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  1. Tatihana

    ⋆✩ Cece's Creations ✩⋆ [Open]

    I love the detail into your Chibis! would it be possible to pay in TC or gear? since i am new, zeny is kinda not viable for me, but i love collecting art~ -tatihana
  2. thank you everyone that posted a character, I'll pick a couple and start working on the little dolls. <3, tatihana
  3. *blushing* the artwork you guys have shown far surpasses my own... but I still plan to pick out a few to have fun with.
  4. Hello all- I am new to the server and want to draw a few doll like drawings. Just post a clear picture of your character and tell me about your character ( nothing crazy, just what you like about that character) I'll check back in a day or two and see if anybody posts. thoughtfully, tatihana