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  1. Blu.. its not how ppl likes to do.. we want to have a more balanced game that allow classes to play better... would be nice if a gypsy with OP gears could do a very good dmg for example..
  2. i hope we get something for dps clown XD
  3. Balance doesnt mean to be OP...If you dont open ur mind for new things, suddenly ur fav game can be only a screenshot and videos... Ragnarok has their OP classes even without any SQI.. a balance only can reduce the lack between the useful and useless. Unfortunately some classes need to have 2x more power and might still irrelevant when compared with some classes like champs (they r like saijin when the rest are humans).. (bio: 70k dmg on mvps with NO SQI weapon) wiz (infinity dmg)...in my conception artemis isnt even a problem.. It is the Holy trinity... CHAMP+BIO+WIZ= BTw gravity made a banlance on classes 15 years after XD
  4. It might be great if you as a developer try to test all classes one by on ate combat (pvm , mvp and also PVP) to see how can they get balanced/improved/nerfed.. RO its kinda old and you can innovate without fear...
  5. heresnatan

    Gym pass service

    A Gym Pass that can be given to a special NPC to learn a skill that will increase your Maximum Weight Capacity by 200 for each skill level up to 10. http://ragnarok.wikia.com/wiki/Gym_Pass
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