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  1. Phanman

    Equipment Question

    Endure skill, native to swordsman class, Anodyne item, to give the effect to any class. Putting "Endure" into the script portion of the TalonRO item DB also reveals that Diadem of Bruenhild, Lude Card, and Shining Sunflower can cast the skill by chance as opposed to giving you the ability to cast it at will. Some stuff that you can't get at reward guru also comes up as results. Why Eddga card, arguably the best option, (and available at Reward Guru) does not show up as a result of that search-term input... I do not know.
  2. Phanman

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    Here ya go! : D .... Hahaha, I guess Acquired is spelled wrong too!
  3. Phanman

    can't summon my plants

    From what I've seen you can't summon in Tam Tam maps. So you may be able to summon in Amatsu after the TTGift map moves. ... Mightn't want to though.
  4. Phanman

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    Drake Card's added skill Water Ball seems to only go up to level 1, while the card on the Database says it confers level 4. I'm not at all sure how to use that Github thing. I'll just open a topic and Yolo it anway.
  5. Phanman

    Knight quest is broken?

    Yeah I don't recall what I did... I DO recall she wasn't reacting right when I gave good answers, but I forget what I changed. I think she didn't like the fact that I would have given a duder a Bwing instead of leading him to the exit, but when I stated I'd lead to exit... I think I passed. So I really don't know why those answers you've listed there aren't working for ya : <
  6. Phanman

    Drobe+Duo Expert Rings?

    Sorry to mention a thing in a post this old, but you would seem to be remembering good Bragi, not Talon's Bragi. https://talonro.com/server-information/ Unless that link is wrong, 30% applies.
  7. Phanman

    Knight or Paladin

    I agree with Xasher with respect to farming, but as far as levelling goes, Grand Cross Crusader is okay in GHP, and can make a (small) profit as well.
  8. Phanman

    Knight or Paladin

    Throwing it out there for correction/agreement: Knight >>>>>>>>>>>> 'Sader for solo farming That said, I wouldn't be surprised if Devo Pally is more sought after in endgame parties than ... ... ... Rando Lord Knight???
  9. As a person far my senior in terms of join-time, I feel like you probably know this already, so please don't take it the wrong way when I mention it. ...I just feel like mentioning it may be good since the specific things you've asked are demonstrable there. http://www.ratemyserver.net has a Skill Simulator, very useful indeed, and it shows that a build with Grand Cross 10, Shield Chain 5, Autoguard 6, and Heal 10 is "Possible". And that is all without actually sacrificing riding at all. (You lose a point in cavalry mastery though...)
  10. Phanman

    Goyu SB Champ guide for ET and GMC

    Helo Goyu! Phenomenally thorough guide, reading this kind of thing and seeing the video demonstrations is really nice. But you've accidentally called the Orc Hero the Orc Lord, and the Orc Lord the Orc Hero.
  11. You're underselling yourself sir. Guides like the very ones you've written help people too, and the people to whom that kind of help is valuable do include newbies. (It's true that the thread-starter was talking about helping people directly in game, but still.)
  12. Nah Joan is Joan's own special case...
  13. Phanman

    Disable Branches

    I may have failed to properly communicate that "branches outside of towns" meant branches in the maps adjacent to towns. I was sufficiently clear about the farming maps including sleepers though. That's a recurrent annoyance; how permanent is the declination?
  14. Phanman

    Disable Branches

    SUGGESTION Disable all kinds of branches (Dead Branches, Bloody Branches, etc) in all maps except specific rental maps/instances Reasoning Branch monsters outside of towns can inconvenience newbies, and branch monsters on farming maps inconvenience farmers. MILDER SUGGESTION MORE DIRECTLY SUPPORTED BY REASONING Disable branches outside of towns, and at popular farming maps and all adjoining maps (Specifically EG Yuno_fild06 and all adjoining.)
  15. It seems possible, at least POSSIBLE, that you did not try bash on crusader after you fixed your game's priority issue. Bash rarely worked for me as knight with sword unless I stopped attacking first; I do not know the reason but I suspect it may be linked to aspd. You might as well make another swordy just for the sake of filing the support ticket if you think it is valuable, but I have deep doubts that it was a game issue as opposed to some problem with your computer or connection; bash works fine for everybody else (apart from needing to stop attacking before you can use it on swordsman class with dagger/sword, probably.)