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    S>Vampsmith Gears + Others

    Offloading some of my vampsmith gears in bundle (prices beside name is just for breakdown clarification purposes) +4 Rideword hat [Vanberk] 10m Machoman Glasses [Vanberk] 9m Blood Sucker 6m +4 Thorn Shield [Hodremlin] 15m Cursed Hand [Hell Poodle] 12m Horn of Buffalo [High Priest] 24m +7 Orcish Axe [Doppel Bapho Sniper Sniper] 75m Total 153m Other Stuff for sale: Horn of Buffalo [Clean] 12m Naght Seiger Twin Blade Red [Clean] 5.9m Dark Thorn Staff [Clean] 5.9m Old Card Album 900k Staff of Destruction 1.5m Mask of Ifrit 1m Christmas cookie card 2m Sweet Gent 300k Luna Bow [Clean] 300k Burning Bow [Clean] 1m