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  1. Did you download the official Azzyai instead of the one customised to work with private servers? I have nothing in the way of technical knowledge relating to the issue, but that might have been the cause of all your problems. A quotation from the "documentation" of Azzy AI, omitting the first word in the sentence, is: "... private servers are not supported by AzzyAi." Another quote, which seems even more applicable, from the precise selfsame paragraph of the documentation is: "The technical challenges are considerable; there are a number different server emulators, and each of these behaves differently. AzzyAI relies on the idiosyncratic behavior of the official server software with regard to the allocation of actor IDs compensate for deficiencies in the API. It is known and expected that AzzyAI will have targeting problems..." [... on ([some???]) private servers.] There's some thread here that has a downlad that works with TalonRO; I don't have that thread off the top of my head. At least you got it working though.
  2. http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?mob_name=Mavka&page=mob_db&f=1&mob_search=Search Do you see the "aggressive" in red there, on that entry? What that means is that the monster attacks players on sight. It is also completely wrong to suggest that the Mavka is immobile, or "CAN'T" follow players. Perhaps you were thinking of some other kind of monster?
  3. Often, when people talk about KSing, they're not talking about ONLY the activity which will be prevented by the !noks command. To copy-paste from the rules: Do not attack or loot other players’ monsters without their permission. A monster “belongs” to another player if it is attacking, being attacked by, trapped by, or following that player. The !noks command won't help you if the monster belongs to you because it was following you, for example.
  4. You're the one who brought the percentage up, by noting this you agree your statement was incorrect; not my concern and it woudn't be worth posting if that was all. But then you say this: What're you saying? People used to be able to obtain talon coins when they couldn't log in, now they can't. That's not an improvement or a benefit. It'd be nice if they could do so again, in some manner that was useful to the server. What that manner could be escapes me.
  5. Something I left out of the original post was the fact that I like the continuing GM support of the server and playerbase. Though to be fair that's not something I like or dislike about Iduna, more just something I like about Talon. If the need for haste was to try to bring in new players with the new content, I don't necessarily give you wrong. There are a lot of things going on with regard to managing servers that I don't know, and a lot of things (about programming especially) that I don't even suspect. Declining numbers here isn't something I'm happy to see, as it is an online "place" where I still quite like spending a good chunk of my free time. So hopefully that ends up working out.
  6. My point is nothing less and nothing more than what was stated in my first post in this thread: the change with those things unfixed (and a cartload of others) is something I dislike. - As to Gec bug and skillspam specifically, the reason I mention them again in response to your post is that GEC bug and Skillspam were two pretty major things, and were known of before the switch: I especially dislike that the switch went ahead with those two known issues in play. - As to the majority of the rest of the cartload; ie your "90%", I have accepted your explanation with respect to it almost fully; if you didn't know, you didn't know. That doesn't mean I like the change happening with all these things wrong gameplaywise; it is rightfully placed on the list of dislikes. Yes there could have been more testing to bring it to light, and yes that might have been expected if it was literally a professional situation. But also yes, there is a limit to what is reasonable to request of the people behind a game you don't pay to play, especially when those people don't draw an official salary in respect of the work they put in. And let's not forget, there is also the fact that what WAS done is IN FACT OBJECTIVELY BETTER than what has been produced by some actual "Triple A" professional setups in very recent memory. (Lookin' directly at you, Fallout 76.) But the point stands. Not sure what the rush was, m8. Any hype for the change was the result of y'all teasing it yourselves. Coulda taken another year or 10, and got your z's.
  7. That's a pretty legit explanation and makes perfect sense, but I believe GEC bug and skillspam were within the 10%.
  8. Dislikes: 1) The gameplay garbage-fire and the cart-load of things that were broken and which had to be removed and are not yet re-implemented. 2) Just the GENERAL fact that the change proceeded before the aforementioned garbage-fires were extinguished fully in the beta period. Likes: 1) The techincal side of the transition; nobody lost their items. There were some crashes but it was a very minor number. Still no rollbacks, hella props. 2) The fixes of the things that were broken*. 3) The new little features like being able to protect items from accidental NPC sale are nice too. 4) The potential for new content to be more easily added in future seems like a good thing in theory. *Unfortunately it appears that not everything can be or will be restored fully. (EG: Backsliding, Bowling bash working properly when the target had its back to a wall, Bowling Bash's displacement of mobs being orderly, etc.) And some things are still taking a bit of sweat from the coding team it appears; eg been a while but I've not seen that skill-spam has returned to normal limits as yet.
  9. In tamtam areas I believe you can kill monsters and get 2 taloncash tickets from them, at the same rate you could get 1 copper coin from them before. If you're sufficiently persistent you should be able to get to a nice round number. ... I wouldn't bother personally, but I guess that just means I don't have OCD.
  10. Maybe just use weak monsters in the first floor of newbie areas, not just monsters which are individually weak-ish wherever they may be. I thought that was the case when I saw that "decayed nails" were requested; I realised it was absolutely not the case when I saw that Live coals from Magma Dungeon (or Thor's lolno) were requested. Bearing in mind the level 70 base-level requirement for redeeming voting points in the past, anything that should take 5 minutes for a completely ungeared and relatively badly-statted level 70 char who doesn't have any special insight into how to play the game should be a good choice. And when I say "completely" I'm not talking Eden gear, btw. I mean naked men with bare fists... may work okay for wizzes and priests, not so well for anyone else... As it stands right now it's actually even faster than voting was, for me, in some cases. That pushes the server even further away from P2W, and it's something I'm happy to see. Having it accessible to ungeared people as a means of climbing their way up is even more vital though.
  11. There was a bugfix reboot scheduled for today. Try logging in now and see what happens. The box saying "logging off now" is something I've seen when I'm online and reboots take place.
  12. Yes sir, I know how that author-blindness can go; we tend to see what we meant to say because that's in our brain, rather than what we actually typed. All I can say is thanks to you and Berti for taking the time!
  13. Hey, now this is a great read. The annotated formulae are an especially nice touch, and they allow the reader to follow perfectly. As a result of being able to follow perfectly, I can point out with certainty that there are a couple errors under the Double Attack section; the flat ATK modifying cards aren't included in some of the actual formula numbers, though the results of the cards are correctly included in the RESULTS of the formulas. (The annotation contributes towards the reader not being misled by that incidental omission, but on the contrary being able to spot it for himself.) (Basically, the leftmost numbers ended up leaving out the flat atk cards in some of the probably MANY mind-numbing copy-pastings that would have been necessary to create such a thorough explanation.) This is so both in the Double Attack flat ATK section, and the Double Attack Percentage Damage section. ________ In the "settled facts" there is a VERY slight mis-statement; it means to say that equipping percentage-damage equipment or compounding percentage-damage cards on mainhand OR offhand weapon will only affect the main hand; as it is right now however, it just talks first about compounding percentage-damage cards on the MAIN hand weapon, doesn't mention the OFF-hand weapon at all at first, and only later goes on to state what was really determined with the "regardless" etc.
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