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  1. Blu.. its not how ppl likes to do.. we want to have a more balanced game that allow classes to play better... would be nice if a gypsy with OP gears could do a very good dmg for example..
  2. i hope we get something for dps clown XD
  3. Balance doesnt mean to be OP...If you dont open ur mind for new things, suddenly ur fav game can be only a screenshot and videos... Ragnarok has their OP classes even without any SQI.. a balance only can reduce the lack between the useful and useless. Unfortunately some classes need to have 2x more power and might still irrelevant when compared with some classes like champs (they r like saijin when the rest are humans).. (bio: 70k dmg on mvps with NO SQI weapon) wiz (infinity dmg)...in my conception artemis isnt even a problem.. It is the Holy trinity... CHAMP+BIO+WIZ= BTw gravity made a banlance on classes 15 years after XD
  4. It might be great if you as a developer try to test all classes one by on ate combat (pvm , mvp and also PVP) to see how can they get balanced/improved/nerfed.. RO its kinda old and you can innovate without fear...
  5. its me.. dont u see It's same sclera?
  6. borrow to me and forget to charge.
  7. I have a stalker friend with cheaper gears than mine, that makes 3m hour. I think i cant do 3m. But I'm pretty sure 3m itsnt easy to reach since this map its flooded with people... Geffenia its better for sure to get money, but the quest its very hard (a lot of people desist at the dance steps), and play there its kinda hard and boring.. I'm trying there and took some time to understand how to survive and how to dont lose time there (if ure not smart, you might only lose ur time there dying and killing mobs). I realized that mavkas are easier if u dont wanna stress out, until i see there are so many players there and stress yourself then im going to geffenia again... BTw.. its same of sleepers.. sometimes i think sleepers are better, the only problem its the overweight... GN are too heavy..
  8. I was kicked form iRO, then I came to TalonRO To create a CLOWN. I heard about the problem with bragi but only realized when I was a clown with lots of donations to the server (the reason i didnt left atm. I tried to improve my clown and hes good, but compared to the other classes, they're GarBAGE. Got my electric guitar, but it's not effective to PVM, since theres a meta called Sniper. But also itsnt great at pvp, since the damage its good but not enough to kill the meta on pvp (synx, pally, champ). Some people on this server disagree, saying clown has decent damage, bragi isnt that bad, but at the end of the day, they play their snipers. I've spoken with GM's and heard about SQI revamp and I'm anxious about that, but both (GM Seiren, Boreas and Azul) said THERE's NO INTENTION TO CHANGE ANYTHING ON BRAGIs NERF. I've suggested things like damage increase and armor penetration (since theese skills has 0 penetraiton, the damage reduction its very high), but I'm just a casual player to know what its the real goodie to its class. Players can say anything else, like damage its good, but I know itsnt a real true. Finally I've moved on to another class, and I realized how clowns deserve a real buff since they are the MOST prejudiced class on this server. They are good and beeing good in nothing. ..Got a stalker, level 99 with sherwood... very nice.. I dont like to be a sniper only because its the rule to go to GMC, but unfortunately i never had the oportunity to go there, since they require aways the same meta. TalonRO its limiting our choices when DPS means damage per sniper... Best Regards
  9. Thank you. I used to play renewal. So.. MVP over there might be a step for the future.. XD.. not prepared for that, On this moment I got sleip GEC. I might try to get money to another sleip with Eddga then (expensive game) XD. But curiously, I'm starting to understand how to play at geffenia... this place its a MESS XD
  10. t ty for the feedback. But how can u manage the sp problem? GEC? are u 1hit succu/inccubus?
  11. Hello, I got my sherwood Bow and I have some doubts about the card combination I know that most players go for TTTh (tg-tg-thanatos) but i bought mine as TThK (Kiel). The purpose its to get sp proc. everytime: for example: i need 2 BB to kill there (also same with a TTTh). But, i know It sounds good but idk why ppl told me thats not a good choice. Aside this bow i got dragon vest (gloom) dex+3 + deviling draon manteau, sleip [LT] The question is.. do you think I should change my bow for TTTh. Is that important. And the rest of gear? i f change, then should I get a sleip GEC?
  12. last time I was in Tower Clock hunting phenomenas, I've asked for help to have loots, she said she was just killing random. She stays for 5 min killing randoms and no collected any item to me.
  13. what about a def+ set with garm pussycat bell+ valk shield?
  14. it might be grat if we know both XD
  15. or doppelanger... is it to kill the short animation of: musical strike?
  16. heresnatan

    Gym pass service

    A Gym Pass that can be given to a special NPC to learn a skill that will increase your Maximum Weight Capacity by 200 for each skill level up to 10. http://ragnarok.wikia.com/wiki/Gym_Pass
  17. oks.. TY btw can u tell me theese? something that normal person can affor XD XD XD Wich armor/ card: shield/ card:: cards on guittar/card: shoes/card: middle head-gear and card:
  18. heresnatan

    PvM Clown

    XD... ty.. BTW most has physical defense high (for rea l40k its like 25k xD)... I've just realized that as a clown i wont be able to find a party for ET, GMC, etc... (whats a weird thing), so, I'd prefer to ask for an AV buff (since if we do a good damage we can be more actractive), btw I'd like to see someday bragi with a different nerf, so people could chose this class again... can u help me over there with with some gears that u would pick up except brisingamen because its too expsensive XD XD XD?
  19. heresnatan

    PvM Clown

    it was in odin temple: frus monster.. so, ive changed the monter ad arrow property and this gypsy does better damage.. but its only a little bit better, so..
  20. heresnatan

    PvM Clown

    well... the only change I could imagine its add some luk for more dmg, btw agi its good to flee... but even with 99 luk it will increase like 1k (based on calc)
  21. heresnatan

    PvM Clown

    she had no link.. I've counted 1 av as 3s= 41k. .. or 2,8s.. idk.. XD
  22. heresnatan

    PvM Clown

    Was a wandy.. btw whats the bonuses for av? it's animation delay =/
  23. theres any pvp clown over there? XD
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