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  1. Well, that's true. Thanks.
  2. BTW, If anyone wants traditional-method artwork for their characters or other stuff, feel free to message me. We can negotiate on prices. Me and my girlfriend would love to draw for you guys. Thanks.
  3. This is interesting. Hope for updates soon.
  4. Two weeks have passed since the exodus at Jellopyhius. The ancient sunshine porings are gone, and the land is empty. What was once a shining city brimming with commerce and culture is now a ghost town. And the fart the king had done before has caused dissension and chaos.
  5. Much thanks. Will post something else soon. :)
  6. Hey, guys. So I've seen a lot of beautiful artwork here and I thought I'd share some too. They're not much, though. I'm no good at digital art as I am still learning about it, and will only be posting traditional art here. You can post here as well. Any constructive advice, tips and tricks, techniques, or any art-ish stuff are all welcome.
  7. A: I think that was about sometime in the earlier parts of the year 2004 (or maybe 2003). Q: Do you listen to horror podcasts? (apply horror music here)
  8. Welcome to the server, Zyro, and good luck out there.
  9. Nice. I am lowbie piano player(who can't read notes) and I write lyrics sometimes. I hope to post something soon.
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