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  1. Yatzii

    The Amazing Summer Race 2018 Summer Event

    Not so good start.
  2. Yatzii

    Screenshot Event!

    This guy just can't stop on what he loves to do. I can't blame him. This year is the deadline of the building project. IGN: Yatzii Kamikaze
  3. Yatzii

    B> Violet Fear[SG,SG]

    I have +5 Violet Fear[SG,SG] im selling it for 35m
  4. Yatzii

    S> Shrine Maiden Hat Costume

    From Christmas Box in last Christmas Event S> Shrine Maiden Hat Costume 350m
  5. Yatzii

    Christmas 2015

    Naah~ You can win too. Reset your stat to full agi to hit the snow clump faster. And don't stop trying.
  6. Yatzii

    Christmas 2015

    Blue Giftbox Pieces nerfed because it was so fast to finish the snowman game. Some players can finish less than 2 mins. depends on the luck. On the 1st day, I played snowman because it was funny and entertaining for me. I won 4~3 boxes per win. I collected 100 blue gift box that day.
  7. Yatzii

    Christmas 2015

    It came from Christmas Box. And also, the new costume, Shrine Maiden Hat Costume. It looks cute, for girls.
  8. Nice guild! Yatzii Hauptgefreiter here.. XD
  9. Help Sir! I cant remember my username in the game and also in my forum acct. All i remember is my Priestess name Choi-Choi. It was 2 years ago when I last played it. I'm back in Talon because I want to play again. Please help me.
  10. Yatzii

    Free Time? Lika Usap tayo.

    Ilang taon kna bang naglalaro nito?