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  1. Your reasoning; avoiding half-hearted temporary solutions. Basically, if you DO get rid of the entrance quests, people may feel that they paid 25 M for nothing, 'cause there's no quest when you get rid of it. And if you DON'T get rid of entrance quests, but remove the 25M option and put an entrance quest instead, people may complain they can't just pay 25 M instead of doing whatever entrance quest you put (ie, the giving of the 25 M fix and then taking it away). Not threatening; neither you nor I want people to start quitting over it, and that's the "we". Getting it right when it comes out also will help to prevent another potential source of frustration for players. Like I say, EXTREMELY strong disagreements on some points don't prevent agreements on others; we'll stay at sword's point on Iduna, but I've got your back on this. ... I mean, even though I guess it's the Iduna thing that caused this problem too in the first goddamn place. Is what it is, the point is I'm a little concerned that throwing in that 25M band-aid fix can have its own difficulties.
  2. Also if something is given and then taken away it's a problem; if you don't get rid of the entrance quest but replace it with some other entrance quest, people might instead complain that they have to jump through those other hoops and not just pay the 25M. EXTREMELY strong disagreements on some points don't logically prevent agreements on others; and I'mma say in writing that on this one I think the reasoning seems legit. It HAS been a bit though. I personally know of one fellow who is in a position to get his bonuses but can't do it, and we wouldn't want people in that position to start quitting. ... But get it right when it comes out, hey?
  3. A need in respect of what? If it had not taken place what disaster would have followed? When Valheru refers to "before they needed to" that suggests a limited time period. So what was the bogeyman? What was the time-limit? The forcing of hands I was really talking about was in relation to the time-period though. Last time you said you had to contend with players getting bored, but I never saw an ultimatum saying "I'll quit if we don't change to rA" by a single player. Valheru's "Before they needed to release" suggests a limited time-period as opposed to a free choice, what was externally imposing any such time-limit? (Sorry to get back to y'all like 5-8 days after, things got a little busy IRL)
  4. Needed to? What secret spectre was forcing their hand? Or did you just mean "chose to"?
  5. I mean, the links still work. None of the links are the absolute best for max HP nor for sacrifice specialisation, but you can check 'em out. Still, considering the sums involved, perhaps you'd want direct confirmation and a screenshot from someone who can show results ingame, as opposed to theorycrafting.
  6. There is a very specific reason that I responded to this thread. I was going to just give the Opening Post a heart and move on, because I am deeply grateful for the hard work and effort that goes into supporting the community and the server. But you can't mix up gratitude for the effort with wholehearted approval of the results, and it is for that specific reason and that reason alone that I took the trouble to add words and a post. Good luck.
  7. For the service and all the things that they have done and all the effort that they have put in, yes, thanks from me too. For the move to Iduna, not at all.
  8. https://irowiki.org/classic/Element Earth 1 (which is the level of armour/defensive element players can get) doesn't reduce damage from earth elemental attacks. It is sad, and makes Claytos' Cracking Armour basically completely worthless, as the resistance to wind you get from earth is inferior to the one you get from wind elements. The same inutility of course goes for any source of earth property for armour, including sandman card, sadly.
  9. At least only the base damage of the weapon itself gets decreased, and not the overall damage of the attack or skill [eg it would just be as though the sword itself had 75% as much ATK, not your whole ATK getting reduced to 75%] 'cause that would be even more unfortunate.
  10. Did you download the official Azzyai instead of the one customised to work with private servers? I have nothing in the way of technical knowledge relating to the issue, but that might have been the cause of all your problems. A quotation from the "documentation" of Azzy AI, omitting the first word in the sentence, is: "... private servers are not supported by AzzyAi." Another quote, which seems even more applicable, from the precise selfsame paragraph of the documentation is: "The technical challenges are considerable; there are a number different server emulators, and each of these behaves differently. AzzyAI relies on the idiosyncratic behavior of the official server software with regard to the allocation of actor IDs compensate for deficiencies in the API. It is known and expected that AzzyAI will have targeting problems..." [... on ([some???]) private servers.] There's some thread here that has a downlad that works with TalonRO; I don't have that thread off the top of my head. At least you got it working though.
  11. http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?mob_name=Mavka&page=mob_db&f=1&mob_search=Search Do you see the "aggressive" in red there, on that entry? What that means is that the monster attacks players on sight. It is also completely wrong to suggest that the Mavka is immobile, or "CAN'T" follow players. Perhaps you were thinking of some other kind of monster?
  12. Often, when people talk about KSing, they're not talking about ONLY the activity which will be prevented by the !noks command. To copy-paste from the rules: Do not attack or loot other players’ monsters without their permission. A monster “belongs” to another player if it is attacking, being attacked by, trapped by, or following that player. The !noks command won't help you if the monster belongs to you because it was following you, for example.
  13. You're the one who brought the percentage up, by noting this you agree your statement was incorrect; not my concern and it woudn't be worth posting if that was all. But then you say this: What're you saying? People used to be able to obtain talon coins when they couldn't log in, now they can't. That's not an improvement or a benefit. It'd be nice if they could do so again, in some manner that was useful to the server. What that manner could be escapes me.
  14. Something I left out of the original post was the fact that I like the continuing GM support of the server and playerbase. Though to be fair that's not something I like or dislike about Iduna, more just something I like about Talon. If the need for haste was to try to bring in new players with the new content, I don't necessarily give you wrong. There are a lot of things going on with regard to managing servers that I don't know, and a lot of things (about programming especially) that I don't even suspect. Declining numbers here isn't something I'm happy to see, as it is an online "place" where I still quite like spending a good chunk of my free time. So hopefully that ends up working out.
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