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  1. Malzfisch

    Another strange new guy

    Oh well, roleplayers still exist. I guess I already like you
  2. Malzfisch

    Any oldschool players?

  3. Malzfisch

    Any oldschool players?

    Hey there, I started pre Comodo and my hubby started when the iRO opened for beta.
  4. Malzfisch

    A paper is flying to you

    I guess, I should make a signature though... xD Forgot that my name here in the forums is a different one than ingame.
  5. Malzfisch

    A paper is flying to you

    You're mean @DeliciousGreenApple! But also you seem to care for your environment... Mh.
  6. Malzfisch

    A paper is flying to you

    Hey there, some time ago I had the urge to play classic RO and stumbled upon this server. So here I am now and happy to see people still having fun with a low rate non renewal server! Some additional information: (whoops... send too early xD) I play since 2004 on various servers, mostly retail on euRO, fRO and iRO (renewal and classic and years ago on Iris if i remember right) and I had a really long time on funRO servers. After renewal was implemented on fRO and I reached lvl 150 with several characters I somehow got bored and paused for a long time, never really returning.