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    Trade: my VH[Gryph] to ur VH[SK]

    as written on title. pm me here on in game IGN: [SN]Pride
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    Nifleheim is too creepy...

    good story.
  3. PrideFries

    SN geffenia which build?

    goodluck. its a long, hard road.
  4. PrideFries

    SN geffenia which build?

    3.4 sec is too long even for a mobber type. you will get killed before u know it. try getting gloom armor and gtb shield or just switch gloom to bathory when u see mini demons casting. aim for atleast 1.5 to 1.2 sec kill time. on shoes, any u have atm is fine. just focus on armor first. and u might want a pcb(def+5) on lower in the future. after atleast u get a gloom, try testing it out there. no use over theorizing and calculating if u havent get the feel about the place. EDIT: oh yeah, gloom and bapho dont stack. gloom only works for single targeting and not splashes. i remember now, thats why i hate splashes. thats why i dont use bapho. well, u can still use it to up ur dmg if there is only 1 mob to kill but meh. just get ur battle duration shorter like 2sec to 1.5sec and u will be fine.
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    SN geffenia which build?

    interesting. where else are u taking that lil guy? haha. hope to see u later on geffenia. i might go there again till i farm enuf zeny for supplies.
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    SN geffenia which build?

    uhm dood. this is a SuNo sub forum. not sinx.
  7. PrideFries

    SN geffenia which build?

    so i visited the place just yesterday coz i miss being there lol. i dont use bapho lolol. btw pazo, seal quest done? remember u cant have bonuses if u dont unlock seals. as for double attack or crit, with ur current set, i advise u to go double attack for now. why? coz ur crit sucks atm. u will not crit that much with that. double attack's basic and noticable pros (if wearing lkh) against crit is high dmg and high steal chance. for crit's pros against double attack (if wearing valk helm) is high flee, pd, aspd boost and not needing another input before killing (ex.provoking first). but they are not bestfriends so choose one only. and lastly, when ur all set, get a feel about the place. experience can answer most if not all ur questions. dont be afraid of trail and error, theres no "best" build there specially for suno who is fudging hybrid...
  8. AOCE Acquired

    Difficulty: Hard
    Strategy: Pneuma and Pray

    Solo Farm || Need Endow/Converter

    I even got her card before the arrow dropped. The map is quite big and its hard to move around at first but got used to it in a few hours. You can see that I prolly have a bad RNG 'cause of the number of handcuffs (90% drop) I have before I got what I want and I dont know how to do my ritual for rare drop here yet.

    Highly possible for a Super Novice to farm AOCE but it will be hard. Not advisable for non-hardcore SuNo players to even try doing it. Other classes can still to better.

    /lv SuNo Love +1 /lv

    Bio3 done and in the books~ /no1

    ...ok, time to target another mob.


    AOCE edit 2.jpg

    1. DeliciousGreenApple


      I think those arrows are bugged. I had one once in my inventory and I gradually lost HP and SP until I put it in storage. 

    2. PrideFries


      maybe before? i dont remember anything like that happening to me.

    3. -Faceless 💀

      -Faceless 💀

      woa !!! Congrats senpai, you really did it !!! :)


  9. PrideFries

    SN geffenia which build?

    play with calc, pazo. muehehehe theres a guide here too thats recent but works for baby sn. try tweaking that a lil bit to suit ur build.
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    Project Iduna - What is coming?!

    well, there are new peeps everyday who will ask about that. plus, update sounds huge that u cant help but think that way at some point.
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    S> Stuffs >.< SOLD

    bump. updated.. i think ill add celeb later there... lol i need zeny real quick.
  12. PrideFries

    S> Stuffs >.< SOLD

    Misc: Blue herbs in BULK pm me Equips: Dragon Vest [Bathory] Dragon Manteau [Deviling] just pm me here or in game IGN: [SN]Pride
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    Teasers should be illegal.

    thats a cash shop window.
  14. PrideFries

    1st & 2nd Job SKILL UPDATE from KRO

    the vid was already posted on the other thread. we have our own patch update coming up. but the GMs are still not giving us any thing that is considered a spoiler.
  15. PrideFries

    Super Novice [Magic] : Mavka Farming Guide

    whoa, ppl are getting interested on this?! lol. i already posted a vid about this melee thing on other thread so feel free to have a look at it. as for the guide, uhm yeah.. check the vid first.
  16. This is a guide for Super Novices on how to farm Mavkas at Moscovia Dungeon 3 effectively. For veterans, there's nothing new here as this guide targets players who are either new to Super Novice class or just wants a change of pace, wants to farm there using SN and can still feel that they can compete with other farmers there just fine. A bit of a warning as this guide needs some core items which are pricey like LKH and +10Hypno[N.N] - Magical Booster Combo to be effective. This is just a guide with a little bit of explaining so let's get right into it. Ah, before I forgot, here's a link guide on how to get to Moscovia Dungeon for others who don't know. https://wiki.talonro.com/Moscovia_Dungeon_Entrance_Quest Flee-Bolter Build This build focuses on dodging most of the attacks of mobs while still achieving IC [150dex]. Your main target should just be Mavka and nothing else. From what I see, Magic SN farmers there still kills Baba Yaga and Uzhas for cakes and mastela fruits. While its just fine, but in my experience, focusing on Mavka still yields more income. You can just spend your time finding another Mavka than killing those with Thunderstorm. Maybe it will be more profitable for you or your more comfortable doing it but I suggest to focus on Mavka alone. (This is just one of the many builds you can make. So please veterans, if you have another better build, go create a guide about it. We will be happy to learn and see new guides.) Pros: - No Buff slaves/Endows [No multi clienting] You can casually farm with this character. - Have a Cart Stays longer on the map than most farmers there. You can put your loots on the cart when you're overweight. - Kills faster than average rogues and some stalkers. True enough. Main strat is Steal-KIll-Pick up Loots-Tele - Can dodge most of the attacks compared to Vit-Bolter counterpart Lesser need for Heal means lesser SP consumption. Cons: - Low HP/SP if you are not level 99/99 yet You can farm here even if you're not maxed lvl yet but you will find that hard to do so. - Can die easily if get mobbed. 5-6k HP when lv99/99 can easily get to 0 when mobbed. The only escape mechanism you have is Teleport but sometimes that fail to save you. Bring some flywings. -Not budget-friendly for total newbies on the server. Yup. Farming all the core items for the "first time" like LKH and GEC sandals can be a pain. Expected Zenny/hr: 2.5m - 3m If you're not familiar with this build/character yet, you're zenny/hr might be a little bit lower than the zenny/hr I indicated. https://calc.talonro.com/?caubLbLaba1abbsbLabajaahNkhGhGaaaaipaa4aaaaaahkaaxeaaeueQaairbofkgZfAh7fAh7aaaaaoaakfakbkaaabaabkkaaaaaaaZkaaah3aabaaaaaaafaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaa List Version: Weapon: +10 Hypno Staff [Necro, Necro] Upper: LKH Mid: Magical Booster Lower: [None/Rainbow Scarf] Armor: Novice Breastplate [Clean/Swordfish/Agav] Shield: Novice Shield [Thara Frog] Garment: Novice Manteau [Whisper] Shoes: Sandals [GEC] Acce: Novice Armlet [Imp] x2 BASE STATS: 99 INT - 80 DEX - 53 AGI Additional: +5 INT Food LKH +10Hypno[N.N] Magical Booster 2x Novice Armlet[Imp] are the Core Items. GEC Sandals/Novice Shoes is for SP. If you can't buy this yet, some Grape/Grape Juice is a better alternative. Tweaking the build is fine. Now that you have an idea, go ahead and experiment. Now that the build is shown, you probably noticed the +5 Int Food. It's an essential item for you to effectively farm there. With this, you can 1HKO a Mavka with Firebolt. That's also another thing I noticed on those Magic SN farmers, they have a chance to NOT 1HKO a Mavka. While it's fine if you're just simply farming (not minding the zenny/hr), but for dedicated farmers - you will find that a Mavka still standing after you cast a Firebolt is quite annoying. You wait for the delay, then cast another Firebolt again while there are other mobs around who can kill you. It doesn't matter what level of Firebolt the next cast is, the fact that you cast again is a waste of time and lowers you zenny/hr. How to know if you can 1HKO a Mavka every time? You can look at the Minimum, Average and Maximum number of Hits indicated on calculator. You need to see 1 Hit on those three categories to 100% 1HKO a Mavka every time. Most suggest Leak Card on garment slot for +5 INT. But that's an MVP card and it costs so much, right? And it's not worth it to invest for this build (and to newbies, it's hard to farm zenny for it. That +10Hypno[N.N], Magical Booster, GEC, Imp Cards and LKH was too much already and was sure pricey on early game). Plus, we need that garment slot for other card(s). [1] INT FOOD Now how to get the +5 INT Food? Mastela Fruit Wine can be obtained thru Cooking, from players (20k ~ 50k) or chance-based drop with the help of this item, Wine Cup. https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/5576/ Wine Cup can be obtained from Reward Guru for 5 TC or buy it from players. For others, if you have a character who's good at mobbing, make them equip this item to have a chance to obtain Mastela Fruit Wine. For newbie Super Novice, you can mob also. One good place is Anolian Map on Comodo field. Mob and use Thunderstorm a few times. You can hunt Brooch[1] at the same time. That's 8m ~ 8.5m in the market. Or a safer and still crowded place, Orc Dungeon. Or if you don't have the zenny to buy the Wine Cup yet, you can just buy the Int Food from players for now, its really cheap. OR [2] AGAV CARD There's another Route you can take if you don't plan to use INT Food. Thanks to @-Snoopy for exploring and telling me this. It's using Agav Card on Novice Breastplate[1]. It seems that using this, you can still 1HKO a Mavka just fine. Here is the setup: https://calc.talonro.com/?_w43CjMOBCkBAFEXCv0nClMK1FQspO8OZwp3CpxnCj8K3IBLCn29mw7zChFPCt8OOw6LDnjtxSSstQsKGw4jCmWwFw61Ma8KtCSw7FCTDlMOgcXAPwq7Dl345ZMOzNsKPwr7DkjImVcK2EMKPSWjChifDhMOswpsyRsORPGrDg394AQ Now, if you look at the required amount of Hits, you will see that it sometimes need 2Hits to kill. But apparently, that's a Calc error and it's really 1Hit only in-game. An error I didn't gave much importance. The reason I didn't tried Agav Card in-game. Both routes are easy, and cheap to get. It's up to you which one you wanna try or which one is currently available for you when you look for them in market. The process and zeny/hr rate will be the same, regardless. On garment, you can then just put a Whisper Card[Flee+20] (or any Flee Card on Garment which gives +10Flee that you can get on market and is cheap) for flee to 95% dodge Mavka attacks. Reaching 95% Dodge means that you almost and always dodge all normal attacks of the mob. Having high flee at this point also guarantees your dodge rate on lesser mobs in that map. You can check the calc on that and look at the Required Flee on the Monster's Tab. When you reach the required flee, you achieved the 95% Dodge I am talking about. Example is for Mavka, you need 227 Flee to dodge its attack every time. Reaching that or going much higher gives you the 95% Dodge mark. Now on shield, since there's probably 1 or 2 Mavka at a time and more Baba Yagas and Uzhas, a Thara Frog [30% Demi-Human Dmg Reduc] shield will be most useful. Because those mobs [Demi-Humans], when plenty enough and making your flee decay, are the first ones to hit you than Mavka [Plant Race]. I left the Armor without a card so you can put whatever you want there. Lower too, tho you might want a Wine Cup there also. Here's the Skill Build. -Note: This build only uses Firebolt. This doesn't use Thunderstorm (TS). Skill Build -Note: Skills on bold are core skills and the Lv. indicated are needed to make the build work. Lv.10 Increase Agi Lv.10 Blessing Lv.10 Owl's Eye Lv.10 Attention Concentrate Lv.1 Vulture's Eye (pre-req) Lv.10 Increase Dodge Lv.10 Firebolt Lv.8 Steal Lv.1 Hiding Lv.5 Divine Protection (pre-req) Lv.1 Ruwach Lv.2 Teleport Lv.2 Warp Portal Lv.3 Heal Lv.5 Enlarge Weight Limit Lv.10 Push Cart -Explanation- Lv.3 Heal is enough since you'll be dodging most of the attacks. Lv.1 Hide is necessary to dodge those waterballs. Or if you don't want to, you can just put a Swordfish Card on Armor to make it Water Property. But I just don't wanna spend anymore so I chose Hide instead. Lv.8 Steal is fine since you have high Dex already. You can tweak this part if you want to. Lv.10 Increase Dodge is a must in this build. Lv. 10 Firebolt is your main and only offensive skill. Then the others are self-explanatory. Tweaking the skill build is fine but I advise not to change anything on the "core skills". If you do so, it might lead to entirely different build. Main Strategy As I mentioned on the Pros section, you have to Steal>Kill>Pick up loots>Tele. Walking is fine but don't walk for so long, you have Teleport/Fwing, use it effectively. FUN FACT: For those who have extra zenny, you can bring a GTB Guard/Novice Shield here. With this, you can kill the boss, Gopinich. GTB helps you "dodge" Quagmires and other magic stuff that the boss throws on you. Tweaking the Skill Build and adding a few points of Endure will surely help on winning the fight. Use Hit-and-Run method. I did this a few times when no one wants to hunt down the boss. It drops Treasure Box [100% chance] (NPC sell: 150k No OC yet), Ring[1] [2%] and +10 INT food by chance [30%]. Here's a screenshot of a dead Gopinich. Other Notes: You need the +10 all stats [No death bonus] for this build. For others who don't know, it's one of the "secrets" of Super Novices. If by chance you lose it by dying somewhere, you need a Soul Linker to cast the "Super Novice Spirit" link on you multiple times till a Guardian Angel appears on top of your head for a moment. Check your stats and the +10 should be back there. Opinions and suggestions are gladly appreciated. Let's make this a good farmer. And questions? Go ahead and I will try to answer them with the best of my knowledge. More builds to come...
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    Super Novice [Magic] : Mavka Farming Guide

    well, devi is like a staple card choice for most. and elemental weakness coming from it can just be covered up using elemental cards on armor. most, if not all, mob atks are neutral so 50% resist from it is already a boon specially for suno. and as a suno, u want all the resist in the end coz flee will decay...def will decay... i still cant find a card that is superior on this...prolly a LoD card on specific situations. but if u want to reduce dmg so much, like to 100 below, devi is worth it. OP with assump. for me, its a must for my build. thats all i can say for now, i guess. maybe i forgot some points but meh, you will figure it out.
  18. PrideFries

    Super Novice [Magic] : Mavka Farming Guide

    on wat mob or map specifically? its necessary on places where mobs hit hard but on mavka, it isnt. flee is needed there.
  19. PrideFries

    Project Iduna - What is coming?!

    ok i know its my 3rd post lol xD maybe the new client can have something like this.
  20. PrideFries

    Project Iduna - What is coming?!

    maybe new client = less lag im under the impression of old client = more lag XD
  21. PrideFries

    npc effects

    hi just quick questions for everyone the POWER UP visual queue is the red aura-like-critical-explosion around the monster? and how bout the FLEE UP? any visual queue or the moment they move fast af is the sign they used it? tnx for answering edit: i tend to play with effect off and rarely mvp so i havent really have a good amount of time seeing these monster skills in action.
  22. PrideFries

    Project Iduna - What is coming?!

    not everyone have easy access on that. and if its about mvping, yeah its lame. but for everyday mobs we see in farming, its a plus for me.
  23. PrideFries

    Project Iduna - What is coming?!

    new client possible add ons: monster HP bar Replay System (built-in video recorder)