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  1. PrideFries

    wing costume!

    we got this one https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/20659/ and this one ady https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/20847/
  2. wait, can we now have stat/skill/build saver? i think i nvr saw it mentioned anywhere. it will be such a great addition in QoL.
  3. Yes! Project Iduna! (rathena) PS: i dunno what happened to the link.
  4. 1 y/o here now
    still dirt poor
    Image result for squidward dab

    1. AG.


      I sent you your BoA SQI /lv

      Congrats on a year of still playing this game~

    2. PrideFries


      - ____ - glad i dont believe on humans anymore

    3. DeliciousGreenApple


      Lmfao humans

      Just stick with pide 

  5. PrideFries

    day and night cycle

    just plain day and night is fine
  6. looks like u still have to open or have ur alt q already open to click that "Change" button. players who are already used to the hotkey bar will still prolly find that faster than this. specially if its just small amount of item swapping. unless u really wanna swap all ur gears. or i could be wrong, this just might be a sample display of window. edit: i think it will prolly be good if that "Change" button can be added on Skill window and drag it on hot key bar.
  7. i get that the novshield is OP in its own right but the elem resistance we can get on that is just the same as valk shield on specific elements (20% on water,fire,shadow,undead) but also the vshield have +5 mdef making it superior in this case. the only elemental armors we get are fire, water, earth, and wind, and we can only wear 1 armor at a time so the novshield's other elem resistances doesnt really matter in this case. ok, what i am saying is that SN is the only class that cant wear these Elem Armors[1] right now. Its the only class right now where if he wants to have 1 out the 4 said element on armor, he puts element card instead. I believe making them wear these provides more versatility and resistances on the class. 2k HP on NBP is good and all, but if i can have elem resistance armor plus a slot, ill take that everytime. say we try to compare the class with any class that can wear these (LK for example). LK wears FA[1] and vshield resulting on having 80% resistance to fire. Its the same with SN having Pasana card on whatever armor he has + novshield making them even on fire element resistance but wait, FA has a slot so the LK puts Ktull on it making FA a good resist on fire mob/attacks while also can inflict some good dmg against said mob in just 1 package while the SN will sacrifice 1 thing for the other. Even tho the class have the novshield, in the end the class doesnt have enough resistances especially on 4 important elements (imo). while it can go the traditional putting right elem card on armor, the existence of elem armors just make this method obsolete. and even tho he can wear any headgear and weapons not meant for him thru soul link, it just doesnt really address the lack of element resistance on armor without sacrificing the armor slot.
  8. i was suggesting, not asking if possible or not. heyo, its body armor here, not sqi equipments that sn can wear. they lack elemental protection, its not something a scouter can solve. sure, there are elemental armor cards but elem armors[1] are far superior.
  9. man, im talking about body armors here... but yeah i got an idea. maybe they can wear these elem armors[1] thru soul link? tro-exclusive thingy.
  10. the only armors/sets that are available are the novice set (the most used and superior than any other set), angelic set and adv. version, and the aegir armor set but only limited to 1 element and mob and hard to build. there are other pieces of garments or armors but not really worth the mention as they give little to no bonus at all. i dont see them so gifted when they have a limited choice. when u think about it now, other classes have far more gears just in terms of body armor alone. while sn still follow the oldskul "put element card on armor to change its property" thingy while u guys can have like what, FA[Ktull]. thats like 2 cards for us already XD just....just.... let as also wear those elem armors[1] too
  11. i was just under the impression that making them wear enchanted slotted will make em OP resulting in rejection so i throw that one out. i want slotted ones, tbh. doesnt make a sense if they can only wear non-slot type along with a few other classes on the list whereas slotted ones are for every job.
  12. Hi, as the title says, let SN class wear slotted type Elem Armors too. If Im not mistaken, its the only class that cant wear these atm. Pros of this will be that it will make the class much more versatile overall and have much more resistance to certain elements. And prolly new builds can be made. Im also ok if they can only wear the Non Enchanted Version because the Element is much more important in my opinion. Atm, i cant think of anything that makes them OP just by wearing these which can be the reason for this suggestion to get declined. If there is, pls let me know. tnx *crosses fingers*
  13. This might be possible now coz of the new update *crosses fingers*
  14. ahh i see. tnx for clarrifying.
  15. Pardon me if these were suggested before.... Is it possible for our client to have icons on right for these skills: Steel Body Aura Blade Skills are for LK, Monk Class and Super Novices. So that we dont have to set a manual timer or something. Visual queue when skills run out wont help much when being mobbed and/or clusters of numbers are floating everywhere.
  16. interesting. no one-sided or unrequited option? welp, its valentine so i guess yeah. darn, im expert on those fields. still planning to join but.... english isnt my native language and needs time to come up with a good story.
  17. The issue had been addressed here long ago but I dont think its really resolved. Feel free to check: and you will know why it is still like this after so many years. I was afraid of the fail part also at the beginning since it was my first time doing this quest here, unlike on other servers I played where Geffenia is already open for all. But I just followed the guide they created here thoroughly and succeeded on finishing the quest. No bugs, no whatnot.
  18. any update on this? can we really now wear this ring?
  19. can we have Bless-Agi Up Lv10 NPC on BG maps. Not on the waiting room outside, but on modes along with the repair and supply NPC. Or the system just Auto Buffs you when u respawn on that room. Reasons: so everyone can have the same buffs at start. so ppl will stop complaining and blaming players with buffs skills when they lost the round just coz they didnt buff them in time. How to not abuse this Buffs Mechanic: player will get dispelled when they leave BG area. just like when they are dispelled when entering and joining BG matches.
  20. hahahahhaha its fine its fine. i did get some nice items and less "trash" ones. i just felt bad for some of my friends so i came up with this. i guess it became a rant now. i get that too. but grinders like us came to a point where we already bought everything on vending machines and no snowflake coin sink anymore (other than the stocking which takes only 5pcs of it). we are just talking bout buying many those rent items in the end. ty for replies. Happy Holidays
  21. I get the RNG part. but what i dont get is why we can still obtain items that are already obtainable on vending machine. ppl needed to participate on mini games to get box pieces and marbles plus coins on the side coins which can be used to obtain said account bound items. so i see no point of those items to be added on the rng list than just to annoy and/or disheartened players. its hard to win snowman or even TT at some point (those chests lol) so we or atleast i am expecting good rewards in return. but yeah, i just got the same pets/costumes i just bought from vending machine a while ago. if i get ygg leaf or some items that we players considers trash instead of those, then ill be more than happy and less salty. i guess most players will be, also.
  22. If the theme is still the same for next Xmas Event.... Can we NOT get the costumes/pets we can already get from vending machine in Enchanted Village on Christmas Giftbox and Santa's Marbles prize next time? Its kinda redundant and disappointing that you can get those items on those hard earned giftboxes and marbles. People are already participating in the event, they already have the Snowflake coins to get those, they are even account-bound, so theres no reason that those costumes/pets should be added to the RNG prizes. TLDR: pls remove things we can already get from vending machines on rng boxes and marbles' prizes.
  23. PrideFries

    Increase visual range

    i think its the same suggestion as this one. it just gets declined.
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