to not help anymore but sometimes... i still help and when that scene happens again.... i sighed and.. me: this is why i hate helping others.
  12. PrideFries

    Mavka Stalkers

    ahh i see ok then~
  13. PrideFries

    Mavka Stalkers

    yeah, really noticed the popu of stalkers these past few days. i hate that they take away ur mavka when its clearly attacking u. and sometimes even tho u dmg it, if they saw it and warning triggered, they will just continue attacking it till the KS warning breaks and they take it from u. btw: tested my stalker earlier, seems like the zenny/hr is still the same. i thought something was up, but i guess not. 25m on vampsmith? how long did ya stay there?
  14. PrideFries

    Mavka Stalkers

    @Wiki Hater tnx i thought no one will reply. i agree on that 2-3m/hr + RNG guess ill test it myself. its been ages since i last played using my stalker.
  15. PrideFries

    Mavka Stalkers

    seems like there are more stalkers nowadays at mavka... but i thought they prefer geffenia? tried asking some and their aswers were: -change of environment/pace -crowded at geff whenever they try there. -more zenny here.... i was kinda shock on that guy. so is it true now? i read/heard that mavka has been nerfed so that reply really was shocking and quite interesting. just wanna ask (if its just ok) what is the possible zenny/hr rate of the following stalker builds in mavka? 2-Hit BB build 1-Hit BB build DA+TA build tnx for answering~