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  1. Hmm. Thank ye. And thanks to Elijah for explaining that particular bit of mystifying Forum behaviour to me; guess the post got deleted or something.
  2. To be fair, though it adds nothing to the conversation in the thread at this point, you are the one who started off saying something was "wrong" with melee combat : O And Howrah has stated quite helpfully that the point of the people trying to "correct" you (even if they do it with varying amounts of tact) is to ensure that other new players don't receive objectively wrong information (as well as trying to help you have fun, which I'm glad you're already doing). On that note, there are definitely objectively correct and incorrect things in the world, although "how you play a game" might not fall within those categories most times. Just as a concrete example, trying to raise intelligence stat to increase magnum break damage would appear to be one of those objectively wrong things. (Unless the calc is the one that is objectively wrong about that : O)
  3. I would like to see your thoughts on healing paladin; that spoiler doesn't seem to have anything in it, unfortunately : < If I'm not logged in it says I can't see what's there because I'm not logged in. And if I AM logged in it just says I can't see what's there because I don't have permission.
  4. Just tried it again and it worked that time, despite failing me when I tried directly before making that post. *SHRUGS* Oh I had been one square too far last time, not one square too close. Automatically walked closer than the optimal range as a result. No I think it's something to do with SLOPES. I didn't try it on a flat place but on a place where the target was at a higher elevation than I was. What the bloody hell Slopes affect melee range??? *Insert Jackie Chan pic with his head being full of FFFF* Oh okay, grand mystery solved, I think. It's harder to tell when you're properly aligned column-wise with some slopes. If you're perfectly aligned (and changing the camera angle may help a lot with that) it seems to be consistent. ...No, no it's not consistent. Not even if you move the camera around and make ABSOLUTELY sure, sometimes. I think it has to do with slopes though.... (Also if you walk within the 3-square range, and then walk back to 4-square range, the geo can keep hitting you although you're out of range. It's not about your position lagging behind because you flinched; it applies even if you don't get hit! ....WWAATT, VIDEO GAME?????)
  5. Does peco remove a square of range or something? My spears sure don't work that way. Or is that spear specifically long as hell? : O
  6. How you might put it now is, I assume, that melee chars are hit a LOT harder by gear-dependency than ranged chars, at low levels. This is because ranged can kite, and mages can firewall etc; ie if you are ranged you can use player skill to offset character weakness. Melee has nothing like that; you spam pots, fight weak enemies, or die. Which is why I wonder what Boogety meant when he said that you should be inclined to play melee if you have low gear. This is an old Korean gear treadmill; no class can do end-game stuff without good gear. But ranged has it a LOT easier than melee at low levels without gear. Perhaps Boogety was referring to the fact that a high flee knight can farm sleepers etc and help you gear other chars with EXTREMELY minimal zenny investment. (A Stalker can as well, though the investment required is many times higher.) The low-gear but high-level melee chars seem to farm there specifically multiple times better than the low-gear but high-level ranged chars, too. Though I can't say there won't be places where the reverse is true; I can't name any off the top of my head, but I'd assume they exist. Spear range is 3. Geographer range is also 3. If you try to follow this advice you are going to have a bad time. [Naw it works... sometimes. Especially on plain flat surfaces???] Probably the key to your experience is what was also observed by Kolela though: renewal "base levels" and pre-renewal "base levels". It's less that something is "wrong" with melee and more that something is wrong with classic monster base-levels from the perspective of "using them as a levelling guide". Orc Lady is level 31 in classic, and level 45 in renewal. Yet in Classic she has not only lower base level, but higher damage and more HP. The difference between renewal mechanics and classic mechanics, and the inappropriateness of classic base-level as a guide to melee levelling, were probably your main issues. [Orc lady's easier to dodge in classic, mind you. Again with flee being really useful for one/two monsters at a time at lowish levels here.] It's also correct that hard defence was nerfed on this specific server, but that's more something to worry about with MVPs or many monsters etc; check the patch notes.
  7. Hi all! It seemed to me that this wasn't quite important enough to merit a "Support ticket" so I'm just dropping it here. I suggest that 1) Y'all make sure the rules at https://panel.talonro.com/rules and the rules at https://wiki.talonro.com/Server_Rules are perfectly homogenous, for ease of reference, and 2) Y'all clarify that the buying-store rule as listed in the Server Rules etc does in fact have the caveat mentioned in https://wiki.talonro.com/Buying_Store, namely that the "NPC Value" referred to does not take into account overcharge. The wiki is just a thing that can be edited by "All members of the community" after all, so the entry in "Buying store" on the wiki mightn't be as authoritative as something listed in the hard rules themselves : D Ciao!