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  1. Riful

    Melee Super Novice Gear

    Whats inside your Thin Blade? Bapho and?
  2. Riful

    Melee Super Novice Gear

    So overupped Silver Shotel [Doppel], and accesories? In future, probably Celebs, and for now?
  3. Hello Im interested in making "low budget" melee SuNo. So far i've got: Kaho Str mid [BK] Pirate Dagger +7 Novice Shield [Hordemlin] Sandals [GEC] Novice Armor[ Succubus] Im trying to get +7-8 novice mant [Deviling] What about other gear should i get? I want to try crit SuNo, but i have no idea what weapon should i use. Silver Shotel [Doppel] and Thin blade [?][?] are coming into my mind. I won't be able to get BoA anytime soon, so Im skipping it for now. What would work better?